Rocking the digital art scene

From Nick Davies, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Graphics & Productivity

It’s been a few weeks since we launched Painter 12 and the early buzz on the digital art scene is unbelievable. We owe a big thanks to our Painter community for helping us build such a stellar product and driving so much excitement around this release.

At Corel, we always say that our Painter community is unique because they’re so passionate and vocal about their favourite software. We knew that there was no one better to partner with to make this version the best. And we were right!

You told us to make the product faster, make it easier to work with Photoshop and give you even greater realism. So we did just that. Painter 12 is all about the speed improvements, new workflows, and more of the digital art brushes and tools that make Painter so unique. Even Photoshop users feel at home with the new interface. Our fans are raving about the workspace enhancements and all of the new creative goodies.

Take the new Kaleidoscope tool. It’s so amazing that Painter Master Android Jones made a screensaver out of it to share with you. Other Painter Masters and artists from all over the world got involved, too, helping us tweak the product design, hosting webinars, and sharing their favourite digital painting tips and secrets.

After 20 years of digital art breakthroughs, it’s clear to me that Painter and its passionate community aren’t done changing what’s possible in art. In fact, Android Jones is driving up the west coast of North America right now, inspiring people with live digital art performances featuring Painter 12 at his Seeing is Believing Renegade Road Tour.

What have you created with Painter lately?

About Nick Davies

As Senior Vice President and GM, Graphics & Productivity, Mr. Davies is responsible for Corel’s graphics and office productivity business.
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