Corel enters the CAD software market

From Nick Davies, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Graphics & Productivity

I’ve been part of the Graphics & Productivity team at Corel for many years and I have to say, this is one of the most exciting times I’ve experienced with the company. It’s been a busy few weeks here, with several new product releases that deepen our brand promise to help people be as productive as possible.

Earlier this week, we launched an important new product that extends our graphic design capabilities into the CAD arena. CorelCAD is a powerful program that I believe presents a real alternative to the leading CAD software program, particularly for CAD designers who need powerful and precise software, but can’t afford or simply don’t see the need to pay the premium prices of alternatives.

What’s so exciting about CorelCAD is that it uses native DWG (the industry-standard CAD file format) support and allows designers to seamlessly navigate between 2D and 3D environments. It’s optimized for both Mac and Windows platforms, and is available in 6 languages. CorelCAD completes Corel’s design software portfolio, covering CAD, technical illustration (Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite) and graphic design (CorelDRAW Graphics Suite).

I encourage architects, engineers and designers in the construction and manufacturing businesses to have a look at this great new CAD software solution, and to help you evaluate the program, we have a 30-day free trial.

About Nick Davies

As Senior Vice President and GM, Graphics & Productivity, Mr. Davies is responsible for Corel’s graphics and office productivity business.
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1 Response to Corel enters the CAD software market

  1. Mark Robinson says:

    Excellent! That will make a fine addition!
    ( and maybe, since this is a Mac compatable app, CorelDraw might return to the Mac? )

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