Now we can serve you better than ever!

From Malgosia Plucinska, Senior Director, Global Customer Experience

In a recent post, Listen up…customers are talking, you heard from Shawn Cadeau that learning about what our customers really think, even though it may often be difficult, is critical for our ability to build real relationships and a successful business.

We know that customers consider the level of service that a company offers to be of the utmost importance when deciding whether to purchase that company’s products and services.

At Corel, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience in as many ways as possible, and to continuously improve the quality of service available. We know that when you need support, you expect your question to be answered immediately and effectively by courteous and knowledgeable staff.

Since our customer service organization is the first line of contact for millions of users worldwide, our challenge is to offer you the level of responsiveness and quality that you deserve while managing the large volume of requests. Furthermore, we aim to tailor our support services to match exactly what it is that you’re looking for. To help us meet these goals, we have been gathering your feedback after every support interaction.

What we learned is that, although we have made an effort to make our support services as accessible as possible, there were some key areas which still needed improvement:

  • At times, it took too long to reach our Technical Support experts on the phone
  • When you made a support inquiry, there was no way to check the progress of your case
  • When moving from chat to email to phone contact, the history of your case was sometimes lost

We knew that while we had made many small improvements to our email and phone systems, these were insufficient to resolve those issues, and a more drastic approach was called for. The disjointed and outdated customer support tools we had been using were simply no longer sufficient for the level of support we wanted to be able to provide. A fundamental change was needed.

After a year of hard work, in May 2011, we successfully migrated all of our customer support services to a new system called offers a single centralized platform that maintains the history of all interactions with our customers whether that is via chat, online web/email or phone. What this means is that all of our customers’ questions can be answered faster and more easily than ever before, and you can watch the process unfold in real time, giving you a level of information and access that simply was not possible with the old system.

With the new support platform, you are now able to:

  • Obtain faster, easier and more convenient access to priority support – whether you raise a case via an online customer portal or call us, you can now be instantly connected to the agent who is appropriate for your account
  • Gain complete visibility of your support case status online – watching in real time to see its progress or updating your case information to help us answer your question
  • Subscribe to all-new annual support plans which not only offer you exclusive attention from our most experienced technical staff, but also give you access to online product training and can even provide you with free upgrades to the next major product release

In upcoming posts, you’ll learn more about these key improvements and the impact they’re having on our ability to serve you better. To find out more about the different levels of support that we offer, visit

About Malgosia Plucinska

As Senior Director, Global Customer Experience, Malgosia is responsible for all aspects of Customer Support at Corel. These areas include customer service, technical product support, customer experience monitoring and improvement initiatives, as well as managing Corel’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and premium protection plan service offerings.
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18 Responses to Now we can serve you better than ever!

  1. fitz says:

    It’s nice to read that customer support is important. Unfortunately, my experience is that I’ve wasted an extraordinary amount of time just trying to ask a simple question . I have been denied reaching anyone because I haven’t registered and don’t have a password to log in. Are you only interested in those who are already customers?
    My husband is a customer but he is starting to give up on WordPerfect because it cannot be used on a Mac. Or so we were told. However, when reviewing software at my University I saw two products (Parallels and VMware Fusion 3) that might change that (and help expand your future customers by the way). Unfortunately, I can’t ask that question and who knows this email may be an exercise in futility as were the other two i tried.
    Soooo, would either of those programs allow WordPerfect to run on a Mac?

    • Malgosia Plucinska says:


      Thanks so much for reaching out to us and providing your feedback. We rely on this type of feedback to continually revisit our policies, train our staff and ensure that we can provide the best possible assistance to our current and/or future customers.

      First, I would like to respond to the question you have posed. We do not officially support WordPerfect Office X5 on any platform other than Windows, however, we have successfully run WordPerfect Office X5 on Parallels for a week during a trade show a few years ago without any problems. Hence you could run WordPerfect on this type of platform at your own risk, as long as you install Windows OS.

      Second, regarding difficulties you have run into trying to connect with our Technical Support, we very much encourage open conversation with our customers or prospects via our Product Communities.

      Because of a frequently large call volume, we have implemented a policy that requires customers to have their products registered before reaching us via phone. However, we do have technical experts dedicated to reviewing user comments posted in the User Forums. With your feedback, we will ensure that our Support website makes it more obvious as to how to raise a question without having to register your product.

      Thanks again for your input,

      • Trever says:

        “…we have successfully run WordPerfect Office X5 on Parallels for a week during a trade show a few years ago without any problems. ” Hmmm has x5 been out for a number of years?

      • Malgosia Plucinska says:

        Hi Trever,
        I’m happy to hear that you’re satisfied with your results. WordPerfect Office X5 launched on March 23, 2010.


  2. Don Murray says:

    I have been a WordPerfect user since version 3 under Satellite Software Incorporated (SSI).

    I used to go to COMDEX in Las Vegas and meet with WordPerfect executives and technical staff.

    I was also invited to Corel to participate in a User Forum on the WordPerfect Office product.

    There used to be a way to communicate with WordPerfect to suggest product enhancements. I have been unable to find this now. I would like to propose the following enhancement to WordPerfect.

    I would like to be able to change the font color to the last color used by simply clicking on the “Font Color” icon on the Toolbar instead of having to take an extra step and select the color from the color palate. The Icon could simply show the current color in the “beaker” on the icon. This feature is available in other software products.

    • Malgosia Plucinska says:

      Hi Don,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s always great to get this type of feedback and I’ve passed your suggestion along to the Product team. You can also visit to interact with the WordPerfect team as well as other users.

  3. Ted Mall says:

    It used to be that Corel’s customer support was legendary. What happened?
    I am a returnee to CorelDraw suite and WordPerfect Office, which I recently purchased from Corel’s online store. After installation had a simple question about WP. The question was not covered in the documentation or in the online knowledgebase. So rather than to call and tie up the phone line for more urgent and immediate needs of others, I sent an e-mail to customer service. I received the following reply:

    “While your question is not covered by warranty, Corel offers a number of support options that you might find helpful” blah, blah blah and go buy a service plan.

    I have never had a similar experience with Corel or from any of its competitors. What gives?
    From some of the chatter on the net, I am not alone in this experience.

    Ted Mall

    • Malgosia Plucinska says:

      Hi Ted,
      I’m glad you came back to Corel! Hopefully I can help you get going on WordPerfect right away! It sounds like you don’t need our free, one-time installation or activation warranty support, but I do have other free options for you:

      1. Our knowledgebase is full of frequently asked questions and answers. You can find quick “How to” help here!
      2. You can speak to other WordPerfect users at

      If you still can’t find your answer, we do have an affordable one-time Priority Support option for only $19.99. This is really the fastest and easiest way to get an answer. One of our product experts will give you immediate assistance with your question or technical issue.

      Occasionally, we do get a high volume of calls, so this helps us support as many customers as possible.

      I hope you’re happy with both of your new products!

  4. Alan Misiaszek says:

    I contacted Customer support on an issue where a functionality that worked in an earlier version of Paint Shop did not work in the newest version I purchased. Below in sequence are the two responses I got:
    This is an automated email to remind you that we are waiting for information or feedback about your support case. We will need this information in order to proceed with a solution.
    Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support.
    Kindly be informed that the email you received is an auto generated email sent by our system once it detects that there is no activity detected within 3 consecutive days on a case.
    Note: While your question is not covered by warranty, Corel offers a number of support options that you might find helpful:

    I was never able to find out what additional info was needed. The web site is NOT intuitive and there is little guidance on where to go to find the case – I still haven’t found it. The second message tells me that I have to pay with either money – or my time searching your so-called knowledge base – for an answer.

    Since the functionality I need is a basic one – saving file extensions associated with a file type (.raw files) for use in the future – and it worked fine in a previous version, I will not but another Corel product due to the lack of basic customer support.

    • Malgosia Plucinska says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thank you for your feedback regarding our website. We continually strive to make our site easier to use and easier to search for relevant information. We will contact you directly to better understand the obstacles you have run into when trying to find your case.

      In terms of your question regarding supported functionality of your recently purchased product, the best option is to contact Warranty Support, which is offered to you for free for 90 days after you purchase or register your product. Warranty Support phone numbers are listed at

      Typically, if our first level support representative can’t answer the question immediately, they’ll transfer your case to another subject matter expert who will contact you. Please be sure to let us know when we’ve helped resolve your issue.


  5. Mark Kempen says:

    If you wanted to serve ‘us’ better, you’d get customer service an email address. Customer Service for Corel is a black hole that steals ‘our’ time and offers nothing. Corel advertised immediate downloads for web purchases, so I purchased software online on November 8th. Now it’s November 12th, my credit card statement shows the $39.99 as ‘Pending’. My account with Corel shows the purchase as ‘cancelled’ even though the charge is still valid on my credit card statement and I was never notified nor given any reason for a cancellation. I can’t call Corel because of time zones and my work, and without a registered product, they just will not give any sort of way to contact sales or customer support, other than browsing circles around their website. Hey Corel, what’s your business model??? Try your hardest to make Abode profitable? You’re doing an excellent job.

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’m very sorry for the frustration. A member of our Support team will be in touch shortly to get the issue sorted out.

      Thank you,

  6. David Rosenberg says:

    First let me say that in general I am very satisfied with the product for my needs. However, customer service still is lacking in 2014. Still not email contact which would be helpful for both parties documenting issues and promises.
    I made a call for assistance with the Draw CD not installing. Although I purchased on line through Corel directly and had my name phone number address and SN, the tech support was unable to see my purchase, only registration. The real problem is that I purchased Coreldraw X6 less than 4 months ago and now find there is an X7. I find I am out of luck?

    While searching for an email for Corel assistance, I noticed on your site a page about playing fair, “Play Fair!” I did play fair, and supported your company and purchased the corporate version with licenses. This was not an inexpensive purchase and now one that leaves a very sour taste in my mouth that I got an old version and no one had the decency to let me know what I was getting. I really wish Corel would have played fair and made me aware that waiting a month or two would have allowed me to get the newest version. Now I spent a great deal of time on the phone to the front lines of tech support, pleasantly, speaking to operators who appear unwilling or unable to do what is right.
    I hate to take to a public forum and very old blog post about something like this that should have been handled by phone, but I had no other options.

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi David,

      I am very sorry for the trouble. I have sent your feedback to our Support team, who will be in touch shortly.

      In the future, if you would like to speak directly with our Support team, you can do so through the Corel Support and Learning Facebook page.

      Hope this helps,

  7. WD Mahan says:

    Why would I buy Corel WP X7 when I can’t get an answer for a fix to a print wizard error on version x6. I have had the program for some time, hardly use. I found this bug and there is no answer or solution available, no technical support phone and no technical support email link.. I was thinking to buy X7,but with the fact that there is no place for my question to be asked why? I certainly don’t want to have to spend money for a support plan when I am doing Corel a service reporting a bug.

    Corel you should think about revamping your customer support functions to actually support your products.

  8. Chris Pearson says:

    I downloaded the trial version of your software but it is unusable in a professional environment. There are highly problematic issues with your implementation of color management which I believe you should be aware of, but there is absolutely no way of contacting Corel about it.

    If you offer a trial version of your software, wouldn’t it be an idea to allow (potential) customers to provide feedback?

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