Corel and Fashion?

Hello again!

As you may know by now, I love finding new creative inspiration and lately it has been in the world of fashion design!! I always love when I can merge fashion and design in my everyday life, and thankfully CorelDRAW allows me to have that option.

When I see a model wearing that oh-so-adorable midrift exposing top and horizontal striped jeggings… I resist the urge to put my body through that sort of torture and instead use illustration as a tool to explore such fashion brilliance. I do this more for fun and as a therapeutic exercise, but when I see what the amazing creations our CorelDRAW users designed, I am completely inspired to do more fashion design.

Check out these CorelDRAW fashion finalists from the latest CorelDRAW International Design Contest:

And my favourite…

I would love to wear some of these! Check out more of these amazing finalists.

Have any of you created fashion with CorelDRAW or Painter? I would love to see the cool design and fashion trends out there!

Since Corel celebrates creativity, design, and personal expression, we attended Ottawa Fashion Week this year!!! I am in creative bliss after attending this event…. Between showcasing local talent such as Amber Watkins swimwear to Simon Ekrelius, a designer from London whose pieces have been worn by the famous, Lady Gaga. Keep up to date on this and other industry events through our Facebook page.

Here are some photos I took of my fave looks (excuse the poor phone camera quality). How cool is the bubble dress? It even had arm holes! And of course the gorgeous models helped everything look amazing!

I hope I’ve left you with a little more inspiration. Cheers.

About Chantal MacDonald

Chantal has recently joined the Corel team as a Senior Graphic Designer. She serves as a lead designer on design projects, developing and producing creative design concepts for Corel communications, marketing, packaging and promotional materials. Chantal is a self-described design and typography nerd, creative thinker and Starbucks addict.
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7 Responses to Corel and Fashion?

  1. i can install both correl X5 and correl 12 at the same computer?

    • Chantal MacDonald says:

      Thanks for your response. In fact, CorelDRAW 12 and CorelDRAW X5 can be installed on the same computer and you can bring work you have done in an earlier version of CorelDRAW into the latest version!

  2. Hi Chantal,
    I´m glad to read you are also a “fashionist” . Many people still don´t know CorelDRAW is the best design solution for fashion design and is used as the main design tool on big textile brands and companies. Some time ago I wrote an article about Fashion design with CorelDRAW for the ( ) , the article is in Spanish but if you are interested in reading it, you can try to translate 😉
    Well, I also wrote a couple of books about Fashion design by computer techniques where I comment and explain the privilege position of Corel software on fashion industry.

    In summary Corel ❤ Fashion and Fashion ❤ Corel 😉

    Fashionable greetings from Spain,

    PD. The bubble dress is my fav too

    • Chantal MacDonald says:

      Hi Anna, always great to hear from a fellow fashionista! Thank you for sending a link to your article, I hope you continue to inspire fashion designers! Cheers.

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  4. julian says:

    Que interesante es corel y lo práctico, aunque no soy una persona dedicada a la moda en el sentido literal de tener un título profesional en moda o alguna actividad autodidacta de la producción en prendas, siempre me vi involucrado en el tema de la moda por cuenta de las mujeres de mi familia a quienes les elaboro todo tipo de prendas graficadas , marcas y diseños debido a mi actividad como publicista creativo y diseñador gráfico; de igual manera a clientes de diferentes empresas que siempre preguntan por diseños nuevos y que desean se les elaboren pues aun hoy existen demasiadas personas que no manejan ningún tipo de programas gráficos y muchos de los que los manejan en la mayoría de los casos no suelen contar con gran talento para el diseño y la composición visual o al menos el conocimiento de los parámetros básicos en la producción visual. Además como artista de la pintura, suelo manejar prendas y complementos para mis obras, encontrando una muy buena razón en el uso del programa Corel Draw como complemento en el desarrollo de mis creaciones antes de llevarlas al lienzo u otras técnicas pictóricas aplicadas.

    (Editor’s note – An English translation is below:

    Corel (CorelDRAW) is so interesting and practical. Despite not being dedicated to fashion or jewellery making on a professional level, I have always found myself involved in this area. Because of my background in graphic design and creative advertising, I often create jewellery designs for family members. I also often produce designs for corporate clients, as not many people have the knowledge or talent required. Being a painting artist, I often use jewellery as complementary elements for my paintings, and find CorelDRAW to be an excellent tool for developing my designs prior to taking them to the canvas or other artistic mediums.)

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