The Corel Brand

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been on our new homepage or spent time on our Corel Facebook page, you’ve likely noticed our new logo. I spend a lot of time thinking about our brand and how best to bring it to life. This was the challenge we faced about 18 months ago, when we decided to take a step back and think carefully about what we wanted our brand to represent. We were heading into 2010, Corel’s 25th year in the software industry, so it was a perfect time for some reflection.

Corel LogoThe company had been through a fair amount of change over the past couple of years so we decided it was a good time to revisit our brand and what we wanted it to stand for.

We held focus groups internally, surveyed our users and also spoke to people who weren’t currently using our products. Then we thought about our portfolio of products and the common element that ties them all together. And as we reviewed and distilled all of the feedback, it came down to one simple concept – helping people be as productive as possible. And while the word “productive” might not be the sexiest concept, particularly in the world of branding, the more we thought about it and the more we thought about how we design and develop our products, it made a lot of sense. By developing software that removes complexity and helps users get to their end result faster, we were helping people be more productive. At the same time, we realized that while we didn’t have multi-million dollar marketing budgets to create additional energy and excitement around our brand, we did have an amazing community of users worldwide who are using Corel software to express their vision, run their businesses, share their inspiration – all in unique, exciting and imaginative ways. By showcasing our users and the amazing diversity of talent that exists across the global Corel community, we are bringing the Corel brand to life, in an authentic way that reflects the independence, fun and approachability that is embodied in our company, our people and our customers.

The next step was to create a visual identity that would embody that outlook and energy. With the new Corel logo, our goal was to celebrate our 25-year heritage and the many people who have supported our success, while also modernizing the imagery to reflect how we are evolving. We love the imagery, particularly when we see it reflected on new devices like iPhones and tablets. It’s a powerful image that represents our roots but also where we’re heading. There’s more to come in the weeks ahead, including new customer and employee blogs, so please keep your questions, topic suggestions and feedback coming. Finally, I would like to close this post with a short video featuring one of our employees to give you a sense of the kind of people that work at Corel and how we live the brand every day.


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6 Responses to The Corel Brand

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  2. nod says:

    what design agency is involved?

  3. pop sebastian says:

    I love Corel!
    Because of it i became a graphic designer

  4. Dear Mr. Cadeau,
    I tried to reply on another thread, but do not believe that it posted. I am an attorney who has used WordPerfect since before it was windows based and believe it is still far superior to Microsoft Word, but I am disappointed that its market share has dropped so dramatically over the last decade. I get the impression that Corel has given up on marketing WordPerfect in general and especially to the legal community. Why doesn’t Corel place WordPerfect Professional with Costco, or some similar gigantic retailer which could boost your customer base? I am also curious if WordPerfect will have a booth at the LegalTech West Coast 2012, May 22-23 in Los Angeles, CA,


    Grenville Pridham

    • Shawn Cadeau says:

      Hi Grenville,
      Thank you for your comments, and for being such a loyal WordPerfect user!

      With each release, we strive to meet the needs of our users, particularly those in the legal community. Most recently, we worked with our users to develop Corel Perfect Authority, new Table of Authorities software designed specifically for the legal community.

      You might also be interested in our Bar Association program, which has been a part of our marketing activities for many years now. You can see more about this at I’d like to assure you that we haven’t given up on marketing WordPerfect – on the contrary, we continue to invest in some of our tried and true marketing activities on a regular basis, plus we enjoy connecting with our users through new social media forums like Facebook and Twitter.

      We currently offer our line of WordPerfect Office products through some of the major retailers in North America, including, Best Buy, Staples, Fry’s, Office Depot, Office Max,, Micro Center and Sam’s Club.

      We also try to attend as many legal trade shows as possible on an annual basis – the WordPerfect team just came back from ABA Tech in Chicago last week. Another of our favorites is LegalTech New York, which we’ve been attending for the past 10 years. While we won’t be at LegalTech West this year, we will be at the California Bar show in Monterey in October. Hopefully the WordPerfect team will have a chance catch up with you at a legal trade show soon!


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