The Corel World # 2: Corel’s Creative Services Schools the Senior Execs!

As one of Corel’s copywriters, there are certain challenges that come with the job. Case in point: I recently competed in Corel’s annual softball tournament, a now legendary sporting event which finds the entire company locked in a no-holds-barred battle of balls, bats and all you can eat nachos.

At this year’s tournament, I found myself enlisted with Corel’s Creative Services team after undergoing the mentally and physically demanding tryout of writing my name down on a sign-up sheet. What exactly is a Creative Services Department, you might be wondering? I’m glad you asked! By day, we’re a group of hard working writers, graphic designers and project managers who develop the print and online marketing materials you’ll find with each and every Corel product. When it comes time to take to the softball diamond, however, we’re transformed into… the Baby Princess Unicorns.

Don’t let our name fool you. The Baby Princess Unicorns just happen to be a semi-athletic force to be reckoned with. We also had a little extra motivation this year thanks to Adrian Garcia, one of Corel’s senior-most designers. Adrian’s an award-winning artist who’s been involved in designing print materials for some of Corel’s biggest products over the course of his career. He was called upon to put his creativity to the test once again by designing a Baby Princess Unicorn team logo, which he created using – yup, you guessed it – CorelDRAW .

Adrian Garcia's Baby Princess Unicorn design - created using CorelDRAW

With our newfound uniforms and patented “unicorn shuffle” victory dance well in order, we were ready to face the day. Unfortunately, we weren’t quite so confident when we learned that our first opponents would be none other than… [pause for incredibly dramatic effect]… the Corel Senior Executive Team!

Swing batter, batter, batter! Corel Senior VP's Shawn Cadeau (left) and Nick Davies (right) show off their skillz.

Facing the combined might of Corel’s head honchos was a little nerve-wracking, but the Baby Princess Unicorns kept our eyes on the prize and wisely kept the trash talking to a minimum (no easy feat given our love of sarcastic comments). To their credit, the executives put up a stiff Bad News Bears-style resistance, including a solid performance from Corel CEO Kris Hagerman himself, who stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park. In the end, however, the Execs were simply no match for the Baby Princess Unicorns’ superior athleticism and catchy, horn-based chants as we galloped to a 15-11 victory.

Senior Designer Christian "The Quiet Thunder" Sauve and Creative Director Greg "Field of Dreams" Wiens discuss strategy.

Sadly, we were defeated in our final game against Corel’s sales team, but not without giving it our Baby Princess Unicorn best. As we cantered off the field with our heads held high, the day was a reminder of just why it’s so great to work – and play – at Corel. Of course, the bitter taste of defeat went down a little easier thanks to the bottomless nachos and beer we packed back at the nearby Boston Pizza; courtesy of the very same team we trounced on the diamond. (Stay classy, Corel Execs!)

Yes, in the end we might have lost the tournament, but my co-workers and I learned something: with a little creativity, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. And hey, even if you do kinda suck on the baseball diamond, at the very least you’ll look good trying. It’s an important lesson for next year’s tournament when we plan to impale our foes on the mighty horn of victory. Because after all, you can’t keep a Baby Princess Unicorn down for long…

There's a Baby Princess Unicorn in all of us!

Want to create your very own sports logo? Check out this CorelDRAW tutorial from our good friends at

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About Adam Volk

My name is Adam and I'm a copywriter with Corel’s Marketing Department. In a past life, I've been employed as a book editor, journalist and video game screenwriter. I enjoy reading, biking and cheesy 80s action movies. I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that I am a massive nerd.
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