New Corel AfterShot Pro feeds the need for speed at CES!

There’s something about CES that always gets my heart racing a little faster. I remember my first time at the show and I still get that adrenaline rush every time I hit the Las Vegas strip. There’s always so much happening and so much to take in. It’s that much more exciting-and yes, slightly nerve-wracking-when you have something new to introduce at the world’s largest consumer tech show.

This week is one of those weeks as the Corel team introduces Corel AfterShot Pro-a new photo management software solution that’s based on technology from Bibble Labs, a company Corel acquired in the second half of 2011.

2011 was a busy year for Corel’s Digital Media division and, as leader of that division, I have been blown away by how our teams in Ottawa, Mountain View, Taipei and Shanghai have pulled together to deliver some of our best reviewed releases yet. I keep a close eye on and other user review sites to see what customers are saying and its felt great to see that our ratings are up. Now I want to make sure we keep them up and that means making sure I stay on top of what our users are looking for-and delivering it!

That’s where Bibble Labs came into the picture. The team and I had heard from our users about their desire to have a full blown workflow and photo management solution to help them work with the large numbers of RAW files they were shooting and trying to organize. Based in Austin, Texas, Bibble was known for having one of the market’s fastest photo workflow and management solutions. Now, I suppose we could have worked to develop something ourselves, but I saw an opportunity for us to talk to Jeff and the guys at Bibble and see if we might be able to help each other out. I wanted to make sure Corel was working with the very best technology and the Bibble team was looking for some new investment so that they could make some more improvements to the product and get it into even more users’ hands.

I remember when I first looked at Bibble’s technology, I was completely blown away by its speed and responsiveness. It was faster than anything I’d seen in the market and I wanted to make it available to many more customers around the world. That, coupled with the fact, that it ran on Windows, Mac and Linux, and I was pretty excited to see what Corel and Bibble could do together.

Corel AfterShot Pro takes the best of Bibble’s technology and layers in some of Corel’s skills in user experience design, QA and global sales and marketing. The other great thing about bringing the two companies together is that our development teams have been able to work closely with the Bibble and PaintShop Pro communities to get feedback throughout the beta cycle of the new product. This is one of the best parts of the process for me since it means that we’re getting immediate and valuable feedback at every stage of the cycle. With Corel AfterShot Pro, users will be able to rapidly import, catalogue, browse, search, edit, convert, print and output photos and get back to doing what they love best-taking great pictures. Corel AfterShot Pro shines on performance. Its multithreading engine makes it the highest performance product in its category and this improves virtually every aspect of the application. When it comes to the most common photo workflow tasks like opening catalogues, performing searches, loading and editing images, and creating final output images, AfterShot Pro is markedly faster than any of its competitors. For a photographer working with hundreds, if not thousands of RAW images at one time, this performance advantage makes a huge difference to their overall productivity.

The AfterShot Pro team, including Bibble’s former President, Jeff Stephens, are all at CES this week to support Corel’s latest launch. I’m really excited to see how users will respond to Corel AfterShot Pro and I want to extend a very warm, personal welcome to everyone in the Bibble community as they get to know Corel. If you want to give AfterShot Pro a test drive, please feel free to download the free trial and tell us what you think.

Thanks everyone and, if you’re at CES this week, be sure to track down the Corel crew and say hello!


About Chad Kinzelberg

Chad Kinzelberg is Corel’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media. Chad leads the business and strategic direction for Corel's portfolio of digital media products, including the PaintShop, VideoStudio and WinDVD product lines. Chad lives in Menlo Park, California with his wife and 2 year-old son. He’s a huge baseball fan and fitness fanatic, and he can write a rap in 10 minutes flat.
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8 Responses to New Corel AfterShot Pro feeds the need for speed at CES!

  1. Libby says:

    It’s great. While I have not explored fully, it properly handles files from my old Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n with grace, speed, and accuracy. That was my main concern because I still love that old 2004 camera. Raw processors have been a dilemma for me as things have progressed over the years. Bibble handled my problems and the new AfterShot does just as well and maybe even better. Further comments here

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  3. Bob Kovacs says:

    Now please make PaintShop Photo Pro multi-paltform. I use Ubuntu Linux, and you will have a great solution for enthusiasts and professionals.

    • Evelyn Watts says:

      Hi Bob,

      We’d like to be able to have PSP on every platform, but we have to make choices about where we focus our PSP development dollars. More than 80% of our PSP users are on Windows today, so we have to focus first on our current users and keep delivering the updates they’re looking for. We’d love to get PSP into many more people’s hands since, like you, we think it’s got some pretty powerful capabilities. Please keep asking for a Linux version and anything else you want to see! Even if we can’t do everything at once, we are genuinely listening and trying to strike a balance.


  4. Kim Connors says:

    Two questions:
    1– Do you offer a Linux 64 bit RPM trial download of AfterShot Pro?
    2– Do you offer any Linux versions of VideoStudio Pro X4?
    Thanks!! Kim

    • Evelyn Watts says:

      Hi Kim,

      AfterShot Pro is a 32-bit application. We do have a 64-bit Debian version, but it’s only needed because it includes an extra dependency for 64-bit versions of Ubuntu. A separate, 64-bit RPM version isn’t necessary, and RPM-based systems tend to include the necessary dependencies already. You can download the free trial at:

      VideoStudio Pro X4 is available for Windows only.

      Thanks and be sure to let us know what you think of AfterShot Pro!

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