An Inside Look at the Inspiration Behind Painter

by Mike Thompson, Painter Master

There’s no doubt that Corel Painter is one of our most creative and awe-inspiring products. So any time we get a chance to swap stories and share our expertise on Painter, we jump on it! Recently, we had the opportunity to welcome Erez Zukerman of MakeUseOf to our Ottawa headquarters to talk about digital painting and the inspiration behind Painter.

We were also joined by Painter Master, Greg Banning, who shared his perspective on digital illustration and how he started using Painter over 13 years ago. It’s amazing how a couple hours of lively discussion can really get your creative mind going!

To follow more about the inspiration behind Painter, read Erez’s full article: Is Software Good Enough? Visiting Corel to Find Out How Digital Artists Are Born

Are you a digital artist? We’d love to hear your story.

About Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell is a Public Relations Specialist leading communications for Corel’s mobile apps. As a grad of McGill, she started her PR career in New York, but recently moved to Ottawa where she enjoys the simpler life of cooking like Martha Stewart, snowboarding and discovering the latest apps.
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