Traveling with PaintShop Pro

I’m writing this blog post on a plane back to Ottawa, returning from a 10-day trip to Germany, England and Amsterdam. We’ve been giving reporters, software reviewers and media in Europe and the UK a sneak peak of the new PaintShop Pro X5.

I decided to document my trip with photos, so you can share my “mildly censored” trip 🙂

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a very low threshold for excitement. If I’m even the least bit keen and excited, I’ll have a ridiculous grin on my face and laugh loudly (and possibly obnoxiously) at just about everything – especially at my own stupid jokes (please don’t judge me). If I’m busy and distracted, well, I still tend to laugh a lot and say many silly things, so my excitement and enthusiasm is really just a measure of my general volume.

This trip has been amazing for at least three reasons:

  1. Meeting more of my incredible colleagues in UK and Europe. Hugs and sarcastic quips to all!
  2. Visiting countries I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime. Holland – you are beautiful and charming! Germany – you are spirited and inspiring! England – you are cheeky and make me feel like I’m at home! Thanks to all of you for showing me such a good time 🙂
  3. Most importantly – I’ve been privileged to represent all the passionate, dedicated, and incredibly hardworking people (both coworkers and customers) who have devoted thousands of hours to building the strongest, most creative and exciting version of PaintShop Pro ever made.

I could tell you all about the new features and improvements we’ve included, but I had to stop counting at 85. Some you’ll notice right away, like being able to map your photos on a real-world Google map, or being able to use the new Find People scanner to help you recognize and tag your friends and link them to your Facebook or Flickr account. Other things like the added support for 16-bit editing on 57 more effects, the new Instant Effects palette, Single and Black & White HDR features, Retro Lab and support for Adobe Photoshop brushes will really get your creative juices flowing.

I’m a big proponent of “kicking the tires” and trying something out for yourself, so go ahead and download the full trial version and be sure to check out the built-in tutorial videos and free downloadable content from the Corel Guide. Hint: it pops up automatically when you first launch PSP, but you can always open it from the Help menu.

Give it a whirl and Share YOUR trip with us! We’d love to see what where you take PaintShop Pro!

About Evelyn Watts

I’ve spent over 12 years in the software industry, with the last 6 years as a Product Specialist and Field Services Manager for Corel. This requires the ability to learn quickly, travel a lot, speak in front of hundreds of people and essentially be a software jockey and corporate ambassador. Recently I’ve become the Global Product Marketing Manager for a product I’ve loved for many years.
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11 Responses to Traveling with PaintShop Pro

  1. Matthew says:

    The Corel guide annoyingly opens every third time you open the program as well. I hope that gets changed as it’s already very very old and tiring to deal with. Especially if I am watching a video and open PSP. (I confess, I’m a multi-tasker) The Corel guide video starts playing at the same time ruining my experience if I’m not fast enough to close it.

    Otherwise the program is stable, most of the changes are in areas I don’t use or have any need for so I’m less excited than most. Can’t please everyone. XD And there are certain aspects that are not bad but do annoy me. (limited docking)

    Otherwise the program is excellent, it continues to offer better and better support for things. The return of larger image sizes (20,000 pixel limit so double what X4 had) is a definite plus. The new watercolor art-media brush is fun to play with. I do enjoy some of the creative collection brushes. There have been improvements to speed. Layer styles are finally easier to use for people like myself who need to know exact values. It really is a great release.

    But I’m already looking forward to the next one to see what is brought to the table. (Better vector functions and support? *crosses fingers*)

    • Evelyn Watts says:

      Thanks, Matt! Glad you’re enjoying some of the new features. Thanks for the feedback on the Corel Guide. I’ll be sure to discuss with the team how we can improve the experience. Considering it’s my voice on that video, it’s weird even to me that I hear myself when I fire up PSP.

  2. Glad Corel is maintaining PSP & not dropping it in favor of Photo Paint. PSP does many things and easier than PP. Specifically the crop to selection is so easy compared to masking.

  3. Sunday yomi says:

    I we be glad 2 get mre information on dis group

  4. Dave Butler says:

    1. Does PSP X5 includes Kai Power Tools (KPT)?
    2. Is there any kind of auto-painting functionality?
    3. Does it open Canon’s CR2 Raw files for the D60?
    4. What are the software’s strengths compared to Photoshop Elements 9/10

    • Evelyn Watts says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for checking out the blog! In response to your questions…

      Does PSP X5 includes Kai Power Tools (KPT)?
      Yes. Launch PSPX5 and log into the Corel Guide (it should pop up when you first launch PSP, but can also be accessed from the Help menu). This gives you access to the video tutorials and free downloadable content, which includes KPT plugins.

      Is there any kind of auto-painting functionality?
      There are a number of artistic image effects that will give you a “painted” look, but you may enjoy trying out the Art Media brushes. My favourite is the new Watercolor brush. Open a photo and add a new raster layer, then select an Art Media tool (the last button on the toolbox) and check “Trace” in the options palette. Now when you paint with that brush it will use the colors already in your photo. PSP also gives you extensive brush controls for those using a pressure-sensitive pen and tablet device like the Wacom Bamboo or Intuos. For even more realistic painting tools, you may want to check out Painter or even Painter’s little sister, Paint It!

      Does it open Canon’s CR2 Raw files for the D60?
      Yes it does. You can see a full list of supported cameras here. Keep in mind that this list includes the additional cameras supported in Service Pack 1 that is now available.

      What are the software’s strengths compared to Photoshop Elements 9/10
      PSP offers more advanced features and functionality than Elements, including things like vector layers and pen tools, more layer styles, web graphic tools for image slicing and hotspotting, scripting and automation tools, art media tools, warping and distortion controls, etc. PSP is designed to go as far as you do so that you can grow with the software rather than out of it. To top it off, PSP is also compatible with over 50 other image formats, include PSD files.

      – Evelyn

  5. brianmoura says:

    Are there plans for a Windows 8 “Metro style” edition of Paint Shop Pro? That would be very handy for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices coming out at the end of October.

    • Greg Wood says:

      The new Metro — now referred to by Microsoft as “Windows Store apps” — interface opens a whole bunch of interesting new opportunities for software devs like Corel—its much better suited to touch and mobile user scenarios, and we have number of cool new things in the hopper that we’re almost ready to talk about. In terms of PaintShop Pro, you’ll definitely see this on Windows 8. In fact, the new PaintShop Pro X5 is already optimized for Windows 8, and X4, when patched with Service Pack 2, is good to go as well. There will be Windows Store App-style tiles to find and launch PSP — but in terms of a “Metro”-style interface per se, expect PSP to retain its traditional look in the immediate time frame.

      While Windows Store App are getting lots of Windows users and devs excited, under the covers, many apps will continue to retain their own interface styles and operate in their own way, mirroring the the new interface style (or not) depending on what’s right for them and their users. We’re big fans of Windows 8, and we’re watching how users respond to Windows Store Apps carefully, so we can continue to enhance PaintShop Pro as the Windows platform evolves.

      Thanks for the question!
      Greg Wood

  6. Deb Jordan says:

    I am liking PSPX5 so far. Had to upgrade because of new Windows 8 pc. I do have a problem. I don’t know if it is Win8 or PSPX5. I can’t use fonts in PSP unless they are installed in the Window Font file. Sure was nice with the older versions to be able to use fonts in PSP that were not installed in the Windows font file. Keeps the Windows clutter down. I tried downloading The Font Thing but it isn’t compatible with Windows 8. Hope you have some help for me. Thanks…Great blog by the way.

    • Evelyn Watts says:

      Hi Deb,

      Thanks so much for the feedback and we’re very happy to hear that you’re a fan of PaintShop.

      It appears that you already posted similar concern on the PaintShop Pro Facebook page. In order to use a particular font in PaintShop Pro X5, you’ll need to first install it in the Windows 8 font folder. To do this, right-click on the font, then install. This will also allow other programs on your PC to access this font.

      In regards to “The Font Thing” not being compatible with Windows 8, you may want to contact the group or individual who created the font to see if they have an updated font that’s compatible with Windows 8.

      Hope this helps. If you have any other questions about X5 please feel free to post them to our Corel PaintShop Pro Facebook page – there are many seasoned users who are active on the page and always happy to help as well as our very knowledgeable customer support staff.

  7. Didier Rousseau says:

    I agree that the guide feature is really boring.
    For Heaven’s sake issue a patch to remove it as fast as possible.
    E.G. add an option so that the guys who want it cant turn it on, but leave it off by defalut.

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