What I Learned in a Nutshell at CES 2013


CES has come and gone and I was one of the lucky ones who attended (for the second time). This year, with no product launches to promote, my experience was quite different than the last. Instead of the usual show and tell, I was there to watch and learn.

My primary purpose for going to Vegas this year was for the PMA@CES conference. I was there to rub elbows with those in the photography industry (from all capacities), gather content ideas and uncover potential opportunities for our company.

What did I see and learn at the PMA sessions? Lots, but rather than bore you with business related discoveries and “aha” moments I’ve decided to keep it light by filling you in on what I learned in my one (yes only one) action packed day at CES. So here goes…

What I learned at CES:

  • I learned that you need more than one day at CES
  • I learned that even I, the girl who only has a flat screen TV because it came free with her bed, was gobsmacked by the new Ultra HD TVs (FYI – LG’s had the nicest picture, in my humble opinion)
  • Speaking of TVs, I learned that curved panel TVs are on their way to a home near you as proven by Samsung’s OLED curved TV (in case you’re wondering, no, that’s not me in the picture my phone’s picture quality wasn’t the greatest)
  • With that said – I learned that I need to upgrade my phone
  • I learned that cameras can now do everything a phone does…except make a phone call
  • On that note – I learned the new expression “smart phone, dumb camera” (not sure the photo enthusiast will appreciate that one, however that did seem to be a “theme” at PMA)
  • I learned that there’s no escaping the tablet. The coolest one I saw – the Razer Edge for gamers. With the right accessory it turns into a giant Gameboy & it hooks up to your TV for BIG SCREEN PC gaming! Going to be a big hit with gamers if you ask me
  • I learned that I cannot wait for the invention of teleportation because getting back to the hotel from LVCC is an adventure all in of its –i.e. lines, waiting, more lines, more waiting
  • I learned that I am not claustrophobic, nor have a fear of crowds, very important when attending a show of over 150k attendees. Things are tight!
  • I learned that the key to being a good editor is being a good listener (ok learned that at PMA too, but I think it’s a gem)
  • I learned that AMD knows how to put on a good show, demonstrated by their SurRound House exhibit. I had to remind myself that I was not in fact at Universal Studios, but in a room, in a tent, outside of the LVCC
  • I learned that we’re now officially, or thisclose, to living in a world of technology once only known to the likes of Tony Stark (yes, Iron Man) thanks to the new eye tracking device from Tobii – you can use your eyes as the mouse pointer!
  • And lastly, I learned that sleep and comfortable shoes are essential while fighting your way through the CES show floors

Well that about sums up what I learned in a day at CES. I wish I saw more, but as I said, one day is really not enough to take it all in. Next year if I get to go again I’ll do things differently – three days at the show, sneakers and will just throw down a sleeping bag in AMD’s tent.

I have a question for you that might help me plan better next year – if you only had one day at the over stimulating, overwhelming craziness that is CES, what would be on your “must see” list?

About Sara Chesiuk

Sara Chesiuk is a PR Manager leading communications for Corel’s Digital Media portfolio. Moving from a background in hospitality PR to software has been quite the shift, but in the end Sara believes that people are people, PR is about connecting, and Social Media makes the world go round. Sara’s PR strategies and tactics are based on 3 key principals: act now, apologize later, be loud and proud, and if you Tweet it they will come.
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