Subscription: A new choice for CorelDRAW users

Most of us are familiar with subscriptions in one way or another, whether it be a subscription to a cable TV provider or even something as a simple as a subscription to your local newspaper. At its most basic level, subscription is really just a way of ensuring that, as consumers, we always receive the latest version of whatever it is we’re buying and usually it represents a better deal than buying one at a time.

So it’s not too surprising that subscription has also become a powerful new way for software companies to offer more choice and flexibility to customers. After all, there are some incredible changes going on right now driven by the rapid adoption of web services, mobile devices, social media and new forms of technology connecting desktop apps to web and cloud-based content, which makes having the latest version more and more important.

It is with these advantages in mind, that we at Corel are offering subscription to CorelDRAW users. So what exactly is the new CorelDRAW Subscription program? In a nutshell, it means offering our customers an additional way to purchase and use CorelDRAW. Currently, when you buy CorelDRAW, you receive what’s referred to in the software business as a “perpetual license copy” meaning that whether you bought your software as a physical retail copy or downloaded it from our website, it’s yours to keep. However, if you do want the latest functionality and updates, you will need to upgrade to the latest version.

Subscription on the other hand, allows our users to purchase a product on an annual or monthly basis. Your version of CorelDRAW works the same as if you bought it off a store shelf or downloaded it from our e-store; you install the software on your computer. Think of it as essentially “renting” the software for a period of time.

So why subscribe? Well, for starters the advantage of a subscription means a substantially lower upfront cost for new CorelDRAW users. It also means more flexibility when it comes to how and when you choose to use CorelDRAW-something that will be particularly useful to our many business users.

More importantly though, for both new and existing CorelDRAW users, being a part of our subscription program means always having the latest version of our software. In fact, as a subscriber, you’re automatically entitled to the most current version of CorelDRAW for as long as your subscription is active. That’s a huge benefit to our users, given that in today’s rapidly evolving world, staying current means staying competitive.

Of course, upfront cost benefits and ensuring you have the latest version of CorelDRAW are just two great reasons to become a CorelDRAW subscriber. There’s also the added benefit of being a part of our new CorelDRAW Membership program, which offers our customers exclusive cloud-based content to expand on the CorelDRAW creative design experience. (You can learn a little bit more about CorelDRAW Membership in a recent video put together by Senior Product Manager John Falsetto, or by going to

Subscription is just one part of Corel’s new push towards offering our users more choice. Unlike other software developers, we don’t want our customers to be forced to choose just one way to use our products. Subscription isn’t necessarily going to be for everyone and if you’re happy to continue purchasing CorelDRAW from your nearest retailer or download it from our website, that’s great too. We’ll continue to offer that option. Subscribing to CorelDRAW really is all about catering to how our customers want to use our software, and it’s just part of the many ways we’re working to connect with our users and help our users to connect with one another.

I’m extremely excited about the new CorelDRAW Subscription program and hope you’ll take some time to learn more about it. You can find out more information by visiting our website. I’d also love to hear from you and what you think about CorelDRAW and our subscription program. Post a comment below and share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and keep on DRAWing!


About Nick Davies

As Senior Vice President and GM, Graphics & Productivity, Mr. Davies is responsible for Corel’s graphics and office productivity business.
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37 Responses to Subscription: A new choice for CorelDRAW users

  1. wtin jalanugraha says:

    How I would do anything to convince Corel to revive Ventura Publisher..

    • Nick Davies says:

      At this stage, we haven’t made any announcements regarding future versions of Ventura. We continue to review our product portfolio, market conditions and, of course, user requirements on a regular basis to drive our decisions about product development. It’s always important to hear what our customers want, so thank you for reaching out. I will pass your note on to the Product team.


      • Wtin Jalanugraha says:

        Dear Mr. Davies,

        Thank you for your quick reply. There is nothing like Ventura Publisher. Microsoft Word (and even highly regarded Corel WordPerfect) cannot even compare themselves to what Ventura Publisher can do when it comes to the powerful tagging. With one click, anything that is tagged can be changed globally. To do anything like that in a word processor program – it might as well be retyped all over again. To change from one column to two, it takes just a few clicks. Do that with other programs and you might as well spend the rest of the night formatting.

        The program has so much potential even where it is now. Tried to switch to Adobe Framemaker (and even gave Adobe Indesign a try) was like swallowing acid. Indesign, as powerful as it is, like other Adobe programs, is difficult to use. Menu and buttons make little sense.

        At least please make it fully compatible with Windows 7 64 bit and make the PDF export work with Postscript type 1 fonts. (Turn around is to use Corel PDF Fusion.)

        Lastly, a serious bug in Ventura that has been around since version 8 or so – place the cursor on bottom of a page, move it to the next paragraph, hit back space a few times to close the gap (between paragraphs), program crashes. It is not due to the graphic driver (current driver is used). Happens in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions).

        I think the program sort of disappeared because it was not marketed properly. The program can do * so * much. Its integration with Corel Draw (it can import CDR files) is terrific. If it’s not going to get a major upgrade, please provide a bug fix.

        Another bug – in Windows 7, sorting (in index), A and a are not grouped together. I read somewhere that it’s a Windows bug (what else is new..)

        THANK YOU!

        Wtin Jalanugraha

      • We ran two XP computers with Ventura 8, replaced one computer with Windows 7 + Ventura 10. Then replaced the other computer and found…. Ventura 10 upgrade no longer available! We are a fine-press book publisher and really care about the standard of our typesetting. We have tried alternatives but Ventura works better for us. The V10 upgrade license appears to be for just one machine – but we need to use two. So what do we do?



      • Well here it is in July 2014 and we’ll still barking up the same tree – Corel seems uninterested in reintroducing the best DTP program ever developed. I finally updated to v10 from v8 a few years ago and I still use it daily on a Win7 64bit system. How can they not see the viability of this program – it could be the go to program for so many – it just needs to be updated correctly. It’s Database publishing side could be a perfect compliment to the huge blogging / WordPress market.
        Hope Corel will eventually see the light or that a white knight would take it over as open source and do it right – maybe one of the new Google multi millionairs! We can dream can’t we!

      • Wtin says:

        Dear Mr. Wilson,

        When Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP, I understood their reasons. Having switched to Windows 7 (and now 8 and 8.1), I have learned to live with it.

        On the other hand, Corel virtually gave up on Ventura Publisher. The two bugs (program crashing when the cursor is placed somewhere close to the bottom of the page – click back space a few times, it dies), and another is it can’t PDF output with Postscript fonts with Windows 7 (and beyond) – the turn around is to use Corel’s own PDF Fusion program (cheap and it works great) are not even being patched.

        No other programs out there, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Indesign, and even Corel WordPerfect is close to Ventura Publisher. They keep updating WordPerfect and yes, I tired X7 or whatever the version is, and still, it is merely a word processor. Try to format the whole document – forget it. What else has paragraph / frame tags that work so well (and easy) like VP? Indesign is difficult to use. It takes longer to get around to do anything. Those who swear by it can keep it along with the rent-a-program that Adobe is doing, too.

        Since it’s long forgotten, and I hate to actually say this, because Corel doesn’t even care anyway what happens to it, I’d say the heck with them and install it on two computers.

        All they have to do is merge its feature with Corel Draw and I’ll buy it tomorrow. (Yes, I use Corel Draw from time to time, and have even tried to use the current one – and no, it is not a DPT.)

        I wish it had been marketed correctly. I am sure I can speak for others who are using it, too.

    • Sandy says:

      Ditto. Please don’t let this wonderful product (Corel Ventura) die. Pleasse!!!!!

      • Sandy says:

        You can have a look at what other loyalists think about Corel Ventura at :

  2. I hate it when Adobe did this and now I hate it that you have followed suit. I have been a Corel licensed user since 3.0. I guess my last version is what I will live with from now on. You can keep your subscription based model. Subscription based model == Greed.

    • Nick Davies says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Subscription is just one new option – we have no plans to stop delivering perpetual license (box) or download versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Our goal is to give our users more choice. We’ve done a significant amount of research on this and many users, like you, prefer to stick with their box or download software purchases. We recognize that there are also many others who want the option to subscribe, so we are focused on providing flexible options that let you choose.


  3. Andy says:

    It’s so great that CorelDraw is moving to such greater heights throughout the years. I just wished it was produced for Mac as well. I now use Illustrator on a Mac but will forever love CorelDraw. If it will be produced for Mac in the future, that would really make my day.

  4. tony says:

    Mr Nick, please get a foot into any ventura forum to get an idea of the need of it by his powerusers (ventura evangelists). Ventura is still the best DTP application around. Indesign 6 is not as fast or powerfull as ventura (still) is.

  5. Eddie Warren says:

    For me, it will depend on how rhis new subscription model affects your product pricing.

    • Nick Davies says:

      Hi Eddie,

      Our new subscription model is designed to offer more flexible pricing to our customers. The cost to subscribe month over month or year over year offers benefits for some customers because it prevents the need for a higher upfront payment. Subscription also provides the opportunity (if purchased monthly) to effectively rent the software on a shorter term basis, if you only need it for a limited time. For other customers, purchasing the product in the traditional way (either a Full or Upgrade version) will remain the right choice. For us at Corel, we just want to provide choice, flexibility and options to suit all of our customers’ needs.


  6. wtin jalanugraha says:

    So sorry to have gone off the subject of Corel Draw subscription, but dear Mr. Davies, I found this link that should interest you about Ventura Publisher. It still has a lot of fans out there.

    There is nothing like it. Adobe Indesign is not flexible and is not a good tool to use for long documents. Ventura Publisher is a perfect combination of desktop publishing and word processing. Its tagging function saves hundreds of hours of work that no word processing programs can do. With it, there is no need to go over the document from page 1 to 1,000 (or more, as it’s a great program to work on long document) – to reformat. Change the formatting a paragraph that is tagged “body text” and everything in the document that is tagged with the same name changes. Other programs may have caught up – but Ventura Publisher is still a speed king.

    Please submit this idea to the product team. I will pay whatever you charge to upgrade the program to the next version.

    p.s. I beta tested version 8 and 10.

    • Nick Davies says:

      Thanks for being such a loyal Corel user! While we fully understand the unique qualities of Ventura, we will continue to review our entire product portfolio based on market conditions, user demands and future opportunities.

  7. I am a current Adobe CS subscription user. I chose to go that way because I could install any program they offered onto my computer. I am happy with it and the pricing…so far. I have paid thousands of dollars on Adobe products.

    As far as CoreDraw goes, I have been using it since ver. 1.0. I have also paid thousands of dollars on CorelDraw. Can I please have a subscription for free? I think I have earned it! I am currently using X5 and I’m happy with it. It is still my main tool for creating logos, etc. I have to use Illustrator for many things, but it is still very frustrating since I have used CorelDraw for so many years. I don’t have a need for a subscription for Draw. It would not make financial sense since I will only buy a version of Draw every two or three years.

    Ventura Publisher… my old friend… you have changed so much. I also used Xerox Ventura Publisher ver. 1 in the GEM environment. Ventura was KING! I did everything from 200+ page manuals to simple flyers and everything inbetween on Ventura. Their ability to create Styles was so far ahead of everything else. I used it through version 5, I think. I am sorry to say that Corel ruined it when it first got a hold of it. At that point there was nothing else that could perform like Ventura. I used Quark, FrameMaker, PageMaker and am currently an InDesign user. I miss Ventura, but haven’t used it for years. For those, above, who claim that InDesign can’t do what Ventura does, do not know how to use the program. Yes, it has a somewhat steep learning curnve—every program does now because of the vast amount of functionality that they cram into every program. Ventura had an extremely steep learning curve when it first came out. That was its most criticized aspect, that it was SO HARD to learn. I learned it, mastered it and created everything under the sun with it. Now I do the same with InDesign. It has paragraph styles, character styles, and so much that allow you to create some of the most interesting documents and more. I know. I do it every day, all day. It is a tool, just as CorelDraw, Illustrator and Photoshop, all of which I use on a daily basis. Corel could make a killing if they revived Ventura and made it a seamless part of the Draw suite, much like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop work together. That would give something for Adobe to worry about!

    • Nick Davies says:


      Thank you for your note and thank you for being a long time CorelDRAW user. Nick passed your note along to me, as I’m the Senior Director of Product Management for Graphics.

      As mentionned earlier, we wanted to provide our users choice when it comes to getting access to the latest versions for CorelDRAW. As a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 user, you are eligible to purchase the upgrade of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 at a much reduced price and get access to the new typography and color styles engines which will be very useful when creating logos.

      Once on X6, you will have the choice to add a Premium Membership that will provide you with even more content, early access to new features and upgrades to new major releases as long as you have a valid Premium Membership. Do you want to get a taste of what is coming with the X6.2 update before the end of 2012 for Premium Members? Check out my blog at

      If you prefer, you can subscribe to CorelDRAW and always be up-to-date, getting the benefits of both the latest version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite as well as the full Premium Membership benefits as long as you remain a subscriber.


      • sondzin says:

        Nick, it is good to see someone from Adobe on here, but what I see from your responses, you are giving some information, but mostly you are just trying to sell more product to people who already own your products. In my case, you basically ignore the fact that I said I would not go the route of subscription with Draw, but you still make the suggestion that that is something for me to look at. Do you think we don’t know about that which we already use?

        Again, we appreciate the information that you can bring to a forum such as this, but stop trying to sell with every post! Be our advocate and work to get Ventura updated and re-introduced into the stream, since, if you are reading this forum, that is what so many are asking for! Be our crusader that takes the suggestions and gripes and turns them into wins for Corel and their customers!


      • sondzin says:

        In my first line I meant Corel, not Adobe! So, so sorry!!

  8. Rolf Pinke says:

    since 1989 I make my living with Ventura – EVERY day for hours – making my computer life very comfortable in writing handbooks for machines. I have tested Adobe programs and use MS Word, but I am missing many features and the reliability of Ventura.
    I would love to buy a current version of Ventura along with DRAW, both as German version, just to be compatible with my customers. It should be able to output PDF along with foreign font types, e. g. cyrillic.

    • Nick Davies says:

      Thank you very much for your interest in Corel software.

      The latest version of CorelDRAW has full Unicode support as well as advanced OpenType functionality, e.g. you will be able to with the German version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 and create documents with Cyrilic characters. Why don’t you try it for yourself by downloading the free trial from Regarding Ventura, we haven’t made any announcements regarding a new version at this time.


      • Rolf Pinke says:

        Hello Nick,
        I got Draw8 and I doubt that X6 will satisfy my needs and habits:
        In Ventura 10 I’m producing manuals with up to 200 pages and 200 pictures and some Draw8 files in 11 chapters. To generate a new book, I copy some books into a new directory. There I swap *.chp, *.jpg, *. cdr, *.rtf as needed and add new information.
        The layout remains the same. RTF files are sent to the translator (some European languages, Russian is planned).
        Even files from VP5 get converted with almost no problems. I convert files from VP5 via VP8 to VP10. They all run under Win-XP.
        The best is when it comes to archiving: Ventura will archive only those files that are used!! Who else can?

      • wtin says:

        I love Corel Ventura 10. I have used the program since its “birth” – then being called Ventura Software – and later, Xerox Ventura Publisher. I loved what Corel did to version 5, and even where it is now (version 10) – it can do so much and I use it on a daily basis. The program is easy to use. I tried Adobe Indesign and it takes too many steps to do a simple task. Adobe FrameMaker is powerful, but is a pain to use. I don’t understand how WordPerfect gets updated on a yearly basis (and service pack comes out every other month..) and as good as it is, (because I have tried it) – nothing in the world has the powerful paragraph tag function that is so easy to use like Ventura. Please please please bring it back!!!

      • sondzin says:

        wtin, I have to agree with you regarding Ventura’s power. Having used it from version 1, up to ver 6, I couldn’t imagine using anything else. In fact I tried Quark, quickly abandoned it and used no other page layout program and starting using just CorelDraw to do EVERYTHING, including large documents up to 36 pages—that was the largest I did in Draw. Nothing did what Vetura did. I had FrameMaker because I was using that in a techwriting job I had and we used it in Unix and on Windows.

        However, I started using InDesign about 6 years ago and I love it. It DOES do a lot of what I experienced in Ventura. I do many documents where I employ paragraph tags, charater tags, generate TOC, etc. Much of what I did in Ventura is easily done in InDesign. Like Ventura, there is a learning curve. So, yes, InDesign can do it, but I also understand the longing to have the product we grew up on and know that it is has the power to do what we want. I, too, think Corel should expend the effort to do it!!

      • wtin says:

        Dear Sondzin,

        Thank you for your input. I wanted to mention that Indesign reminded me of Adobe Pagemaker. I could not get over the concept of not seeing a blank page (in Indesign) and having to draw a frame (to fill in the text), and having to worry about page 2 and so on.

        I realize it also has the base frame (I can’t remember what it is called), but Ventura is easy to use after the learning curve. It’s like a good word processing program that you can start typing right away (and nowadays I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking so I talk instead) but with excellent control when it comes formatting. I love its style sheet function – the second document can look identical as the first one is by applying the stylesheet. Try that with Word or WordPerfect.

        I do have Word and have looked at WordPefect but I could not get over the fact that it doesn’t have the paragraph tags. With a few clicks, everything that is tagged a certain way in Ventura is changed. That can’t be done in simple word processing program. As old as version 10 is, I just can’t walk away from it. I did find out that running it in Widows 7 64-bit, the output to PDF (with Postscript fonts) stopped working, but I found a solution in Corel PDF Fusion program (thank you, Corel!) so everything is working again.. but it would be so nice to have the program upgraded because it has so much potential.

        I am a computer user that started out with MicroPro WordStar. If I were still running DOS, I believe I’d still be using it!

        Thank you again for your input. I think Corel doesn’t know what to do with Ventura Publisher and it was forgotten. It really is a shame because it can do so much.

  9. Adrian says:

    If Corel is serious about taking a chunk of Adobe’s business now they’ve gone to a subscription-only model (as the Corel homepage suggests), you need to have a viable option to InDesign. I’ve used both Corel and Adobe products in commercial pre-press production for over 20 years and still believe Ventura to be the best page-layout application ever released.
    Please don’t assume you can stick a “page-layout” tag on CorelDraw and hope to convince designers/pre-press staff that its a viable alternative to InDesign – It isn’t. If you ever needed justification to resurrect Ventura – this is it.
    I sincerely hope Corel doesn’t miss the boat on this one…
    Pre-press/Graphic Design

    • sondzin says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I use Ventura for many, many years from ver. 1 to ver. 6. It went from awesome to junk and then it got better, but I had moved on by then. I use InDesign in my daily design/publishing work. However, I still use CorelDraw for vector stuff when starting a logo, etc. Always has been far easier to use than AI. If you want to challenge Adobe (fighting Goliath!!) you would need to bring Ventura up to some level of InDesign standard. Otherwise, you’ll just keep floating below the surface!

      • wtin says:

        My message to Corel posted a while ago (when this tread started) begging them to revive Corel Ventura was promptly deleted. I’m sure yours will be in due course (an hour?)

        It’s really a shame. Nothing is like Ventura Publisher. I still use it daily. It was never marketed correctly and no one knew what it was unless they had been using it back in the Xerox days (I have been a user since version 1. It’s one of the easiest DPT program to use (not very easy to learn, but it was worth the time spent). Indesign is horrible – You have to go through so many menus, for example, to turn on the optical alignment!

      • Absolutely love Ventura – use it daily and have been since late 90’s.Can still open stuff I did in 1998 with v4? When they wrote that software they did it right – not many programs with the capability of Ventura 10 that can open a file written with a v4 from 15 or 16 years ago – that’s what I call backward compatibility!
        Corel are crazy not to have this updated and out there.
        My 2 cents.

      • sondzin says:

        Again, I still disagree with you regarding InDesign since I use it on a daily basis and find it a great tool. Corel’s problem for Draw was that they never went cross-platform, except for ver. 8. It would have definitley rivaled Illustrator if they had done that. Bad choice. Likewise for Ventura. Back when it began, with Xerox, it didn’t really matter, but it should have. There wasn’t a vision for this and the aspect of crosss-platform marketing. When they spun it off to Ventura Software and the introduction of Ver 3 on Windows, it should have started right there. It should have been both PC and Mac. When Corel took over, it went downhill and disappeared in the Canadian wasteland as far as a mainstream tool. Yes, we all agree it was a great program. No denying that, but the marketing and the lack of cross-platform killed it. At least I believe that is one aspect of it’s demise in the eyes of mainstream DTP people. It’s a shame, to be sure!

  10. wtin says:

    Corel could merge Ventura and Draw so it will be one hell of a program. Draw isn’t suiteable for more than one page document like what Ventura can do.

  11. Gina Longo says:

    I’d love to tell this is the best idea any software company has come up with, trouble is I have been subscribing for over a year and suddenly when i made
    Payment this month it refused to re activate I have now paid more than once and have had no notification from Corel and my prpgram still reads as expired and there is no one I can contact the support line is “too” busy and there is no other way to contact anyone who will assist with this and if there is I can’t seem to find it and I need my program for work and this is now gone from convenient and affordable to a real pain and a costly one at that! Disappointing

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi Gina,

      I’m so sorry for the trouble. I’ve sent your information to our Support team, who will follow up with you shortly.

      Thank you,

  12. Mike D says:

    The people at Corel hit the nail on the head. Finally a company that cares what users like (or don’t like), giving them a CHOICE is saying “hey we know subscription isn’t for everyone so it’s up to you”. A very classy move on Corels part in my opinion. I’m not a fan of subscriptions, yes they have their advantages, but I’m a fan of owning something outright and not losing it if I can’t make a payment for a couple of months. I’m actually making the switch from Adobe to Corel. Again my hats off to you Corel for catering to and not forcing users into something thats not right for everyone.

  13. Al says:

    None of this matters if you pay for a subscription, your product doesn’t activate and you can’t get in touch with anyone to fix it. I’m not a basic user, I’ve searched the knowledge base, rebooted the PC (just to check), my account says “active” but the software says “please renew”. No code provided nor any place in the account or in the package itself to type one. Help is circular and frustrating (apparently even if you pay for it) and after becoming an expert CorelDraw issue researcher you realise your not the only one and your dismayed to see the subscription renewal / activation issue has been around since 2014, numerous posts on Corel Community and no actual solution available anywhere. How is it possible such a large organisation could allow this to happen. If Corel people are excellent and competent then this problem must be by design. I’m so disappointed and without options that I’ve posted here after stumbling upon the article while looking for a solution. Hopefully someone important reads this and doesn’t want negative publicity and can affect positive action…

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