CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6.2 is Here!

Hello again!

Today is a really exciting day, as we just released our latest update to the X6 version of our flagship graphics product, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, X6.2. What makes X6.2 particularly cool is that for the first time, our CorelDRAW Premium Members will get exclusive access to product features – not just fixes and enhancements, but new functionality! Normally, these features wouldn’t be released until our next major version, but being a Premium Member has its privileges!

Here’s an example of what our Premium Members can expect to enjoy in X6.2:

  • Enhanced Alignment and Dynamic Guides and Guidelines Docker
  • Enhanced Color Styles and Harmonies
  • Real Time Previewing of styles and style sets
  • PHOTO-PAINT Alignment Guides and Guidelines Docker
  • More Premium Digital Content in the cloud!

For those who already have a free CorelDRAW Standard Membership, X6.2 still provides the latest and greatest performance and stability improvements. If you’re not familiar with CorelDRAW Membership, click here to find out more. It will allow you to take your CorelDRAW experience to a whole new level!

I really hope you enjoy the new features and enhancements included with X6.2, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. As always, a great place to get additional information, as well as bounce ideas off fellow designers and Corel employees, is at our community site.

Thanks for reading!


About John Falsetto

John Falsetto is the Senior Product Manager for the CorelDRAW family of products. His responsibilities include global product launches, product lifecycle management, as well as ensuring that CorelDRAW products meet the needs of users throughout the world. John joined Corel in 2006 and works at the corporate headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.
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8 Responses to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6.2 is Here!

  1. Lovel Corel X6.2 update..

  2. playing2012 says:

    Where is the patch for standard members? Is there a link somewhere? I have X6 (version but can’t get this patch by doing: Help >> Updates.

    What is the trick this time in this new release?


    • John Falsetto says:

      There is no need for a patch to become a standard member as version X6.1 is already installed. You will need to sign-in from the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Help menu. In order to get the X6.2 update, you will then need to be signed-in to CorelDRAW X6.1 and check for updates or alternatively, download it here.


      • Peter Busch says:

        I can not sign-in from the Help menu behind a proxy. The downloaded update file wil not be installed!

  3. Joachim Albrecht says:

    Hi from Germany,

    now Corel is on the track of Adobe. So, why hassle with Corel (having to justify to myself and to my customers for not using Adobe products) and using Adobes Cloud in the first place.

    I think the Premium Membership is a wrong way to keep customers happy. Ups, I forgot, you have to keep the accountants happy. I am really upset, because we paid in full for the software. And now we are just second-grade-customers…

    • John Falsetto says:

      With the introduction of memberships, Corel is providing choice to CorelDRAW users. You can continue to purchase a perpetual license of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite the same way as with every previous version and will be able to upgrade to the next major release if you so wish. The free standard membership provides access to the latest fixes (what we used to call Service Packs and was available for free to registered customers in previous versions), plus you get access to the online content library so that you don’t have to keep the DVD in the drive (this is new). CorelDRAW customers have the choice to sign up for Premium Membership, which is new for this release, and includes exclusive premium content, early access to new features as well as upgrades to thee next major releases when we release them. In summary, in addition to the options available in the past, we are adding more choice.


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  5. dwicky says:

    where i can get coreldraw graphic suit x6 content pack sir

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