Corel @ CES: Dispatches From Las Vegas 2012

While the seemingly endless exhibit halls, the 150,000+ attendees and more than 3,100 exhibitors can be daunting to say the least (and hard on the feet), I can say with absolute certainty that CES 2012 definitely had something for everyone.

Corel attended the show in force this year, showcasing new products at two high-profile press events and a platoon-strength presence of Corel staff meeting with partners, buyers and prospects in what is the less visible but critically important business aspect of this huge technology show.

I represented Corel’s video offerings at this year’s press events, showcasing Corel MotionStudio 3D animation software, and VideoStudio Pro X4 Ultimate video-editing software, but here are a few of the things that caught my attention at the show.

No One Big Thing, but Lots of Advancement Across the Board

In my mind CES 2012 didn’t offer one big trend that captured everyone’s attention, as was the case with 3D TVs and tablets two years ago, plus web-connected home entertainment devices in 2011. We saw plenty of incremental improvements however, from even-skinnier TVs, to better web connectivity on multiple devices, the introduction of better sharing capabilities on cameras, and noticeably more focus on superior industrial design and user-experience across the board.

Corel Breaks News and Wins an Award!

Corel had two big news items coming out of CES 2012. First, was the very exciting launch of Corel AfterShot Pro, our new photo management software. I hadn’t seen a demonstration of AfterShot until I got to a press event on January 8. Needless to say, I was blown away. The sheer speed and power of AfterShot in terms of being able to apply batch edits to hundreds of photos in a matter of minutes really impressed. I immediately saw the value to my own photos in AfterShot’s really useful selective editing features (which essentially let you quickly edit specific elements of a photo, say to clean up a muddy-looking foreground while preserving a beautiful sunset in the background. Definitely worth checking out!


Second was the news that broke just as I was leaving CES on Thursday: Corel’s acquisition of Roxio from Rovi. Roxio Creator has defined the digital media suite space for years, and Roxio Toast is the world’s leading disc burning software for the Mac, and now these products plus Roxio’s other amazing tech and the people behind them, are poised to join Corel. What a really exciting time for Corel and our customers, who will soon be able to enjoy new options and new tech from the combination of Roxio and Corel. (And here’s a little trivia: back around the dawn of time, Corel made product called Corel CD Creator, which was subsequently sold to Adaptec, and then to who? Roxio. Full circle!)

Third was a big win for VideoStudio Pro X4, which took home the Videomaker magazine Best of CES 2012 award. VideoStudio Pro X4 was named best software and the Corel Guide was called out as a really useful resource for video editors. We’re proud as punch!

Cool Tech From Around the Show

There are thousands of articles and blogs out there right now talking about various wonders from CES, and I thought I’d join in the chorus with a few of the things I thought were interesting at the show:

WiFi-enabled and Sharing-centric Camcorders from Canon, Samsung, Sony

IDC analyst Chris Chute pointed to some great innovation from Canon, Samsung and Sony early in the show, citing the value of new sharing options on camcorders from these three big players. Terrence O’Brien over at Engadget has the news on Canon’s new Vixia while Engadget’s Sean Cooper covers Samsung’s wifi enabled point and shoot cams.

Panasonic Touts TVs, Tech and Timberlake

It wouldn’t be CES if Panasonic wasn’t rolling out new, better TVs, superior cameras, and much more. You can check out their news conference here.

Justin Timberlake caused some buzz, but I was most impressed by Panasonic booth staff who corrected some serious user errors with my 2-year old rugged DMC-TS1 without making me feel stupid!

Greg Wood DMC-TS1

“Yes Mr. Wood, it helps to focus when you push the shutter properly”

Too Cool for School! Improv Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

The industry seems obsessed about tablet computing these days, so it was with surprise and delight that I learned about this great little LCD Writing Tablet from Improv Electronics. I have a six year-old at home who’s learning to print properly and I immediately saw the value of this inexpensive writing device for my son, and for many other scratchpad applications. You can check out this nice little tablet here.

Steadicam Smoothie


No More Shakey Video: Tiffen Steadicam Glidee

Ok, this is my last one, and I’ve got to offer up full disclosure here: I love my GoPro Camera (check out the new Wi-Fi BacPac that’s going to be available next month) and I totally lucked out on Thursday when I happened by Tiffen’s booth and won a Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee for GoPro. There’s plenty of great camera rigs out there for those shooting video, but I have to say that I was impressed with the Smoothee’s dedicated mounts for iPhones and GoPros. I can’t wait to put this one to work!

So that’s it for another CES! There’s certainly a ton of other great innovations that came out of the show and I encourage you to post a comment below and share your favourites!

About Greg Wood

Greg Wood, a 10-year veteran of the consumer technology business, is responsible for the global product marketing of Corel's video-editing software, VideoStudio Pro. In his role, Greg's goal is to empower customers to express their creativity in video.
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