Quality by Definition

December has been shopping season. In my quest for finding great quality gifts, I regularly check online user reviews on sites like Amazon for products I’m considering buying to see what other customers had to say about them. Honestly, I find it hard to remember how I shopped before I had Amazon.

Quality. The word is used fairly loosely by companies to describe almost anything you can spend money on. Since we’ve all had a disappointing experience with a new purchase, it’s obvious that some define it in different ways. Of course, despite their best efforts, marketers can’t really define quality. The only definition that really matters is the customer’s.

That’s why regular customer contact is a critical part of our product development process. Ongoing user feedback helps us create new products that deliver on our customers’ expectations of quality. And once the product hits the street, user reviews like the ones on Amazon and our own product pages are another great way to help us keep in sync with how customers are feeling.

There isn’t a day at Corel when someone isn’t checking or talking about what people are saying about us in user reviews. We love to hear when people think we’ve done really well. Even negative comments help us find ways to improve. Around the company, employees are proud to tell you their product’s latest star ratings. I’d even say that some of us are addicted to reading the reviews.

So as we’ve come through a busy fall with a number of new product launches, you can bet I’ve been keeping a close eye on what folks are saying about us.

I’m thrilled to report that the latest version of every single Corel flagship product including CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Corel PaintShop Pro, Corel VideoStudio Pro and Corel Painter is currently ranked at 4 stars or higher on Amazon.com! Customers are describing our products with words like “excellent product,” “love it,” and “awesome”. The response has been absolutely tremendous.

What’s more, professional tech product reviewers have had great things to say as well. In 2011, Corel software continued to rake in awards and accolades from some of the world’s toughest technology writers. Here are a few we’re most proud of:

As we wrap up 2011, I’d like to thank all the customers and reviewers who’ve helped us define what quality means at Corel. Your feedback helps is one of the most important things we have. Please keep it coming.

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3 Responses to Quality by Definition

  1. Dan says:

    Waiting, waiting for CorelDraw for Mac. I have all those CDR files from old, cough, Win days and still haven’t found a good replacement on the Mac for the CorelDraw that I loved so much. No I tried Parallels but it’s just not the same as a true native Mac app; and you have to buy the app, the virus pak, windoze and parallels or VM. No thanks.
    Corel Cad for Mac is great. Good job, runs fast and has a pretty good Mac interface. Now CorelDraw for Mac please, I think it will have a big following.

    • John Falsetto says:

      Hi Dan,

      We can certainly appreciate your interest in CorelDRAW for Mac, and we’re also happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed using previous versions of CorelDRAW. We are always keeping a close eye on technologies, trends, and platforms, and it’s no doubt the Mac is one that is continuing to grow. We do try to balance the needs of our existing user base with those of users who prefer different platforms like Mac, and also have to consider business and other implications. While there are no immediate plans to produce a native Mac version of CorelDRAW, it’s not to say that things might not change in the future. In the meantime, while it sounds like using Parallels isn’t your thing, we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy CorelCAD and perhaps try other Corel products like Painter that have native Mac versions.



  2. Jody houchens says:

    I am long time Corel Painter and Corel PaintShop Pro user. I do love the features in Painter 12
    and she runs very well with six cores and can take advantage of Gpu.. Glad to see teams
    working in this area. I want more DX11 features in programs and i am glad to see Corel moving this
    way. Corel has always had best price and thier customer support always great to deal with. I will
    always remember that.
    Again Thanks for your great work, Jody Houchens

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