Your New Home for Learning and Inspiration

My name is Daniel Sherwin. I’m a relatively new member of the Corel team and I am responsible for engaging with Corel customers via social media channels to address any customer service, support or product usage enquiries. I’m writing this blog post today to tell you about a very exciting new initiative that we are working on – the Discovery Center.

The Discovery Center is a new home for Corel’s learning resources. We have two main goals: first, teach people how to use their Corel products. Our programs have a lot of different tools, and not everyone knows how to use every tool. Maybe you’ve been using PaintShop Pro for years, but never really understood how to use HDR Merge. Or maybe you just bought CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and you’re not sure where to start given the wide variety of tools this program has to offer. The Discovery Center is a place where you can go to access video learning tutorials as well as step-by-step written instructions, to make it as easy as possible to put our lessons into action.

The second focus we have for the Discovery Center is to inspire you by showing cool, creative outputs that you can create using your Corel products. Perhaps it never occurred to you to design a Facebook banner with CorelDRAW, or you were too intimidated to try using custom filters on your home videos. We want the Discovery Center to be more than a place to go when you can’t figure something out – we want it to be somewhere you can go to be inspired by great ideas of new creative photo, video or graphics outputs that you never knew could be produced.

At the moment, the Discovery Center is still in Beta; we’re learning how to make the best tutorials, choose the most interesting topics, and create the most value for our customers. On that note, I would encourage you all to check it out – and provide us with some feedback by filling out the survey. We would love to know what works and what doesn’t, or if there are any topics that you would really like to see covered, so we can continue to improve.


About Daniel Sherwin

I work on the Customer Service and Support team, monitoring our social media channels and helping out with the Discovery Center. In my spare time, I like running, playing basketball, and reading philosophy.
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4 Responses to Your New Home for Learning and Inspiration

  1. Kursad Cakir says:

    Corel provides some free webinars to users. I follow CorelDRAW webinars and they are very useful and they provide by the CorelDRAW Masters… The recorded webinars can be in Discovery Center. The videos are very professional.

  2. zacochieng' says:

    Being one of the users, hope this will help me more…thanks

  3. Sara Shepherd says:

    I’ve just got the latest version of PSP, the learning Tutorials build in are more overviews and advertisements than a how to and for the life of me I am finding it extremely hard to find learning resources. Where as you can find Photoshop application in very photography magazine and there was 20 different books on CS6, went I went into Democks yesterday.

    Where can I get printed or DVD learning resources for Corel, or at least put together a magazine and I will subscribe. With the magazine ( something similar to the corel painter mag) have a introduction to the layout and various tools then have lessons that use each tool or a selection of tools to do a particular tutorial and have each tutorial cover a subject and once you have completed these you should have a great understanding of the program and uses.

    While the discovery centre is a great step forward, it need more content and the ability to purchase or download this content, as sometimes you tube doesn’t show enough detail if you wish to play it on a bigger screen. I would prefer a book and DVD and I would purchase this. Intellectual property doesn’t have to be an issue as the more learning content out there the more people will purchase corel software., now seems to be outdated content and doesn’t seem to be supported by Corel any longer.

    Thanks for the watermarking tutorial.
    Sara Shepherd

    • Daniel Sherwin says:

      Hi Sara,

      Thank you for this great feedback! We are always looking for more ways to provide valuable content to our users. You have exactly identified why we needed the Discovery Center in the first place – to help users like you get up and running. It’s very helpful to hear your suggestions about what kind of content you would be interested in purchasing. We are working on setting up a structured downloadable learning course and we will invite you to be a Beta user as soon as we have a draft ready – please let us know if you’re interested.

      In the meantime, the quickest and easiest way to get the kind of training you are looking for might be to subscribe to an Introductory training session to get you started. One of our in-house PSP experts will walk you through everything you need to know. Also, feel free to check out other learning resources here.

      Thank you again for your feedback, and I hope you enjoy getting to know PSP!


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