Welcome to WordPerfect Office X6

It gives me great pleasure to introduce WordPerfect Office X6 to you. I’m convinced that as soon as you’ve read this post, you’ll head over to www.corel.com/wordperfect to download the trial and try out the powerful new tools and capabilities.

Our users are very loyal and extremely passionate. Every time I talk to them, their enthusiasm and love for WordPerfect is hugely evident. After many interactions (formal and informal) with our users, we created WPO X6 with these 3 themes in mind:

Improvements to the tools you already love

WordPerfect has many unique, industry-leading features, like Make It Fit, Reveal Codes and strong PDF support. Our users asked for some feature improvements, but because they rely heavily on WordPerfect to get their daily jobs done, they didn’t want radical changes to the way features are accessed or used. We stayed true to your favorites, but also improved compatibility with MS Office files, changed the font and color of Reveal Codes, updated our PDF capabilities, and much more.

New productivity-enhancing capabilities

People today have to do a lot more in a lot less time. So in order to ensure that our users continue to be productive with WordPerfect Office, we’ve added a number of time-saving capabilities, like the ability to open multiple documents on multiple monitors, support for Windows 7 preview with search, replace and print options, step-saving macros, and others.

Adapting to the shift in market trends

The world in which our users use WordPerfect has changed dramatically over the past 2 years. We adapted this new version to embrace this changing world so that our users can benefit from today’s newer technologies in the mobile and video spaces.

I’ve spent hours working on putting together a Top 3 Features list. With all the great tools, this was extremely difficult, but here it is:

1. Multi-document/monitor support
Far too often when creating documents, we have the need to open up multiple documents in different windows. Some might be for reference purposes and some might be to actually work on the document. The point is that with WordPerfect X6, you can open many documents in different windows and if you have multiple monitors, you can move these windows onto your monitors…effectively spreading your work across a number of screens.

2. New macros
Macros are a great way to automate time-consuming, repetitive work. One of the new macros in WordPerfect X6 gives you the ability to find and replace multiple items. For example, if you need to change “Tom” and “Thomas” to “Bob” and “Robert” throughout your entire document, this macro will make these changes in one fell swoop.

3. Advanced preview
WordPerfect now supports the Windows 7 preview capability available through Windows Explorer and Outlook. But we’re supporting more than just preview. Through the Context menu, you can search, zoom, go-to and print your document without opening WordPerfect. There are two more features worth mentioning:

WordPerfect Viewer for Android – With this release, we expanded our WordPerfect Document (WPD) mobile viewer family by adding support for Android. So now in addition to viewing WordPerfect files on your iPhone and iPad, you will be able to view on Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire and Motorola Zoom.

WordPerfect eBook Publisher – WordPerfect X6 removes the complexity of creating MOBI eBooks for devices/readers such as the Kindle. Whether you author your eBook from scratch or grab content from other documents, the new eBook Publisher ensures that the WordPerfect document you create is viewable on MOBI devices and readers as you intend it to be.

I’m extremely excited about this new release and I believe that you will be just as excited. Once you’ve downloaded and tested the free trial, I’d be interested in your feedback. Post a comment here or head over to www.OfficeCommunity.com or www.facebook.com/wordperfectoffice and let us know what you think!

About Peter Hanschke

I am the Director of Product Management for the Productivity group at Corel. Prior to Corel, I worked for many software companies in the Ottawa area …Irdeto, Kinaxis, Rational Software and JetForm to name a few. I ran my own consulting business helping start-ups and small companies with their product strategies, as well as product management principles. I’m a strong proponent of continually evaluating business needs and developing products that support those needs. My approach to product management produces earlier customer engagement and product releases with real value and relevancy. This not only means better products; it also means that the marketing engine can get fired up earlier, building customer anticipation and demand before the product is even released.
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25 Responses to Welcome to WordPerfect Office X6

  1. Hugo Rossi says:

    I really miss a ribbon interface in WP X6! Those tiny little icons do not look good anymore, and I had the hope there would be an (optional) possibility to activate a ribbon interface in X6. Alas, this seems not to be the case!

  2. Kiwi-Di says:

    Can you tell us more about the WP for Android viewer? Are you going to create an app like the iPhone one? Thanks.

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  4. I like WordPerfect but I think Corel abandoned his other Corel Office suite. It must be at least 3 years it has not changed. Also why have introduced the ribbon in Corel Office but not in WordPerfect ?


    • Peter Hanschke says:

      Hi Vincent, Thank you for your comments. Corel Office was updated earlier this year …bug fixes and DropBox integration were the major updates. Selecting Tools -> Check for Updates will make sure you have the lasted version. As for the ribbon, through conversations with our WordPerfect user base the message was very clear to not make radical changes to the UI. The notion of offering such an interface as an option is intriguing, one that is worth considering, however it must not radically change the overall UI.



      • playing2012 says:

        I agree that changing the UI is not a good idea. Even Microsoft has decided to slowly go back to the old menu system. Have a look in Office 2010. Its UI is completely different from Office 2007; In fact the menu system of 2010 is slightly easier to follow intutively than in Office 2007.

        I still need to try WP X6 so I am not in a position to comment now.

  5. C. J. Moore says:

    Peter, today, several lawyers had a wake for our beloved Word Perfect after reading an in article, “We think that the PC is still the best platform for content production,” he contended. Smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, are well suited to “content consumption” from just about anywhere, according to Hanschke.” We’ve been loyal WP users for 20+ years; however, if the quote is correct, we will sadly have to switch, as, for 17 months, we’ve waited, hoped and prayed for Word Perfect content production for tablets. We will deeply miss Word Perfect; however, our confidence is shaken by Corel is demonstrating an unwillingness to make advancements to keep up with the times. The same article states, ” Similarly, Corel has no plans at present for a cloud-based, subscription-based online office suite along the lines of Microsoft’s Office 365 or the emerging IBM Docs…” {Notebook Review, April 26, 2012} Our confidence could be restored if Corel reconsiders and revises its current above positions. Thanks.

  6. Danny Weiss says:

    Regarding a “ribbon interface” I very strongly disagre with several of the other posters here. If Corel were to swtich to a “ribbon” I am not sure I would continue with future upgrades.

    Please, do not change the interface!!.


    • Hugo Rossi says:

      As I stated in my comment above, I like the ribbon interface and would like to see it in WordPerfect — BUT only as an option and alternative to the standard “legacy” UI that we are all used to.

  7. Dr. Georges S. Kaye says:

    UI alterations are still a moot point. But greater cloud and tablet support: yes indeed. Also do please resolve the deplorable arrangements wherein users can only spell-check in a single language. Within English documents I often must insert text in French which (as one can in Word) I subsequently need to spell-check, unavailingly.

  8. Peter says:

    I have been using both Wordperfect and Word for many years. Wordperfect is a far superior product, particuarly when it comes to such features as outlining, which is critical in the legal field. But the spell check feature in MS Word is faar superiror to Wordperefect. WWPD needs to invest some resources to vastly imporve its spell check program. Also, don;t change the interfacte. teh MS Word swithc to teh ribbon was ridiculous. No adsvantage, adn it took a long time to adapt to it. No need for the chagne.

  9. dlowrey says:

    I have used both WP and Word. I currently have Word 2010 installed and hundreds of hours in writing macros and setting up templates. Even so, it seems that I (and my employees) spend more time screwing around in Word to get the document formating correct; than actually drafting the document.

    Let me offer this suggestion. Most employer’s don’ care about e-publishing or making party invitations. Market to WP’s strength, efficient writing with less formatting headaches.

  10. Sheryl says:

    Mr. Hanschke: I am curious as to your reponse to CJ Moore’s post? Notwithstanding, I have an issue to which I would like to hear your comments. I was using an older version of your product. I bought a new printer and everything was okay. All of the sudden, I could not print. I contacted customer support for my printer and they said it could be as a result of a windows update. I wanted to contact your support, yet the reality is, there is none. So I did the WPX6 trial. It would print with my new printer, so I purchased the product on August 15, 2012. I downloaded the new version and from day one I received constant error messages regarding backup. Since I do not have time to spend hours on the phone with customer support, I dealt with it. However, now I have someone else using the computer and the problems increased, so I tried to contact customer support. Wait, there is none. Okay, I can buy support, but I did not have the product long enough in my opinion to pay. So I did the online support. I got a message saying it would take 12 hours before I would receive a response and asking me to buy support. I was not happy, but okay, 12 hours. I then get a response from the support person who says they will investigate and get back to me within 48 hours. 60 hours? Are you kidding me? So I try doing an update and now, I cannot even get into word perfect, yet I will have to wait days? I am an advocate for your program and not only do I use your product, but I have caused several firms to update their software from WP 5.0 and so forth to the newest version. I find it difficult after this experience to advocate as I have in the past and if I can’t get it to work, I may have to use Word. I hate Word, but at least it is working and I can get help, if needed. Ironically, I can get in touch with your sales people, but not support? Why? At the very least, the product should be supported for 60-90 days? I had no problem getting support from Canon, no charge because they want me to say great things about their product so I will tell my friends and buy again. Guess what, I have bought again, I presently have 3 Canon printers.

    • Malgosia Plucinska says:

      Hi Sheryl,

      We are very sorry to hear that you have had frustrating time using WordPerfect Office X6 and accessing our online Technical Support services.

      Based on our review of your case, we understand that unfortunately your copy of WordPerfect has not been registered in our system.
      Because of that, the online question submitted by you was classified under ‘post-warranty’ support which calls for “under 48-hour response time”. Typically, our Support team is able to provide initial response to Warranty-eligible customers in less than 3 hours, and to Non-Warranty customers in less than 24 hours. We have chosen to specify the maximum time window to account for any unusual high volume situations.

      In your case, the response was provided in 12 hours, and as we understand, the agent asked you to register your product. Unfortunately, we are unable to address technical support issues if the product is not registered in our database. We have now informed the Technical Support team and they have re-classified your case as Warranty. Hopefully, they will be able to reach you and help to resolve the problem shortly.

      We do very much appreciate your feedback regarding communication on our website and we will look into making adjustments to avoid any confusion in the future.

      Please be rest assured that quality of support offered to our customers is of utmost importance to us and we will do everything in our power to address any issues related to a supported version of our product as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.

      We value you as a loyal user of WordPerfect Office and hope that you will continue using this application successfully.

      Kind regards,

      Senior Director, Global Customer Experience

  11. Corel Office is based on Ability Office, which explains why it uses ribbon interface.
    As for Corel Wordperfect Office X6, I will give it a try now. Hope it is available in spanish (as X3 was), and should wait for X7 to have native x64 versions…

  12. Paul Cannon says:

    I have used WordPerect for many years. In fact when WordStar folded I hen began using WP. To me, it is far superior to Word and I have both. I hate the ribbon interface in Word. I have bought every version of WordPerfect. I upgraded to X6 to have the epub ability but find very little instructions on how to use that feature. Thanks

  13. Carson says:

    Like many users, I have been with Wordperfect for many years–I started using it back in the mid 1980s. To me, it is still superior to all of the other offerings out there. However, I have to agree with other commentators that Corel’s policy of not developing Wordperfect for other platforms, particularly for the tablet and smartphone markets, indicates that they are severely out-of-touch with modern working practices. Simply put, the modern worker needs to have their wordprocessor of choice integrated across a range of platforms. If Corel cannot produce a product for the customer which meets their working needs, then they will continue to lose their customer base. Frankly, I cannot imagine that it would be difficult to write a Wordperfect programme for operating systems such as Linux and Android. If Corel wants to keep its customers, then it should bring to market as quickly as possible Wordperfect for tablets and smartphones. By the way, that Wordperfect viewer is nothing to crow about. If I cannot edit my files, I don’t really need to look at them in Wordperfect. I can read them in pdf, html, or whatever.

    • Sumdumdame@aol.com says:

      <> Amen!! We have stayed with Word Perfect because we greatly prefer it, in the hope that Peter and all of Corel will re-think their position, and make it possible to “produce” Word Perfect documents across platforms. When we read Peter’s quote last year, it was a sad day, recognizing if Corel doesn’t become more aligned with technological advancements, it is the death knell for Word Perfect.

      • Brian says:

        I agree. We just got a new computer with Windows 8. It’s giving us all kinds of problems and I’m so ready for Linux. The only thing holding me back is how much I rely on WordPerfect – and CorelDraw. But, that free Open Office Suite is starting to look more appealing. Not nearly WP, but I could get away from Windows. I’ve been a faithful WordPerct user since version 5.1. Please stick with me, Corel!

  14. wishladya says:

    I just installed my WordPerfect x6 on my new Windows 8 and its driving me nuts. First it wouldn’t let me save anything! It says I have to have Administrative permission! I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR! I am a keyboard typist I hate using the mouse for everything. I type 140 plus per minute and it is driving me nuts. None of the old F keys work to do anything! How do I get it to work? I can’t save anything, I can’t print an envelope, I can’t save any of the work I need saved! I am setting up my old Dell laptop in the dining room so I can run over there to type letters and save them and print envelopes. I have paid work to do and I don’t have time for this nonsense! I’ve been using WordPerfect since 1982 when the law office where I worked saw me using an old word processor to do merge forms. When he saw how fast I could turn out work using my own invented merge forms, he got us WP training and the whole office got computers. I’ve been happy with WP ever since until Corel began changing everything! Why change something that works. If you’re going to change the F keys, at least provide the keyboard typers with a cheat sheet so we know how to access the former key codes to accomplish a chore! I DON’T WANT TO USE THE MOUSE! IT SLOWS ME DOWN. In the meantime, is there anywhere that has this information? Where can I get it fast!????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter Hanschke says:

      Hi There,

      This sounds like it may be a problem with Windows 8 compatibility – first thing you can do is install the latest service packs, especially SP1. It is specifically focused on Windows 8 compatibility. You can find all of the patches and updates for WordPerfect X6 here: http://bit.ly/11RuHbw

      If you are still having issues saving and with getting the hotkeys to cooperate after installing those updates, let us know and we would be happy to get you in touch with a technician!


  15. wishladya says:

    ps: I DETEST WORD! Why are all of the WP bars coming up with Word instead of WP. I want the old wordperfect bars that show me where things are. I use the “browser” bar in WP to look into all of the files on the entire computer and I can’t even find such a bar on this computer! I also really like the open window where when you type a word you can get all of the variations of that word’s meanings in a drop down. Now I’m just trying to find what I’m looking for. PPS Does anybody read this and reply who knows what they’re doing?

  16. wishladya says:

    How about a Corel WordPerfect x6 for Dummies! You’d sell a load of them! Maybe even get new customers for the program! Why did you change so many things? “If it ain’t broke leave it alone!” I try to sell everyone in the law office on it, but it’s hard to teach it to new people who would rather use Word when I can’t even use the WordPerfect format right anymore.

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