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Shoot now, AfterShot later

Hi, my name is Joao Bettencourt and I am a semi tech geek who does Quality Assurance for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. I got involved with photography many, many moons ago as a way to meet girls (yep, that worked very … Continue reading

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The Corel World # 8: The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

This past weekend the smell of both spring and nerd was in the air here in Ottawa (incidentally, it turns out that nerd smells a lot like B.O, Cheetos and unwashed Storm Trooper armor). The reason, of course, was the … Continue reading

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Spring clean your old photos with PaintShop Pro

Three years ago a terrible thing happened. I dropped my portable hard drive and lost a bunch of my photos. I was devastated because I hadn’t gotten around to backing them up and learned a very painful lesson about the … Continue reading

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The Corel World # 7: Viva la eBook Revolution!

A long time ago, in the dark days when MC Hammer pants were still considered fashionable, cellphones were the size of cinder blocks and Steve Urkel ruled the Earth with an iron fist, people did this really insane thing: they … Continue reading

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