Raising the bar on productivity software

From Nick Davies, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Graphics & Productivity

We’re on a mission to keep bringing you new technology that makes a real impact on how productive you are. In my last post, I told you about CorelCAD, an important new product for our design community. Today I’m excited to talk about another recent release that’s already been called “a monumental piece of software”-Corel PDF Fusion.

David Novak at Gadget Guy also says, “This baby is awesome…Corel PDF Fusion is bound to become a corporate standard“.

I actually use PDF Fusion myself, so I can tell you firsthand what a huge time saver it is. PDF Fusion lets you view, edit, assemble and create PDFs from more than 100 file formats. Besides supporting the file formats you use every day, it’s ideal for opening and sharing file types that you may not typically work with, even if you don’t have the original software used to create the files. One of my favorite things about PDF Fusion is the ability to drag and drop any file type onto the interface, rearrange the order of the pages, rotate them if necessary, and simply save the complete collection of pages, slides or photos as a PDF file. This is so helpful when I’m pulling together documents created in different formats and putting them into one cohesive file.

We’re always looking for new ways to help you be more productive and PDF Fusion is a great example of a product that gives our customers the quickest path to great results. If you’ve used it, we’d love to hear what you think. If you haven’t tried it yet, download the 30-day free trial!

About Nick Davies

As Senior Vice President and GM, Graphics & Productivity, Mr. Davies is responsible for Corel’s graphics and office productivity business.
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1 Response to Raising the bar on productivity software

  1. wtin says:

    Please revive Corel Ventura Publisher. I have tried Adobe Indesign and Adobe Framemaker, and even Corel WordPerfect. Nothing beats Ventura when it comes to complex formattings. I was a beta tester for version 8 and 10. There is an outstanding bug in version 10 that I can tell you about in private.

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