Corel’s approach to software upgrades

As we gear up for another action-packed year of new product launches – and with all of the online conversations on the topic – it felt like the right time to clarify Corel’s approach to product upgrades. Our commitment to both existing and future customers is to provide high-quality, affordable products with straightforward and simple guidelines regarding the use of those products.

Corel is happy to offer our customers special upgrade pricing if you are currently using one of the last two versions of our product. Whether you are using PaintShop Pro, Painter , VideoStudio, WinDVD or one of our many other products, our approach to upgrades is the same across the board. In some cases, we have existing products, such as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, where the upgrade pricing is currently available to owners of any previous version of the software. However, as new versions of these products are released, they will follow the same “two versions back” approach to qualify for upgrade pricing.

We always aim to deliver the best options for our customers, which includes giving you plenty of opportunities to move up to the latest versions of our software, at a fair price. In addition to our upgrade policy, as we launch new versions, it’s common practice for us to run special, time-limited upgrade pricing promotions for our long-time users who may still be on much earlier versions of the software. Generally we would like to see all of our customers using one of the latest two versions of our products since this ensures that you have full access to the latest product improvements and that you are fully supported by our technical and customer support teams. In order to be eligible for special upgrade pricing and other benefits, all you need to do is register your product, either when you’re first installing your software or by visiting, where you can create a Corel account and then follow the registration instructions.

Also, if you’re not currently using our products but are curious to try them out, we encourage you to check out the full-featured free trials of our most popular brands. We have powerful and affordable solutions for photo and video editing, graphic design, digital painting and office productivity. In addition, if you visit and sign-up to receive our Deal Alert, we will be offering users of competitive products special pricing if they choose to switch to Corel products. All in all, it’s a great time to get to know Corel!

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13 Responses to Corel’s approach to software upgrades

  1. Kelly Pearce says:

    Last week Staples offered Paint Shop Pro X4 Ultimate in the box for $39 and it wasn’t advertised as an upgrade. Same price I paid Corel directly for an upgrade after 3-4 previous upgrade offers from Corel for PSP X4 that were more expensive. Hmmmmmm? Not sure existing customers get any “special” upgrade pricing.

    • Susan says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Just wanted you to know that we did see your response to Shawn’s post. He’s actually traveling this week but we’ll make sure he gets back to you once he’s back in the office.

      Susan Stein, Corporate Marketing Manager

    • Shawn Cadeau says:

      Hi Kelly:

      Thanks for your comment. I apologize that it’s taken me a little while to respond and I really appreciate your patience.

      I want to assure you that we value our existing customers tremendously. We want every user to become a repeat customer and we know that means that we need to make sure that you are happy with your experience with Corel and our software. One of the ways we do this is by offering a great deal on upgrade pricing. We set a discounted upgrade price for each product when it is released and it continues for the entire lifecycle of the product.

      As you mentioned, sometimes Corel offers special limited-time deals on both the full and upgrade versions of our products. In almost all instances when we provide a discount on the full product we also discount the upgrade product as well to ensure that the upgrade price is lower for our existing customers. I believe that you saw the product at one of our reseller partners that was running a deep discount around the Black Friday time frame. This was a limited time offer and the reseller has the ability to set the final price during their specific promotion.

      Our upgrade policy is specifically designed to recognize our most loyal customers and make sure that they can get the latest and greatest from Corel at a fair price. I hope this answers any questions you have.



  2. Gene Warner says:

    Mr. Cadeau,
    As a Mac user I found myself out in the cold when I went to upgrade my Corel Graphics 11. Because Corel chose to not continue updating the Suite of programs or patching the old one, I have a product that is crippled through no fault of my own. This seems to go directly against
    your comment “Our upgrade policy is specifically designed to recognize our most loyal customers and make sure that they can get the latest and greatest from Corel at a fair price.” Unless, of course, Apple Macintosh users don’t fit the loyal customers criteria.
    Thank you for your time,
    Gene W.

    • John Falsetto says:

      Hello Gene,

      Shawn asked me to reply to this, since I represent the CorelDRAW product line. Thanks for your reply, and I’m sorry for your frustration. The situation you find yourself in being an a Mac user is a bit more complicated than when speaking of users upgrading their software from version to version on the same platform. Because you used the last native Mac version we produced of CorelDRAW, I can understand how you feel left out in the cold. Unfortunately, the current situation is such that we have no immediate plans to release a new Mac version of CorelDRAW. That’s not to say it won’t happen in the future, but it’s not currently in the plans. Ultimately it comes down to a business decision to direct future product strategy and development, and in this case we have to balance the cost of re-releasing on the Mac versus the expected demand. It’s definitely something we will continue to monitor closely. And of course as a reminder, you can run CorelDRAW on a Mac if you’re running Windows – but we know that it’s not the native Mac experience that some are looking for or that you had with version 11. We do have other native Mac applications such as Corel Painter and CorelCAD, and we definitely appreciate the loyalty of all of our customers, regardless of the product or platform they are using.


      • Bytowner says:

        Consider me another member of the CorelDRAW-Mac Regiment in Exile, then. I’ve been fairly happy with CGS 11, although with each update of Mac’s OS, more and more issues have cropped up. Most recently, the paralysis of PhotoPaint.

        I just don’t want to have to buy Windows in order to keep using CorelDRAW.

      • David says:

        I too would love to see an updated release of CorelDraw native to Mac. Personally bootcamp or virtural systems are not an option. And with Lion ppc application are no longer supported. I am about to go to the darkside and pick up a copy of Illustrator.

  3. Gene W. says:

    ….. with the increase in Apple sales it might be a wise move to position Corel as an option to high priced Adobe products.

  4. Tat2Duck says:

    I have been with Corel since Corel 2.0 and I too have been pushed to leave for Adobe products. I lost the use of Corel 11 on my Mac system and just recently on Windows when I bought a new computer and had to install Windows 7. CorelPaint works but CorelDRAW just won’t load. I currently purchased Adobe CS6 and hate it. The ease of use and versatility of the Corel product is far superior to Illustrator. But being a multi-platform user CGS 11 was awesome; Work computer runs Windows and laptop runs Mac OS. Sadly no more. Thanks for the long run. Hopefully Corel will reconsider MAac users.

  5. I have been using Corel Draw since version 3. I purchased Corel Draw upgrades for my staff at work from 3-4-5-8-10-12. I did similar for myself at home for work and freelance and am at x3 now. I am migrating to a Win8 pc and need to move up to x6. I was shocked to see the new upgrade policy requiring my ownership of x4 or x5. I went to find an x5 on Ebay and was sold a pirated version which i reported to Corel. It is listed on my products but the license is invalid. I still use x3 on my old pc. I have been a longtime user, paying every few years since 1993. I refuse to pay $400+ for an upgrade after i have so diligently contributed both monetarily and with technical issues. I spent many hours with many of the early bugs plaguing early versions pre version 10 Draw and was able to make this stuff work and to praise this wonderful software. Please, please, there has to be a way to keep us old-timer professionals upgraded. I am retired now and make very little income from freelancing and fine arts projects. I do lots of volunteer work but need to have the commercial product. Corel Draw IS better than Illustrator and I have been telling this to people for many years. Is there no solution for us long-time users willing to pay $169. to upgrade?

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. A member of our Support team will be in touch shortly to discuss your options.


    • Gene Warner says:

      Sandy, I noted that they will be contacting with options. I hope they can accommodate your situation. I felt that those of us who run Macintosh-es were completely dismissed with no options. Best of Luck.

      • Dwight Williams says:

        I would hope to return to being a regular Corel customer myself, particularly given my extreme reluctance to adopt Adobe’s “Creative Cloud” scheme. Corel might profit by such wariness.

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