Memories of BlissDom Canada 2011

We recently attended BlissDom Canada in Toronto and what a great adventure it was!

At the core, BlissDom Canada is a social media conference where 300 of Canada’s most socially savvy, connected and creative female bloggers come together to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build community. We had a great time getting to know all of the interesting women, and a few men, who are passionate about building brands, communities and connections online. As this was our first time attending BlissDom, we wanted to make a good first impression. Through hands-on training, photo- and video-editing tips, complimentary headshots, prize draws, and our very popular candy bar, we were able to start building some great new relationships and have a blast in the process!

On Day 1 of the show, Toronto photographer, Stephanie Beeley, joined us as we offered complimentary professional headshots to everyone at the conference. We loved the way Stephanie was able to capture the diverse and unique personalities of the women we met. Over 7 hours, 100 headshots and 1,000 poses later, it was a wrap! Take a look at our Facebook album to view a sample of some of the final headshots – doesn’t everyone look fabulous?! And of course, we snuck in some time to have a little fun of our own…

The unedited headshots were simply beautiful, but we all know the conferences like this often involve long hours and late nights so we can also use a little extra help to make us look (and feel) a little more fresh. I’d had a busy few weeks leading up to BlissDom , capped off by a roadtrip and a late night of setup, so I welcomed the chance to have a mini makeover with Corel PaintShop Pro X4. Take a look at my before and after to see the results!

Try it yourself:

Working within the EDIT tab of PaintShop Pro X4, we brightened up my teeth-after too many cups of coffee-using the Makeover Toothbrush. Then, we brightened up my slightly tired eyes using the Lighten/Darken Brush. Next, we added a little foundation to smooth out my skin with the Makeover Blemish Fixer! Then, to finish it off, we applied the Vignette framing Photo Effect to add a little pop. And there you have it – these simple makeover tools gave me a nice refreshed look! Who needs sleep when you have PaintShop Pro!

If you’d like to learn how to make the most of your own headshots, we’ll be hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, November 1st from 8 – 9 pm EST. Our own digital diva extraordinaire, Evelyn Watts, will show you some fast and fun makeover tips that anyone can apply. Sign up today!

What are your best memories of BlissDom Canada 2011?

About Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell is a Public Relations Specialist leading communications for Corel’s mobile apps. As a grad of McGill, she started her PR career in New York, but recently moved to Ottawa where she enjoys the simpler life of cooking like Martha Stewart, snowboarding and discovering the latest apps.
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