Getting excited about photo sharing

Photo sharing has become a big buzzword these days and like many, I’ve certainly fallen under the spell of it. But I’ve always had problems finding the tool that was just right for me. You see, I’m middle-aged.

Yup, like the rest of us, I’ve succumbed to facebook, but unlike my two daughters who look at me like a dinosaur when I use it, I also still use good old email. Come on! MY parents don’t have facebook and never will touch that thing. Plus, it’s still the standard way to exchange at work. So I’m basically stuck in between generations when it comes to sharing pictures.

I also have another problem: I suffer from something I’d call a “boxed life”. By that I mean I have different “boxes” for each type of activity I engage in. I’ve got my “home” box, for myself, my wife and kids, my wider “family” box that also includes my brothers, sister, in-laws and parents, and then there’s my rock climbing friends “box”. A somewhat deranged group of people – they have to be to practice a sport like that- but what can I say, I do it too and really enjoy it! I also happen to be involved in my youngest child’s PTA, yet another group. And finally, I’ve got my work colleagues.

Problem is, I really don’t care for my climbing buddies wasting their time looking at my “cutesy family camping trip” pictures, nor do I really want my parents or wife watching those scary pictures of me hanging off a cliff! So basically, facebook just does not cut it for me when it comes to photo sharing. At the same time however, there are quite a few photos that I DO like to put on facebook, just because they are nice, or funny. But I’m just not like my kids who put EVERYTHING out there on facebook – No thank you! That’s just not my style.

Well, no matter how hard I’ve looked, there was just no easy way to combine email and facebook photo sharing until now with the launch of Corel’s Slingshot. Seriously, for people like me who use social media and email, it’s a godsend for iPhone photo sharing. Basically, Slingshot lets me create mixed distribution lists of email and facebook photo folders and then, with the camera, I simply one-click share with EXACTLY who I want! Just amazingly simple and yet very powerful because it keeps in memory my last photo-share distribution list, which means that I can easily continue sharing photos of the same event, or trip, with the same group, happily one clicking away on my camera phone and instantly sharing! As an added bonus, it can automatically back-up my photos to a private facebook album. I’ll never lose my photos, even if I lose or break my iPhone!

Slingshot. If you own an iPhone and like to share photos, try it out! It’s free, powerful and easy to use.

About Jacques Lamontagne

Jacques recently returned to Corel as Senior Product Marketing Manager after a few years at Canada Post to build a nice retirement nest egg. His first stint in the company was from 1992 to 1999 when he held various sales and marketing roles, including Director of Product Brand Management and Country Manager (France) in sales. Jacques is happily married with two daughters and is proudly middle-aged.
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