Comic Con 2011 – Artistic freedom at its best!

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Comic Con 2011 this year and I must say, you would be hard pressed to find such an eclectic mix of characters and artistic talent anywhere else but Comic Con.

Tanya Lux and Android Jones

Dressing up in honour of our beautiful box cover artwork, Saving Grace by Android Jones, was just part of the fun of participating in the show. Andy Church, Painter Product Manager, and I were so fortunate to have one-on-one time with all of the artists that came out to play with Painter 12 and Wacom Pen Tablets at the booth.

There really is no better way to gain an understanding for the true needs of your customers than to watch firsthand while they create, and to observe their delighted reactions as you introduce new tools to them. Some of these traditional artists had never used Painter and a Wacom Pen Tablet and I couldn’t find anyone who was not captivated by the experience. New to Painter, artist Sean Boundy summed up his experience in a passionate follow-up email, “I’ve always believed that an artist shapes his tool to the will of his needs. With Corel, I believe it shapes the artist, to see beyond his own limitations.”

This freedom to experiment without boundaries unfolded as the artists hopped onto the booth systems and started to create digital art using a variety of approaches and techniques that resulted in the most stunning results, right before our eyes. I hope you enjoy our highlight footage!

About Tanya Lux

Tanya Lux is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Corel's Digital Arts products including Painter, ParticleShop and Painter Essentials. Working remotely from Chicago, IL during her more than 10 years at Corel, customer interaction has been the key to keeping a pulse on the needs of the market.
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