Listen up…customers are talking!

Hearing what our customers really think is not always easy, but it’s critical if we want to continue to build real relationships and a successful business. One of the key reasons we started this new blog was to provide another channel for our customers to interact with us and share their thoughts and perspectives.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of getting up close and personal with many of our customers around the globe. Our User Experience Designers (UEDs) regularly visit customer sites where they sit side-by-side with our users in order to get a true sense of how they like to work, their environments, and some of the issues they run into when using our software. By observing our customers in this way, our UEDs can better interpret the changes we need to make to help our users be even more productive.

We’ve also learned over the years that many of our customers are entrepreneurs who wear multiple hats. As sole proprietors, they don’t have the luxury of massive marketing budgets or large teams to help them run their businesses, let alone promote them. We have huge respect for these customers and for the energy and drive they bring to their work. Because Corel software is often a key enabler in their business, we also feel an enormous responsibility to get it right and to be accountable when we don’t.

It’s that accountability that makes social media so interesting for me. Now customers have even more ways to share their feedback—sometimes it’s positive, sometimes it’s not—but whatever the circumstance, we have to be ready to respond quickly and get to the bottom of issues. For a small business owner, it’s even more important to get answers fast since they may need that information to complete an important order or meet a critical deadline. So even though independent business owners have considerable freedom to make their own rules, they also have an enormous burden of responsibility to make sure every aspect of their business is running smoothly. We need to support these customers and find ways to make their lives, and the lives of all of our customers, a little bit easier and a lot more enjoyable.

In upcoming posts, you’ll hear from our head of Customer Support about some of the recent changes we’ve made, based on direct customer feedback, to make our Global Support program more current and much more responsive. You’ll also hear about some of our recent product launches and gain insights into the decisions we make when bringing new products to market.

Customers play a key role in shaping our products and our business approach. Their unvarnished insights keep us focused on what counts and it’s that insight into their lives and work that we find so valuable. This week, I’d like to introduce you to Anis, CorelDRAW customer and owner of Loudmouth Printhouse. Anis has built a successful business on his own terms and still makes time for the things that really matter to him. Check out Anis’ video.


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10 Responses to Listen up…customers are talking!

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  2. Silvio Gomes says:

    Nice video edition. Dinamic, succinte and to the tight point. Congrats.
    Silvio Gomes (Silvio Win)

  3. Wendy Dean says:

    Dear Mr. Cadeau:

    Please consider this idea or pass it along to the decision makers who decide how to sell Corel software. Many of us artists and designers have been severely affected by the recent state of the economy in the U.S. We all want to buy or upgrade to Corel Graphics Suite X6, but cash is scarce and our credit cards are maxed out. $499 is a great price, but still difficult to justify when groceries to feed our families and gasoline for our cars take precedence. How about this simple solution: Why not start an old fashioned Layaway Program so that we artists can put down a few dollars every week until the $499 is paid off and then we get our new Corel Graphics Suite. I don’t know of any other software company that has this approach available. It would be a new-old novel idea for Corel.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Wendy Dean (17 year Corel user)

    • Shawn Cadeau says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for your suggestion. We pride ourselves on offering great software at better prices than our leading competitor, and recently we’ve been looking at our pricing models to offer even better options. In the meantime, we do have special upgrade pricing of only $199 for the latest version. If you own a previous licensed version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 or X5, or CorelDRAW Premium Suite X5, you’re eligible for this price. If you own an older version, you can still take advantage of this upgrade price for a limited time.

      • Shawn Cadeau says:

        I just wanted to note that the end date for the upgrade promo is June 18.


  4. ThadH says:

    There is a need for an iOS app, that can generate perspective grid underlays (for importing into other drawing/painting apps). Your “Smart Composition Tools” from Painter 12 would make a great stand alone app. Please consider this.

    • Shawn Cadeau says:

      Hi Thad,
      Thanks for your suggestion. We’re always looking for new app ideas! I’ve passed yours along to our Painter team for exploration.


  5. James Womack says:

    Make it easier for potential customers to email simple inquiries. Knowing even companies have to need a buffer between them and nuts, maybe limit characters and number of times an email address can be received per day or week. I don’t have time to wait on a phone or chat windows that doesn’t respond. I had a simple question. Is there an upgrade path from WP 10 to WP X7-Professional? After so much frustration, I went with something I don’t like–Microsoft Word.

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