Run for your lives! It’s… Black Friday!

Every year around this time, the moon is swallowed in darkness, an ill-wind howls through empty shopping mall parking lots and the employees of the world’s big box stores load their pricing guns, strap on their name tags and whisper a silent prayer to the Gods of Retail. Yes, I speak of the day known only as… Black Friday! [Insert ominous thunder and lightning effects here.]

If for some reason you’ve never heard of Black Friday before, please feel free to come out from under your rock sometime – it’s pretty awesome out here. Yes, Black Friday is of course the name given to the day following Thanksgiving in the U.S., which effectively kick starts the holiday shopping season. This year, Black Friday falls of Nov. 23rd and most major retailers will be open at the butt crack of dawn to offer their wares. If you’re willing to brave the long lines of bargain hungry shoppers and aren’t afraid to take a few elbows to the face once the spending frenzy begins, you can actually snag some pretty awesome deals. I’ve actually been through a few Black Friday lines myself in the past and walked away with both a black eye and a Tickle Me Elmo (NOTE TO BLACK FRIDAY BARGAIN HUNTERS: watch out for the little old ladies, they may look innocent, but some of them have an incredibly mean left hook.)

Here at Corel, you’ll be happy to know we’ve got a ton of Black Friday deals planned. And thanks to the magic of the interwebs, you don’t actually have to wait in line at 3 a.m. freezing your jubblies off to snag some of our sweet merch.

What kind of deals, you might be asking? Well, the good people in our eCommerce department would electronically beat me with an inch of my e-Life if I didn’t mention that if you live in Canada or the US you can save up to 65% on Corel products*.

*Sorry, rest of the world. Don’t be mad. We still love you. In fact, if you’re shopping online in the UK, Germany, France or Australia, you can enjoy savings of up to 50% on top Corel products.

Yup, we’ve got some pretty solid deals planned. Of course, if you’re as geeky as me, you’re probably more excited about Cyber Monday. If you haven’t heard of Cyber Monday before, no, it’s not the day when the internet gains sentience and unleashes a horde of evil robots to enslave humanity (that’s Cyborg Tuesday and is probably not going to happen for at least a few more years). No, Cyber Monday is of course when online retailers offer their own exclusive discounts to electronic bargain hunters. Think of it as the delicious online cherry to the chocolate fudge sundae that is Black Friday. You’ll be happy to know that Corel also has some additional super-secret deals planned for Cyber Monday. I could tell you what they are, but I’d have to kill you, so for both our sakes, it’s probably best if you just check out our website for more details.

In the meantime, with the start of the holiday shopping season only a few days away, it’s time to prepare yourself for the mental and physical challenges ahead. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming. Let the madness… BEGIN!

Are there are any Black Friday deals that you’re looking forward to? Any deals you wish we’d offer on Corel products? Post a comment below and let us know!

About Adam Volk

My name is Adam and I'm a copywriter with Corel’s Marketing Department. In a past life, I've been employed as a book editor, journalist and video game screenwriter. I enjoy reading, biking and cheesy 80s action movies. I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that I am a massive nerd.
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