South by Southwest (SXSW)

Look out Austin, Texas… I’m coming!

I have wanted to go to SXSW for the past few years, always drooling all over my keyboard because of all of the interesting updates from my Twitter newsfeed. New technologies are born; the top speakers share interesting predictions on the future of start-ups, social media, and technology as a whole – but I never had the chance to go until this year!

On March 8th, I will be leaving Ottawa, bound for Texas for SXSW Interactive. The 19th annual SXSW Interactive festival will take place March 9th-13. The SXSW website describes it as “an incubator of cutting-edge technologies, containing five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology”. If you’re not aware, there are two other components to South by Southwest: music and film.

Getting there

Austin is a long way to go from my comfy cubicle in frosty Ottawa. Admittedly, I have never been on a plane before and I’m not sure how well that’s going to go. If I make it to Texas sans panic attack, here are the things I’m most looking forward to:

Network, Network, Network!

What I think I’m most looking forward to is the networking. You always meet such interesting people at conferences (this one just happens to be massive), and there is always something we can learn from everyone. Having never been before, I plan on bringing Corel along with me (in spirit of course). Often times when attending conferences, people are very curious as to what we’ve been up to – and I am always excited to explain the vision of the company and share just about every story I have.

The Sessions

I have a full schedule planned for me, each day filled with new and interesting sessions, panels, and book readings. I think my favorite session title has to be “Y Rappers R Better Marketers Than U” presented by Bill Pauls & John McHale. I didn’t even have to read the description to know I wanted to go! Another session I am looking forward to is Brain Solis’ “The End of Business as Usual”. Brian is a leader in the social media world, and his session description states “This isn’t about social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. This isn’t about becoming a social business. The future of business comes down to leadership. It comes down to change. It comes down to you. The result is relevance.”

Working with social media, these people are my movie stars – and I’m looking forward to basking in their greatness and bringing all that information back to Corel, so that we can improve our efforts to serve you better!

The Trade Show

I am a complete sucker for trade shows. I have found so many interesting companies and services that we can use at Corel – and there is always value in perusing the floor (even if it’s just for free swag!).

If you want to follow along with me as I attend SXSW, you can follow my updates on Corel’s Twitter account and our Facebook page for some great photos and videos. If you would like to connect with me at SXSW feel free to reach out to me on my personal Twitter account.

Will you be attending SXSW?

About Marissa Gagnier

I am Corel’s Social Media Specialist, contributing to our social media presence and marketing. My interests include Lolcats, Fashion and Facebook, and I’ve acquired the ability to think in 140 characters or less.
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