Celebrating Baby Groups, Birthdays and All the Moments In Between

Meet Kerry and find out how VideoStudio Pro helps her connect with family and friends.

As the “family video producer” – the one who’s behind the camera 99% of the time (be it with my DSLR, my smart phone camera, my point & shoot or my handycam) – I spend a LOT of time managing my photos and videos and creating videos with VideoStudio Pro.

And I refer to “a lot of time” in a very affectionate way. I thoroughly enjoy, and in fact, savour the time when I get to sit down at my laptop and work on creating videos. It’s a creative outlet for me, it’s a time that I get to re-live the great moments of my life and it’s something that I can be assured will always leave me feeling in a better mood or state of mind than when I sat down. And I think the improvement in mood happens because as I watch and listen to the moments in my life unfold in front of me – be it the significant life events we all capture on film or the everyday happy moments that would slip by if we didn’t catch them on film (of course I refer to “film” in a nostalgic way as it sounds so much better than catching it on a “memory card”) – it reminds me to focus on gratitude and thankfulness and not to take life for granted.

I refer to myself as the “family video producer” but really I should call myself the “family, friends and community video producer”. I produce videos for myself as much as I produce them for others. I absolutely enjoy the process but to an even greater extent I enjoy the end result. I get great pleasure from watching a video I have produced and I get as much or more pleasure from giving a video as a gift (which I do often). And I especially get enjoyment out of watching my kids watch the videos I produce. They absolutely love watching videos of themselves and our family and friends enjoying all sorts of great activities.

As everyone who produces video knows, once anyone knows you can produce a video you are suddenly the video go-to person. The majority of the videos I produce are focused on my family and friends and the significant and everyday events in our lives. I have produced videos for my Mum’s 65th birthday, the toast to the bride for my niece’s wedding, for my dearest friends who form our “Baby Group”, for my friend’s 40th birthday, to raise money for the Run for the Cure in honour of my close friend who survived Breast Cancer, for my daughter’s first day of school, for my son’s first BMX bike race, for family vacations – and the list goes on.

What I love about giving a video as a gift is it’s so personal. It’s something the recipient knows you put a lot of time, emotion and energy into creating. It’s something that will always be remembered, will be shared with others and is a statement of your love and affection for the person you are giving the video to.

So as we get close to Christmas I think about producing a year-end highlights video that I can give to my husband and kids. That kind of a gift is always a hit. I can work on the video in little bite sized pieces of time – which is something that appeals to me – and get it done in time to watch Christmas Eve.

Many years ago I had considered getting into scrapbooking as a way to showcase photos and all those special times in life. While I can appreciate the appeal of traditional scrapbooking for some, I seriously lack the patience to work on a scrapbook as well I have almost no interest in crafts in general. In the time it takes me to produce a video (which can sometimes be in less than 15 minutes when using a VSP template – seriously!) I would hardly be able to sit down at a table an unpack scrapbooking supplies.

What also appeals to me about producing videos vs scrapbooking is the ability to share the videos so easily – which is important to me since I have family living across Canada, in Ireland and in Australia.

So thanks Corel for producing this video. I think it really captures what I get out of using VSP to produce videos that enrich my life and the lives of my loved ones. Having given so many videos as gifts, It’s such a nice feeling for me to “receive” a video that highlights how special my family and friends are to me. It was so great working with your team on this project and great to be able to share with you the difference Corel software makes in my life.

About Kerry Mortimer

Meet Kerry, the go-to "video producer" for her family and friends. Whether she's snapping photos of her latest family vacation or videotaping her daughter's first day at school, Kerry savors her time creating and sharing memories. Find out how Corel® VideoStudio® Pro lets Kerry bring photo and video together to help celebrate life's special moments.
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2 Responses to Celebrating Baby Groups, Birthdays and All the Moments In Between

  1. Eric says:

    Just tried to load WP Office X3 on my new Windows 7 machine. Guess what? The POS doesn’t work and you want me to pay another $159.00 to upgrade! Screw you!!! You just lost another customer.

    • Adam Volk says:

      Hi Eric,

      First off, thanks so much for writing in and letting us know about your experience. Your comment was passed on to me since I work closely with the WordPerfect team. I can totally understand your frustrations at trying to run WP Office X3 on your Windows 7 machine only to discover that they’re not compatible. At Corel, we really do work hard to ensure our products are compatible with a wide range of software and hardware. We also regularly release new patches and updates to support our existing products in order for our users to get the most bang for their buck from our software. Unfortunately, the nature of technology is such that it’s often extremely difficult to ensure that all of our older products are supported by the most recent operating systems (it’s particularly challenging for a product such as WP Office X3 which was released 6 years ago).

      That being said, if you don’t mind, what I’d like to suggest is for you to take a look at WPO X5. You can download a free trial which you can run – risk-free – alongside your existing X3 version and then judge for yourself whether or not it’s worth the upgrade cost. If you don’t think it’s worth it – no problem – just delete the trial from your machine and go back to using X3. That being said, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how far the program has come in the six years since WP Office X3 was released. We’ve added a number of new streamlined features, including full compatibility with both Windows 7 and the latest Microsoft Office file formats. There’s also a ton of extra features that I think you’ll really appreciate as a long-time WPO user, including the ability to open PDFs in WordPerfect (a great way to copy and reuse text from PDFs), plus the option to save files without metadata, as well as full support for opening and saving DOCX files.

      Here’s a link to the free trial of WPO X5

      Thanks again for writing in and letting us know about your experience. I can understand your frustration, but hopefully you’ll give WPO X5 a spin. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions or concerns.

      Kind Regards,
      Adam Volk

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