Get Your YouTube On – It’s Playlist LIVE Time, Baby!

So as Murphy’s Law would have it, we’re heading to sunny Orlando in a couple of days and lo and behold, Corel’s home town of Ottawa, Ontario is a balmy 25 degrees Celsius … in March (for anyone who is unfamiliar with the climate here – not normal).

But I guess I can’t complain, the VideoStudio team and I are headed to the happiest place on earth, and no I don’t mean Disney World (although I do plan on making a pit-stop) – we’re going to Playlist LIVE, baby!

What exactly is Playlist LIVE? In the words of the organizers: “Playlist LIVE is an annual two-day, new media centric, conference style event based around popular musicians, YouTube content producers, and community engagement.” In my words – Playlist LIVE is the place to be if you want to laugh with some of the funniest YouTube personalities, dance along to some amazing up-and-coming bands, learn the tricks of the trade from those in the know and, most importantly, connect and collaborate with like-minded, social media savvy, talented people.

This is Playlist’s second year and Corel’s second year as a sponsor, but what makes this show especially exciting for us is: a.) VideoStudio is the Official Video Editing Software of PlayList LIVE, b.) we’re bringing new Corel family member (tear!) Roxio Game Capture along for some video gaming fun, and c.) our friend Duncan33303 – VideoStudio Pro user and YouTube star – is coming with us to help demo VideoStudio!

Yup, we’re pumped.

Anyways, enough writing. Seeing that this blog post is all about a YouTube event, what better way to learn more than through – drum roll please – a video!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by blogger Amy Schmittauer (@Schmittastic) and journalist Jack Olmsted (@digitalreporter) to take part in a live Q & A session – via VOKLE – about Corel and our Playlist plans.

Let’s watch….

(Side note for my antsy friends – though the time on the interview says 30 minutes, it’s actually only 20.)

So that’s me, that’s Corel and that’s VideoStudio at Playlist LIVE. Very much looking forward to it (and to a little Harry Potter Land too). Oh and if you’re looking for some candid, live Playlist action, make sure to follow @videostudio on Twitter.

Playlist LIVE is the place to check out YouTube celebs. Who’s your favorite YouTube personality? Post your comments below and let us know!

About Sara Chesiuk

Sara Chesiuk is a PR Manager leading communications for Corel’s Digital Media portfolio. Moving from a background in hospitality PR to software has been quite the shift, but in the end Sara believes that people are people, PR is about connecting, and Social Media makes the world go round. Sara’s PR strategies and tactics are based on 3 key principals: act now, apologize later, be loud and proud, and if you Tweet it they will come.
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4 Responses to Get Your YouTube On – It’s Playlist LIVE Time, Baby!

  1. Matthew says:

    That’s 77 degrees for those who don’t do the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit very well. Of course if you have Windows 7 your calculator could do it for you. Same here though, way too hot for March. I’m expecting 20s(-6 C) to 50s (10 C) but instead it’s 70s to 80s (21-26 C). That’s just wrong in my opinion, who would ever want to live in a place that gets over 50 degrees?

    Well congrats on the official honors for the program, have fun at the event, and remember, they over charge for everything.

    • Louise says:

      That’s why we come to Florida in winter and take off to warm not hot destinations like Alaska or Europe in summer. Love Orlando especially with my daughter Sara at Playlist Live to keep everyone on their toes. Like mother like daughter. I had my own event this past weekend to work on – darn we both missed each other performing at what we do best: – talk and entertain – So proud

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