Goodbye Mac, hello PC!

A Senior Graphic Designer joins the Corel team and learns to embrace the PC life.

Hello creative peeps!

I hope you were inspired by some of the Corel talent in my last post! If you want to see more amazing work visit, the galleries provide endless inspiration.And again, please share any great work you’ve come across… unless it’s super rated R, I know it’s inspiring, that just may be for a different type of blog 😉

I want to thank Stefan for posting a reply to my earlier post, I checked out his blog,, and not only is he uber-talented, but he delivers tons of tips for Corel software, as well as advice for graphic artists, designers, and illustrators about the industry. It’s so important we support each other in the creative community, so I stole (that’s not a very supportive word, let’s say borrowed) this list of design websites from Stefan:

And I’ve added a few of my own faves:

Do you have any to add to my list???

As for my transition to the PC life, it’s been going ever so smoothly and I have a few additional CorelDRAW discoveries to share with you:

  1. Similar to Kuler, CorelDRAW has Color Harmonies that allows you to find complementary colours and palettes. You can find this feature in the Options button > Mixers > Color Harmonies.
  2. The “Find and Replace” feature allows you to find and replace an entire colour model, how cool is that?
  3. Lastly, did you know all your pages can be different dimensions! Say wha’?! yep, it’s true.

Now, let’s end with a little PC vs Mac debate humour… cheers.

About Chantal MacDonald

Chantal has recently joined the Corel team as a Senior Graphic Designer. She serves as a lead designer on design projects, developing and producing creative design concepts for Corel communications, marketing, packaging and promotional materials. Chantal is a self-described design and typography nerd, creative thinker and Starbucks addict.
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7 Responses to Goodbye Mac, hello PC!

  1. Madison says: and are worth taking a peek. I think there is more I can’t think of just now.

  2. Hello Chantal,

    Funny, here I browse to your blog section to read and then see your mentioning of me, thanks!
    Glad you “borrowed” the links.
    And your added links are great sites as well.

    Stefan Lindblad
    Illustrator & graphic designer

  3. Always inspired by the work done in Corel.

  4. maxim74 says:

    Hi Chantal – diving deep into the PC world isn’t too bad. Welcome.

    ps. Any word on when the next version of CorelDraw is coming out?

  5. No question PC way over Mac. All the R&D Intel and AMD do… I built the PC I am using now 7 years ago and it is just now getting too slow. When I built this machine it was the 2nd fastest processor Intel made. When I went college the the graphics lab had G4 Mac’s and my PC at home was twice as fast at everything. No right context menu ~ that says it all.

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