The Rising Stars 2012 Art Competition is on!

Do you have a passion for painting or want to carve out a career as an artist? Then enter this year’s ImagineFX Rising Stars art competition and change your life!

Corel Painter is proud to be the premiere sponsor of this year’s art contest, but we’re also thrilled to let you know that entry is open to both digital and traditional artists, from anywhere in the world and of any age. If you happen to be a digital artist, you may use any software you like to create your portfolio. The only requirement is to select a category and submit your five strongest pieces of art directly to ImagineFX by midnight Oct. 15, 2012.

What’s so exciting about this competition for us is that it will offer the opportunity to support, inspire and uncover up-and-coming artists, while learning more about their creative process. This is a great way to tap into artist needs and then use that information to make Corel Painter an even more powerful digital art studio.

The prizes!

There’s over $30,000 worth of prizes to be won by the 10 overall winners – two winners to be chosen from each category by ImagineFX and the star panel of judges. Plus, the winners will be featured in issue 90 of ImagineFX (on sale 9 November in the UK, and three weeks later in the US and overseas).

The five categories are:

Master Artist sponsored by Corel Painter

This is Painter’s very own category! The only criteria for entry are that your digital art must be painted exclusively in Corel Painter – the rest is up to you. If you want to send in a broader range of examples of your art, unhindered by the restrictions of the other categories below, then Master Artist is the choice for you.

As a unique award, the two Master Artist category winners will be named new Painter Masters and we look forward to working alongside them to champion their work!

Dazzle the star judges with a five-piece portfolio that really varies in technique and style, by making the most of Painter’s unique natural media tools. Find inspiration from existing Painter Masters’ and artists’ tutorials and videos.

Lovebot - Toby Trebelja

Last year’s Rising Stars winner, Tobi Trebelja impressed with his mix of
environment, vehicle and character art using Corel Painter.

Video Game Art

Whether you’ve got a passion for video game concept art or you’ve got a fresh angle on your favourite games franchise’s characters, select your best five game art pieces and enter this group.

Entries for this category can cover a range of subject matter, environments to characters, or really hone in on particular strengths. Your art will be seen by the best in the business. Lead concept artist at NCsoft’s ArenaNet Kekai Kotaki says, “For concept art geared to games I want to see a variety. I like composition and storytelling in a piece. It should be captivating enough so that I don’t need to be told what’s going on right off the bat.”

Dragon of Doom - Tim Jessell

Dragon of Doom, by Tim Jessell

Environment Painting

If you have a soft spot for conveying striking environments, or worlds that the viewer instantly wants to inhabit, this is the category for you.

Fantasy or sci-fi, photo manipulation or striking speed painting, traditional, digital or mixed media – we want to see original environments that will impress. Senior VFX Art Director at ILM Christian Alzmann will be judging your work.

Babylon - Weiye Yin

Babylon, by Weiye Yin


Want to paint book covers and card art? Then enter the Illustration category. Your portfolio should be packed with impressive, narrative-driven art. Paintings geared for cards, book covers, posters, commercial illustration and any fully realized narrative image is the name of the game here. As an art director for a sci-fi and fantasy imprint, judge Lou Anders wants to see “compositions that embody a sense of narrative, that capture a moment and invite the viewer to speculate on the moment before and the moment after.”

The Duel - Manuel Sanz

The Duel, by Manuel Sanz

Comic Art

Comic cover concepts, fully finished pages of panels and dynamic manga are what the Comic Art category is all about. Industry giants such Marvel’s creative and creator development main man CB Cebulski will be viewing your work! “The main thing I look for in an artist’s portfolio is storytelling over style. Even in pin-ups or cover illustrations, there should be a story told in that single image.”

High Above NYC - Doug Sirois

High Above NYC, by Doug Sirois

Enter now and make a name for yourself in an area that you want to shine. We would love to hear about your progress via social media channels so be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Tanya Lux

Tanya Lux is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Corel's Digital Arts products including Painter, ParticleShop and Painter Essentials. Working remotely from Chicago, IL during her more than 10 years at Corel, customer interaction has been the key to keeping a pulse on the needs of the market.
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2 Responses to The Rising Stars 2012 Art Competition is on!

  1. nsir malik says:

    Just superb & brilliantly inspiring!
    I have been art teacher/ Administrator/ Princippal & have put in 45 years. Now I am retired. With limited rather meager pension can only dream about latest version of Corel Painter! But do hope Corel will, one day, consider helpping a poor educationist!!!

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