WinDVD Pro 11 – Getting it right with PC video playback software

Today Corel launched a new version of one of the software industry’s favorites: WinDVD Pro 11.

Like most of our beta testers, I’ve been playing around with different versions of the software for many years. My requirement for playback software are simple – let me watch my movies in a way that provides the crispest image and most immersive sound that can be squeezed from my PC or home theatre and sound systems. Well I’m happy to report that beta after beta, WinDVD Pro 11 has delivered the goods.

The entire beta review process got me thinking about the origins and probable future direction of playback software, and the concept of elegant simplicity came to mind. It starts with the actual movie-going experience: You sit, you watch, and you get blown away in an immersive experience (or fall asleep because the movie’s a total flop). More and more, modern TVs strive towards simplicity: Plug it in, turn it on, watch, and enjoy crisp, vivid color and great sound. The installation has to be as simple as possible. New technologies such as Dolby® surround sound, HD, Blu-ray™ and 3D have come around to further enrich the experience, but TV vendors are still keeping things as simple and elegant as possible.

Now, as an employee in a highly competitive PC-based software development market sector, feature bloat has been an unrelenting trend that has been very, very difficult to resist. Yet, to resist the bloat is exactly the mission of a product like WinDVD.

The holy grail of PC playback software has to be: Simplicity during installation and usage, amazingly good image and sound output, unobtrusive options to customize the experience, great file compatibility (particularly the most advanced ones such as Blu-ray™, Dolby® and AVCHD™) and finally, leverage the processing power of the PC to take the viewing experience further with great playback enhancing features like 2D to 3D conversion, HD upscaling and more.

That’s exactly what the WinDVD Pro 11 engineering team has delivered – playback software that:

  1. Immediately installs and works well on everybody’s Windows PC’s, laptops and external display and sound devices
  2. Provides amazingly good video and sound output to the maximum of device capabilities – and more
  3. Supports all the leading movie formats that are out there, including 3D
  4. Leverages the processing power of the PC to further enhance the movie viewing experience

So, be a happy home-theater movie watcher like me. Try out Corel WinDVD Pro 11 and let us know what you think. You won’t be disappointed – unless it’s your movie that sucks! That unfortunately is something that even WinDVD won’t be able to fix…but we’re trying! 😉

About Jacques Lamontagne

Jacques recently returned to Corel as Senior Product Marketing Manager after a few years at Canada Post to build a nice retirement nest egg. His first stint in the company was from 1992 to 1999 when he held various sales and marketing roles, including Director of Product Brand Management and Country Manager (France) in sales. Jacques is happily married with two daughters and is proudly middle-aged.
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82 Responses to WinDVD Pro 11 – Getting it right with PC video playback software

  1. pokyla says:

    I can not play videos on a win dvd 11.

  2. pokyla says:

    When I open file it in corel windvd 11 that Media not supported.

    • Polka says:

      I’m having the same issue. So what was the outcome of this issue with “Media not supported”?

      • Jacques Lamontagne says:

        Hello Polka,

        I invite you to check my answer to Rob Schuman below. If you are receiving a “Media not supported message”, that probably means that you are trying to play your Blu-ray movie on a DVD drive. Basically, it’s impossible for DVD drives to read Blu-ray discs and that’s why a Blu-ray player connected to you PC is part of the system requirements to enjoy the Blu-ray portion of the product.

        You can find the WinDVD Pro system requirements here.

        I’m reproducing them here for your convenience:

        For Blu-ray™ and HD file playback:
        • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T2400 1.83 GHz (or higher), or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 GHz (or higher) recommended
        • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista® or Windows® XP, with the latest service packs installed
        • NVIDIA® GeForce® 8/9/10 series, GTX series or newer VGA; AMD M7x and above; Intel® GM45/G45 series and above (Windows Vista/Windows 7), or Intel® Core™ Processor families
        • 1 GB of RAM
        • Minimum 128 MB VRAM; 256 MB VRAM recommended
        • 330 MB of free disk space
        • Windows-compatible sound card
        • Windows-compatible optical drive for DVD/AVCHD™ playback
        • Windows-compatible Blu-ray™ drive for Blu-ray™ playback
        • Internet connection required for online features (BD-Live™)

        Hope this helps!

        Jacques at Corel

  3. Jacques Lamontagne says:

    Hello Pokyla,

    I’m sorry to hear that you have encountered a problem with your program. I’ve asked Corel Customer Support and Service to contact you and was told that an email was sent you the email address you supplied on Sept 29th. I hope they are successful in finding a solution.

    Kind regards,


  4. James Pinson says:

    Does the new version still support playback of my HD DVDs?

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Unfortunately, WinDVD no longer supports the HD DVD format which was discontinued in February 2008.

      This comment has been updated.

  5. SMac says:

    I got burnt with win DVD 9, which keep telling me to update the’t update. ACHS key (or something like that) but then wouldn’t update. Then I tried the trial version of v11 and it has been working a treat – until tonight! Now its telling me I need to update the player before it will play certain blu-rays (Ronin, Apocalypse now) but when it gets to the site it says there are no updates. Looks like another bag of hurt…

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello SMac,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with your product. Sometimes, newer Blu-ray™ titles require software tweaking because they use newly released Blu-ray technology that was developped after our product released. We then need to update our own to match this new technology. In this case, there is an update to the product that is available now which may resolve your problem. To install it, click on the Corel Guide in WinDVD (on the top right, the icon with the little down arrow), then click on the little set of gears next to the messages tab and click on “Check for updates”. A new update message dialog box should appear and you can follow instructions from there.

      If you update your product and still have problems, could you please send me another message or contact our Customer support. The newest and in my opinion coolest way to contact them is via the new chat button that you find on the top right of the webpage (Get Live Support button).

      Kind regards,

      Jacques at Corel.

      • SMac says:

        Thanks for the reply Jacques… I found it worked on my desktop PC but not my laptop. I have another question i hope you can help me with: if I purchase the full version of WinDVD 11 can I use it on my laptop and desktop, or do I have to purchase two copies? Regards, SMac

      • Jacques Lamontagne says:

        Hello Scott,

        After reading your message I alerted Corel`s technical support team of your problem. I understand that you were contacted and that the problem you were having with installing WinDVD on your laptop has been resolved. In case you did not receive an answer to the other question (right to copy on both the laptop and the PC), the answer is in the Corel EULA (End User Licence Agreement) which states:


        Hope this helps.

        Kind regards,

        Jacques at Corel

  6. Rod says:

    Tried to install free-download of WinDVD Pro 11 on Sony Vaio laptop. Install failed and said to re-install. The 2nd attempt tried to uninstall WinDVD Pro 11, but that failed because it couldn’t find anything to uninstall. Okay, now this is like the dog chasing its own tail. Not about to pay for something when the FREE download for 30-days will not work. Corel web site doesn’t offer any support for the free download either, unless I’m willing to pay more money.

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello Rod,

      I’m sorry to hear that you had a problem installing the Trial version of WinDVD Pro 11. An email was sent to you from our customer support team today. They will try to help you resolve your problem.

      Kind regards,


      • Chris says:

        Can I get this email too because I paid for the software and it won’t install saying another installation is in process when there is nothing. Even after a fresh reboot…

      • Jacques Lamontagne says:

        Hello Chris,

        Earlier today, one of our Customer Services specialist left a voice-mail on the phone number we have on your file.


        Jacques at Corel.

  7. Rob Schuman says:

    I downloaded the free trial on my pc but it wont play any blu-rays. I get a message something about wrong file format. I tried a few blu-rays to no avail. I wanted to buy windvd 10 pro which I thought was good but I was too late. Its not for sale anymore. The windvd 11 trial wont work for me, so I dont want to spend money on something that is not working.

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      I’m sorry to hear that your are having problems with WinDVD Pro 11. The same way a CD-ROM drive cannot handle DVD’s, no known playback software, including WinDVD, can read Blu-Ray movies on a DVD drive. It’s technically not possible. As per the System Requirements, you need to have a Blu-ray drive connected to your PC and use it to be able to play them on your PC. If you do have a Blu-ray drive conntected to your PC and it’s not working properly, please confirm and I’ll ask someone from our Customer Support team to contact you as soon as possible.

    • kassel says:

      Having similar issues. Download went fine, regular movies are great also divx files are spectacular BUT my blu-ray movies cannot play(Dark Knight/Stargate), error message says: playback with current display driver not supported. Have Liteon Blu-ray player that played with Cyberlink(hate the program) and my system says its up to date with my display drivers. Help

      • Jacques Lamontagne says:

        Hello kassel,

        I will ask customer support to contact you today at the email address you provided.

        Kind regards,

        Jacques at Corel

  8. Rob Schuman says:

    I found out that if you have stopped or disabled Protexis Licensing, your media player will not work. Since going into “services” and starting/ enabling it, I have no problems at all now with WinDVD.

  9. Scott says:

    Hi Jacques

    I appreciate this blog and your availability to answer queries on WinDVD Pro 11.

    I find WindDVD 11 is much more reliable than v9 I was using before and I’m glad I made the change.

    One problem I’m having is that more modern blu-rays tend to start pixelating/breaking up at some point (usually the best part of the movie!).

    I have a high end system running Win 7 64-bit, a Nvidia GTX 570 GPU with latest drivers and my player is up to date. Have you had any similar experiences and do you have any advice?

    Thanks, Scott

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello Scott,

      Thanks for your kind words regarding our latest release of WinDVD. This is the first time I’ve heard about a problem like the one you describe. Please let me investigate and I’ll respond shortly.


    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello Scott,

      Well, I enquired with our tech support and, like me, they have never encountered this type of problem before.

      Here are a few suggestions they gave me:

      First, try to perform a DirectX update –

      Please also double check that all your drivers are up to date.

      Finally, they suggest that you validate the firmware on your BD ROM. They may have issued a new version. Newer movies may run differently than the internal BD Decoder knows how to deal with.

      If none of these work, please send me another quick message and I’ll put you in touch with tech support to try and isolate the source of the problem.

      Kind regards,

  10. Ian says:


    Wonder if I may ask, firstly im having a review of my media center system as im getting fed up with stuttering in my current system and software (TMT5), so i have just purchased a new Asus E45M1-I Deluxe Mini-ITX running the AMD fusion APU system which touts that it can flawlessly play bluray discs without a hitch (obviously given that it has all the extra devices needed). Its a dual core 1.65 ghz system with the radeon 6320 gpu combined, ive installed 4gb of DDR 3 ram. So now to the software, so windows 7 is installed and i used to run it all through media center which for me works well especially as ive got the my movies system loaded and have all my dvds and blurays on a NAS in their full form. It seems that only windvd11 can play blurays smoothly on this mobo all the others including the TMT5 i already have stutter to some degree. My issue (finally lol) is that i wish to be able to use my movies to play bluray files using windvd pro 11 but dont know how to tell windvd the folder where the bluray movie is stored to play. If i do it manually within the player using the folder navigation function windvd says media not supported, yet if i double click on a single .m2ts file (i think it was that extension) it plays the file. So firstly how do i get it to see a folder with the bdmw and certificate in it and play as if it sees it as a bluray disc, should i be pointing into the streams folder or somewhere else and secondly how do i give these parameters to the windvd11 program as an external player ie..from the command line? Thank you so much in advance

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello Ian,

      Thank you for your comment. You certainly seem to have an impressive setup! I have also encountered this situation with WinDVD Pro 11 in the past. After verification, you have actually identified a known bug in the product. What’s interesting is that you have also found the recommended temporary workaround for it.

      The issue is that when attempting to launch a movie using the Windows navigation function, for some reason – we suspect DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) code – WinDVD does not recognize it, but if you double click on the file itself, it will launch as it should.

      Our development team has identified the problem and is working toward resolving it. Please stay tuned for our next software update for a fix to this issue.

      Kind regards,
      Jacques at Corel

      • Ian says:

        I take it there hasn’t been any movement the fix for this in the last 18 months ? Am I to assume I should just give up on the idea of using WinDVD ? From the comments and further info I’ve read it seems either you have one part time programmer on WinDVD who looks at it for 30 mins per week or you just don’t care about it anymore.. Am I right ?

  11. iRFAN says:

    I am extreme quality lover. I have downloaded and purchased a lot of Bluray stuffs. I am having a good configuration of my pc. Lets see if it is suitable for the software or not.
    Intel C2d 2.93ghz processor
    Intel original G31 Motherboard
    2gb ddr2 ram
    Nvidia Geforce Gt240 1 gb graphics Card with HDMI
    22″ Lg 2260v – pn Led Lcd Monitor with HDMI
    Belkin 2ft HDMI to HDMI CABLE
    4.1 Channel iball speakers with subwoofer
    windows7 x86
    & Other accesories

    Now my problem is, when I play any mkv file or bluray file the processors just get to the end of usage i.e.,100 percent. And after completing the movie when I close the Corel Windnd pro 11 the Processors stucks to 50-55 percent usage, although no other extra processes are running. In standby mode also the processor gadget shows 50 percent usage, when it should be at 0.
    I hope u will understand what I mean to say. Kindly try solve my problem please. Or it should of waste for me to buy these product.


  12. Jason says:

    I would first like to say that I too was one who had problems with WinDVD_9 but I took advantage of Corels great 30 day return policy, because of said policy I was willing to try WinDVD 11 and so far it is working great with one exception, I can not get the 3D to work, I have all 1.4a compliant devices (GeForce GT520, !.4 HDMI Cable, and an Epson 3010 (1080p 3D front projection), the same movie, throught the same cable to the same projector play 3D Blu-Ray perfectly through my PS3 but when I switch the HDMI cable and movie to my PC it will only play in 2D (even with 3D selected in WinDVD), am I missing a setup step or is some of my hardware not compable with WinDVD? Thanks, Jason

  13. Javituchi says:

    Hello… I have a problem when trying to install WinDVD Pro 11 Demo version.
    Everytime I run the installer, once it opens up the installation window, it doesn’t let me click ‘Next’ button, and nothing shows up on the window above (where it should load all the terms of service text, etc), just shows me the logo and an empty space in the middle. The only option that lets me click is ‘Cancel’ button or close button… What do I have to do to fix and install the demo? I’ve tried redownloading the setup file several times, and it always happens the same…

    Thanks in advance for the response. And congrats for the awesome player.

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hi Javituchi,

      Thanks for your message. I’ve asked our Customer Support team to contact you in a separate email since we cannot help you out without first knowing your system configuration.


    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello Javituchi,

      I understand that customer service has contacted you and that your problem is now resolved. Glad we could be of assistance! For others who may have the same issue, Javituchi apparently resolved his problem by using a new user name in Windows.


  14. I’ve the same problem…
    my system configuration is:

    Nome SO Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
    Versione 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
    Produttore SO Microsoft Corporation
    Produttore sistema Acer
    Modello sistema ASE380/AST180/APM8
    Tipo sistema PC basato su x64
    Processore AMD Processor model unknown, 2600 Mhz, 2 core, 2 processori logici
    Versione/data BIOS Phoenix Technologies, LTD R01-A3, 16/11/2006
    Versione SMBIOS 2.4
    Directory Windows C:\Windows
    Directory System C:\Windows\system32
    Periferica di avvio \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    Locale Italia
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Versione = “6.1.7601.17514”
    Fuso orario ora solare Europa occidentale
    Memoria fisica installata (RAM) 4,00 GB
    Memoria fisica totale 4,00 GB
    Memoria fisica disponibile 2,18 GB
    Memoria virtuale totale 8,00 GB
    Memoria virtuale disponibile 6,08 GB
    Spazio file di paging 4,00 GB
    File di paging C:\pagefile.sys

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello Francesco,

      I invite you to try the solution proposed by our customer service representative to Jarituchi which was to change your Windows user name and try again. If that does not work, please send us another message and we’ll have customer support contact you.

      Kind regards,

  15. simon says:

    I have this laptop
    came with Corelwindvdbd, went out and bought a bluray 3D disc
    but it doesnt play why? getting errors like media not supported, or maybe i need up find the right codec, are you sure!!!
    please, any advice on how to get the 3d working with your player as i have proved to myself without a doubt its not the laptop.
    warmest regards

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hi Simon,

      I’ve passed your comment on to our Customer Support team and they should be contacting you shortly. Please let me know if your problem has been resolved!


  16. Rob D says:

    For those with a stutter problem on winvista/7, esp. on laptops, I have found a windows service called ‘Superfetch’ to be a major cpu hogging culprit!
    Go to msconfig [start > search – msconfig], click on it then on the ‘Services’ tab, scroll down to find Superfetch and untick it. Click ok, restart and enjoy smooth playback.

    Superfetch does have it’s advantages in a general computing environment, but is of little use in htpc and can be an impediment to smooth bluray/hdtv playback.

    Also beware of some wireless network cards/drivers, they can also cause a stutter every min. or so.
    If you have this type of stutter, go to device manager and try disabling the wireless card [can be re-eenabled when you need it].

  17. Rob D says:

    Your welcome Jaques,
    With regard the wlan induced stutter issue, that one may be unique to the terratec cinergy tuner card I have in my htpc.
    I have exchanged notes on pcmediacenter with another person who had the exact same issue and same tuner card.
    It has to do with ‘background scanning’ of the wlan adapter which occurrs every minute by default [adjustable in adapter advanced settings in device manager]
    There are tools to disable background scanning altogether, just means you have to manually scan for network connections.

  18. MrM says:

    Jacques, I have to agree with your post. WinDVD Pro 11 is hands down the best software player for Blu Ray disc available right now. I’ve been using the trial version and so far my experience has been close to perfect. I say “close” because I have run into a seemingly minor gripe, but one for which unless I manage to find a solution it may very well end up ruining my WinDVD party.

    I’ll elaborate. My setup includes a home theater PC running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, 8GB of RAM, 640GB hard drive, and an LG Blu Ray drive, all connected to a Sony XBR6 52″ TV via HDMI, and to an old Denon AVR 3803 receiver via the motherboard’s optical digital connection (for DVD playback) and via the RCA multichannel analog audio inputs (for Blu Ray playback — the receiver is too old to support HDMI).

    If I play a BD or DVD and the sound is output through the digital connection I get a standard (non-HD) DTS or Dolby Digital signal that my receiver decodes handsomely. So far so good. The trouble starts when I want to hear the lossless tracks included in almost every BD movie today (DTS-HD Master Audio, LPCM, or Dolby TrueHD), via the computer’s analog audio outputs. Ever the perfectionist, I *want* to enjoy BDs for everything they have to offer, but even though I get beautiful HD sound by letting the computer do the decoding and pass it through the analog connections, and a stunning, silky smooth 1080p picture on my TV, the audio is always out of sync with the picture. It’s just a fraction of a second, but enough to become a distraction during scenes of heavy dialog. It’s the infamous HDMI “lip sync” issue. Just to be very clear, the audio is always ahead of the video by a fraction of a second, whether using the digital output or the analog one.

    Now, I’ve managed to counter this annoyance on the digital connection by taking advantage of my receiver’s audio delay function. With my receiver doing the decoding, I simply set it to a few milliseconds and the picture is synced with the audio perfectly. On the other hand, the receiver cannot perform this function on the analog inputs because it is not doing the decoding, so the correction, if any, has to be done at the PC or software level. And this is where I’m stumped. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, Control Panel, WInDVD preferences, Device Manager, Sound Properties, etc., and even though there are lots and lots of adjustments for everything from speaker levels to speaker distance, to bass management, to equalization, I can’t find the one thing I need: Audio Delay. I need to be able to match the sound to the picture and I can’t seem to find where to make that adjustment. Is it even possible? Can I make WinDVD delay the audio just a bit so I can enjoy my DTS-HD without feeling like I’m watching a badly dubbed foreign film?

    • Jacques Lamontagne says:

      Hello MrM,

      Thanks for reaching out. A colleague of mine in Customer Service has just informed me that he had sent out a message to you which included a number of suggestions that might help in resolving your problem with sound lag. Don’t hesitate to get back in touch with him if none of his suggestions fail to make any difference.

      Kind regards,


  19. owcraftsman says:

    When will we see Win DVD Pro 11 support for Windows 8 or at least an upgrade from Corel that is Windows 8 compatible for BD playback.?

    • Nick Davies says:

      We are currently working on a Windows 8 update and will have more information for you very soon. When we have more news, our social media communities will be the first to know. So it’s best to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Hope this helps.


  20. N4Nanas says:

    i have a problem hearing sound while playing “MKV” video file, i can’t hear the movie sound, only strange sound i hear from the movie, and also the movie little laggy, that’s all, thx before, sorry for my bad english.

  21. Brian says:

    It seems I have been suffering the same issue as MrM, the audio is off and I am finding it very frustrating. I am hoping that something can be done about this, I am at my wits end, I am even tempted to purchase a blu ray player and speakers.

    • MrM says:

      Not looking good for the audio sync issue. VLC player does have the feature, which leaves me wondering if it’d be really that difficult to implement for WinDVD.

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    think on this, suppose you typed a catchier title?
    I am not suggesting your content is not solid., but what if
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  23. Netaji says:

    I encounter the “init.htm” issue while reinstalling windvd pro 11. Can, ‘creating a new user account and then reinstallation’ be a help to fix it ? Thanks in advance.

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi Netaji,
      Sounds like this may require some troubleshooting. A representative from Customer Support should be in contact with you shortly to look into this issue.
      Thank you,

  24. Netaji says:

    No response from corel customer support

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Very sorry for the delay Netaji! Our Customer Support team has created a case for you (case number: 01913716) and someone will be in contact shortly. Again, I am very sorry that you have not heard from anyone yet.

  25. icecubesam says:

    I’m stuck in installation hell. Trying to install trial version of WinDVD Pro 2011 (on a Win 7 machine). Install flashes several times and then I get a message that the install can not find C:\Windows\TEMP\Corel WinDVD\11.0\Lang\EN\Custom\init.htm

    When I watch the process run while looking at the install directory, the directory in question (C:\Windows\TEMP\Corel WinDVD\11.0\Lang\EN) is there for a while and then appears to be erased by the install process.

    I’m left with a partially completed install. I can’t delete it using Control Panel because it’s not there, and I can’t delete the files because there are special permissions on the install process and I can’t take control. So I’m stuck: can’t install, can’t delete.

    I’m not impressed – this has turned me off Corel products for good.

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi There,

      I am very sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble. We have created a support case for you and someone from our Customer Support team will be in touch shortly.

      Thank you,

      • Doug Stpehens says:

        Things are no better now than yesterday. I have a ticket open but I do not have a Corel account. I have t oset one up to see how the ticket is progressing, so I tried that, only to be told that I have one already under the email id I supplied. I go to sign in as an existing account with that email and I’m told that no such email exists,

        Can’t Corel get anything right??

      • Doug Stephens says:

        Please cancel this ticket. I was able to fix the original problem – it took me almost 6 hours.

      • Michaela Schreiter says:

        Hi Doug,

        I’m glad you were able to find a solution. The final step in installing the trial would be to register the program, creating an account which we then use to keep track of support cases, serial numbers, and other details which may be required down the road. Since you needed assistance getting that WinDVD installation to cooperate, we created an account to allow a tech to contact you. Our Support team was going to send you the log-in information before we found out you solved the issue. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

        Thank you,

  26. Doug Stephens says:

    You miss the point. The stupid trial version would not install. At all. That’s why I was trying to delete it. I had to take ownership of every module in every Corel folder (one file at a time), give myself full control and then delete it. One file at a time. Then I had to crawl through the registry and delete every key individually (there were hundreds of them).

    I will not be registering the program because I won’t be using the program, or any other Corel product. Please develop an easily-usable install / uninstall process that can be run without having to delve into the depths of the machine.

  27. JD says:

    I have a Asus laptop with Intel HD graphics 4000 AND an Nvidia GT 635M , WinDVD PRO 11 is connected to the HD4000, I can’t persuade Windvd to use the Nvidia (to HDMI) to my 3D tv.
    I can’t find an article to change this setting in WinDVD or in the Nvidia application control.
    Where can I change this setting ???

  28. JD says:

    Hello Michaele,
    Thanks for your support.
    I did allready a right click on the shortcut and choose the Nvidia card. But after that still the Intel 4000 card is displayed in the setup. The permanently change it to the NVIDIA card, Nvidia control panel is showing me Windvd and intel 4000 card with no option to change it ti the Nvidia. I think it could be a combined problem, Nvidia is thinking-configuring intel graphics for Windvd. And windvd has no option to change it config itselve. So what to do ??

    I don’t have facebook (and will not sign up).

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi JD,

      I’ve passed along your information to our Support team. They created a case for you (case number: 01965229) and will be in touch shortly.

      Thank you,

  29. Rob says:

    Hi, an odd issue has cropped up after doing a fresh install to my new pc with win7 x64 sp1 and all ms updates.
    Double clicking the desktop icon no longer starts windvd pro 11 and auto play doesn’t work either when a bluray [or dvd I suspect] disc is inserted.
    I have to right mouse the icon and choose run as administrator, then all works fine.
    A slightly better workaround is to right mouse the icon and choose properties, then on the compatibility tab put a tick in ‘run as administrator’ at the bottom.
    Then at least auto play works again though you still have to click ok on the uac dialog.

    I’ve also installed the current keypak and 11.6 update but it still needs admin privileges.
    Any thoughts?

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi Rob,

      I sent your message to our Customer Support team. They will be in touch shortly.


  30. Joe says:

    Whenever I insert a BD movie into my computer (which has a BD drive and used to play BDs with WinDVD perfectly) I get the message “WinDVD has stopped working.” I even uninstalled my WinDVD 10 and installed the trial version of WinDVD 2011 Pro, and I still get the same message. Do you know what’s going on here? Thanks, Joe

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi Joe,

      I forwarded your information to our Support team. They will be in touch shortly.


  31. Rob says:

    What OS? What happens if you just try to start windvd from the start menu or desktop icon?

  32. michael says:

    i cant install corel paint shop pro on my sony vaio i already change memory ram to 2gb .i try running it administrator and nothing

  33. John says:

    Purchased Corel WinDVD Pro 2011. Did the download installation, but when I go to run it, nothing happens. No error messages, no nothing. Downloaded the latest update, and part way through the install/update it says I have an invalid serial, and then proceeds to uninstall and exit.

  34. Rob says:

    @John, It sounds like you have the admin problem like I had [march 5 2014 post above]
    If you right mouse the desktop icon and choose ‘run as administrator’ it will probably work.
    If that is the case, then the update will fix that problem, as after I installed the update I no longer have to right mouse the icon.

  35. Chris says:

    why can’t i adjust playback speed in corel windvd 11 pro?

  36. Thomas says:

    I just bought and installed Corel WinDVD Pro 11. When I try to play a m2ts file from my harddrive, there is no option to select which audio track is play back and no way to turn on Subtitles. I always get the descriptive audio for the visually impaired. This works perfectly fine in free software like vlc videolan.

    And by the way, I had to uninstall Comodo Firewall for WinDVD to install and run. With the firewall installed, the software never starts.

  37. Peter Hart says:

    I have downloaded the WinDVD Pro trial version ,it seems to install ok. When trying to start the program I get the small window asking for either recommended or customized settings when choosing either nothing else happens from there.

  38. roscoron says:

    I purchased Windvd 8/24/2015 but it won’t launch.

  39. Lora McClamrock says:

    I have a similar problem. I downloaded WINDVD free trial and it will not run even with the patch. If the trial won’t run, why should I buy it???

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