Create & Redecorate with CorelDRAW X6

Hello everyone! Now that the long winter months are behind us, let’s embrace the warm weather and freshen up our surroundings! After all, what feels better than organizing and re-decorating a familiar space? So if your living room makes you yawn, maybe there’s something you can do to make it more fabulous!

I recently designed a room that was in need of some TLC. I’m used to designing spaces with graphics, signage, and murals, but actually designing an entire room including furniture selection and placement is a whole other ballgame.

My first step was to create an inspiration board. Have you ever done one of these? I would love to see it! I created mine by collecting images and laying them out in CorelDRAW X6. It was great to use CorelDRAW X6 because I could eyedrop the colors and create a color palette. Here is what my inspiration board looked like:

My next step was to source Ikea furniture online and lay it out as a room plan. Again, I turned to CorelDRAW for help. I measured the room and created a diagram where one inch was equal to one foot. This way I could place the furniture to the correct size and ensure it would fit. Here’s how my diagram turned out:

After this, I took a quick trip to Ikea to find the furniture. Four hours later I left with a single cushion! I guess I’m exaggerating a little… after the endless rows of incorrectly labelled merchandise, I did manage to find most of the items I needed within my budget.

With help from friends, the furniture was moved in and set-up with very few feuds and no burning of Ikea instruction manuals. The room is now a fun, creative place to hang-out and it was a great challenge to re-create a space.

Have you redecorated a room recently or found some new décor inspiration? Maybe a hot new paint color? Let me know, I always enjoy hearing the latest! Cheers.

About Chantal MacDonald

Chantal has recently joined the Corel team as a Senior Graphic Designer. She serves as a lead designer on design projects, developing and producing creative design concepts for Corel communications, marketing, packaging and promotional materials. Chantal is a self-described design and typography nerd, creative thinker and Starbucks addict.
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