Creativity, the Cloud and the Crowd

Corel welcomes you to the new movie template trading post for VideoStudio Pro X4:

From Greg Wood, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VideoStudio

Back in February we launched VideoStudio Pro X4, the newest version of Corel’s consumer video-editing software. Since then, the reviews have been amazing.

We’ve tried to build a product that pushes the performance envelope to the max, delivers a really enjoyable video-editing experience app-wide, and that offers lots of great creative options, including Stop Motion and Timelapse tools. Our users have responded, telling us we’ve built something we can be proud of.

We believe that X4 is a big step forward in terms of making video editing easier and more fun, regardless of your expertise. Everything we do around VideoStudio is designed to extend this easy and fun experience, and it’s with great pleasure that we recently launched a new website that will help any X4 user have a bit more fun by collaborating with other users on their movie making projects.

Our new site is called and it’s a trading post for movie templates.

It’s well known inside Corel that VideoStudio fans love movie templates. And why not? Templates, whether intros, outros or complete projects, can make a movie project go much faster. Literally, it’s possible to make a funny video for a friend, or a recap of a weekend, or a video blog, in a few minutes when you start with a good looking template.

We’ve long felt that each new release should ship with a new array of movie templates, but we knew that we’d get much more diverse and interesting results if we combined the new template import/export feature in X4 with the creativity of the VideoStudio community.

So, we decided to tap the cloud and the crowd by creating a new place to trade VideoStudio content and bring a new level of creativity into VideoStudio movie templates. And so was born.

While is first and foremost a template trading post, it also hosts a blog where we’ll be posting proficiency-building content such as tutorials and tips, as well as other resources, including product updates, news and commentary, with the ongoing goal to make your movie-making process faster, easier and more fun.

The VideoStudio team believes deeply in helping our users reach their creative potential with our software. We believe that if we give our users awesome tools that are easy, fun and rewarding to use, plus the knowledge of how to use them, Corel’s success will follow.

So go ahead, download a free trial of VideoStudio Pro X4 and check out

If we can make the VideoStudio experience one that helps you make better movies and let you have fun making them, then VideoStudio will be a success. We can’t wait to start working together.

About Greg Wood

Greg Wood, a 10-year veteran of the consumer technology business, is responsible for the global product marketing of Corel's video-editing software, VideoStudio Pro. In his role, Greg's goal is to empower customers to express their creativity in video.
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