Top 10 design trends for 2012

Looking for the latest trends in the world of graphic design? The creative team at Corel has put together the top 10 hottest trends for 2012.

#1 Shifting Logos
Logos altering in appearance, shifting slightly from one application to the next while keeping similar elements. This intrigues the viewer and makes for a memorable logo.

Paul Hollingworth

#2 Overexposed Photography
This is a big trend in the fashion industry. It creates an ethereal, soft look and works well with typography.

Nadia Moro

#3 Organic Patterns
Illustration that is fluid, moving and vibrant.

Sujan Sundareswaran

#4 Environmental Design
Eco-friendly solutions are good all around—they help the client, customer, designer and the environment!

Sam Soulek

#5 Infographics
Make those boring spreadsheets pop with the use of Infographics and convey information in a clear, straight-forward manner.

Francesco Muzzi

#6 Handmade Type
The handmade touch gives a personal feel to marketing pieces and it’s a fun exercise for designers!

Evan MacDonald

#7 Minimalist Advertising
Best way to put a big idea forward with confidence and it’s proven the most effective way to message your brand.

JWT London, UK

#8 Emotional Illustration
Never underestimate the power of emotion, it causes you to act.

Bastien Grivet

#9 The Color “Tango Tangerine”
This is the 2012 color of the year, so keep it in mind while designing!


#10 Graffiti
Graffiti is no longer just for building walls, this free and organic method of illustrating allows for happy surprises.

Marcelo Macedo


About Chantal MacDonald

Chantal has recently joined the Corel team as a Senior Graphic Designer. She serves as a lead designer on design projects, developing and producing creative design concepts for Corel communications, marketing, packaging and promotional materials. Chantal is a self-described design and typography nerd, creative thinker and Starbucks addict.
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13 Responses to Top 10 design trends for 2012

  1. 29091986 says:

    like this…..

  2. yogita says:

    thanx !!

  3. JD Jarvis says:

    When you talk about creativity and creating free and organic designs there are no better set of tools than Kai Power Tools. Corel holds the reins of this long line of digital manipulation and image generation that began with Kai Krause one of digital’s earliest and most successful pioneers. Even today there are no set of plug-ins that do what these tools do. Therefore, I urge Corel to update this set of essential creative tools so that they work on Intel chipped MAC computers. I am an award winning digital artist who uses Corel Painter religiously and these plug-ins are essential brushes in my tool box. Corel… please keep free form creativity and hands-on exploration alive in digital art. Upgrade Kai Power Tools!

    • Chantal MacDonald says:

      Thanks for your interest in the KPT filters, JD. It’s great to get feedback like yours as it truly helps us in shaping our future product developments. I spoke to the product team about your comment and this is what they shared… In regards to the filters, they had to consider the declining demand and decided to focus on other product features and enhancements that would best support the majority of our users. We continue to offer the original set of 24 KPT filters with our PaintShop Pro product, and are open to finding ways to bring KPT effects into our other core product lines.

      Thanks again for your comments.

  4. Minimalism is one of the popular idea used now a days, for websites. With minimalism, one can also use a grid system. Without a grid, there is a danger that what you produce will appear disorganized and incomplete.
    Also, the use of negative space in design has been a related emerging trend. White space has been always soothing and visually pleasing, as, it allows the reader’s eyes to rest. Combining minimalism and negative space pushes a message to the forefront of a design and captures the user’s imagination. Empty space makes a page more scannable and helps to highlight the main points by keeping them distant.

  5. Ben Knotts says:

    2nd time this year I have referenced this. Thanks.

  6. Very interresting ! Bookmarked 🙂

  7. shnondaily says:

    Awesome, thanks for posting! 🙂

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