They Let Me Out of My Cave!!!!

Hey there. I’m Steve Allen and I’m the video guy here at Corel’s Ottawa headquarters. I animate and edit many of the launch videos for Corel products. A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to attend and participate with the Corel team at Playlist Live in Orlando. Considering I work in a small cluttered “storage” room (my choosing) I jumped at the chance. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to escape the glow of my monitors and meet the public.

Corel recently acquired Roxio and one of their products is Roxio Game Capture. This allows a gamer to capture their gameplay from an Xbox or PlayStation 3. Considering I have four boys, I’ve seen a lot of gaming in my house, so let’s just say I have a lot of background knowledge on the subject. My role at Playlist was to demo Game Capture and answer any questions regarding capturing and editing video game footage.

I was at the show with a few great Corel veterans, Evelyn Watts, Greg Wood and Sara Chesiuk. It was a crazy and hectic show but they were able to keep it running smoothly for me. It was a fairly steady crowd and in fact there was very little down time on the first day. I experienced the show from the perspective of the booth for most of the two days and it was great meeting people. I was really amazed at the wide range of users we had. There were young kids looking to start their own channel, established YouTubers with well-known channels that have been using VideoStudio forever and parents who saw how their kids flock to YouTube and want to be able to “channel” their children’s focus….(see what I just did there?)

The use of technology and the level of technology was mind boggling. So many people had amazing rigs for shooting video and they were all out in strength eager to capture content for their channels. I must say, I learned a lot about what’s available out there on a small budget. And I used VideoStudio to quickly capture and post time-sensitive clips right there on the show floor. I’ve gotta say that I really grew to appreciate the simplicity and speed of VideoStudio. In a time when everything needs to be available yesterday, VideoStudio really is a tool that lived up to the challenge.

The passion of the people attending Playlist was also energizing. Sure there were fans of the popular YouTubers, but more so, there were people seeking solutions to get their message out to the masses. We opened a lot of eyes with VideoStudio and Roxio Game Capture and I believe gained a pile more fans of Corel.

The experience also brought me face-to-face with the users of the products which I create launch videos for. It was a great benefit meeting these people and hearing their stories about video editing and how they use our software. I didn’t realize this before arriving at Playlist Live, but I think this experience will really impact how I create videos to promote Corel’s products. I really hope to see more users at these kind of shows. It was a great learning experience all around!

Do you have a YouTube channel? Post a link to your channel below and introduce yourself.

About Steve Allen

Steve Allen started at Corel in 1998 as a 3D animator working on launch videos for Corel's full product line. Currently, Steve is the Senior Video Animator/Editor and is responsible for video and multimedia support for Corel’s global corporate and product marketing campaigns. Before coming to Corel, Steve freelanced as a designer and instructor, working with companies including Bell, National Grocers and the Canadian National Defence Graphics department. He then became Manager of 3D at a local gaming company, working on video game development, level design and 3D theatrical cut scenes.
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