Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking out our new corporate blog! I’m Shawn Cadeau, Corel’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing posts from me, along with other members of our team, as we share information on what’s happening at Corel, providing you with some “behind the scenes” perspectives—all with the intent to let you get to know Corel, and our people, a little better. 

We’ll also use this format to highlight some of the exciting things our customers are doing with Corel products and from time to time we’ll also provide our view on what’s happening in the general technology market place.

I’ve been with Corel for a number of years. In fact, I got my start in product management, where I developed a keen appreciation for how important it is to build relationships with customers so that you can develop products that deliver real value and benefit.  Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to build a community of devoted users who love our products and aren’t shy about telling us what they think.  Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we don’t but it’s that direct feedback that keeps all of us at Corel pumped and passionate about what we do.

Building community, encouraging conversation and showcasing our customers are at the core of what we’re trying to achieve through some recent changes we’ve made, both to our corporate website and to our social media properties. You may have noticed that over the last year or so, we’ve beefed up our activity on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo so that we can create even stronger connections with the people who are interested in what we do. And while talking with customers isn’t new for us, these platforms have really opened up the dialogue and provided us with new insights into how we can communicate better.

While we’re on the topic of changes, we’ve also made some updates to our corporate website, putting a much stronger focus on community, with our CorelDRAW International Design Contest and “Saving Grace” Art Fundraiser, as well as a new “Featured Customer” section where we will profile some of the amazing talent and distinctive personalities that make up Corel’s global community.  We also want to make it easier for you to talk directly to the people inside the company, through our new blog, as well as through our social media properties which you can now access directly from corel.com.

The work we’ve done is just a start. Everyone at Corel knows that our relationships with you are the single most important thing we have as a company and our goal is to continue to grow these relationships. On this blog, as with all our social media outlets, we’re committed to be as open as possible when answering questions (even the tough ones) and giving you additional background on some of the decisions we make. While I can’t promise that we’ll always be able to give you all the info you’re looking for, you have my word that we’ll do our best.

We’ll be posting again soon, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, please let us know if there are topics you’d like to hear more about and be sure to check out the many ways you can connect with Corel. Below is a link that will take you  to our Corel communities and social media properties where you can learn more about Corel, connect with other users of our software, share ideas and participate in discussions.


Thanks for listening and please let us know what you think!

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4 Responses to Welcome

  1. I am the first. Wow. I am so geeked about this. And perhaps a bit frightened at the level of my own enthusiasm. 🙂

    • Shawn Cadeau says:

      Glad to see that you’re enthusiastic about our new blog! Check back regularly for new posts.


  2. Dean says:

    Marketing – can I ask why Corel no longer provides ready to use scripts? I have been a user since version 3 and at around version 9 Scripts appeared. They were great for the lay person who wanted expert results without having to be an expert. It seems to me that if you want to have broad appeal, you should make it easy to do great work through scripts. If it were my company I would provide hundreds of downloadable scrpts through my web site. Even if i charged $5 bucks to download the better ones. Just like Iphone Apps, you could sell them. At the same time you can allow people to upload and profit through contributed scripts. Just a suggestion that would give your product much broader appeal and greatly improve the utility for the average user.

    • Shawn Cadeau says:

      Some of our products do ship with selected scripts and macros. In addition, you can access prepared scripts from some of our user communities. For example, on our CorelDRAW user community at http://www.coreldraw.com, you will find additional scripts developed by our customers. If you’re looking for scripts for other Corel products, I would encourage you to check out the Corel user forums accessible from our Social Media Room at http://www.corel.com/socialmedia. In addition, there are some third-party sites that sell macros for our various products.


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