The Top Tech Trends of 2013

Unless you own a Harry Potter-style crystal ball or a DeLorean (with prerequisite time
travelling flux capacitor) chances are the future is pretty difficult to predict. That’s doubly
true when it comes to technology, which tends to change faster than a Facebook status

Prediction: Time-travelling DeLoreans are going to be huuuuge in 2013.

Prediction: Time-travelling DeLoreans are going to be huuuuge in 2013.

Working here at Corel, I think we’ve done a pretty solid job of keeping up (and even
staying ahead of) many of the technological trends that hit in 2012. And the months
ahead are looking to be more of the same, with Corel continuing to work with major
technological trends as well as carve out a few of our. Of course, one of the other great
things about working here is that I often get the chance to speak with people who are a
lot smarter than me and have their ears to the ground when it comes to new trends. It’s
interesting to see not only what might be hitting the industry in 2013, but some of the
things that are currently in the works here at Corel. With that in mind, I give you…

The Top 5 Tech Trends of 2013

1.) Mobile Markets

This is a bit of a no-brainer, with 2012 already a banner year for mobile technology.
That being said, it looks like 2013 is set to explode when it comes to the use of
smartphones and tablets. According to some recent estimates, the amount of internet
traffic over mobile networks is expected to increase by a whopping 84% this year,
marking even more of a fundamental shift in the way consumers work and play.

Corel actually has a number of mobile apps already available, including Designs for
the Windows Apps Store and apps such as Cinco for Painter for the iPad, plus even
more apps that will be rolling out in the months ahead. Turns out that smartphones and tablets aren’t just for Angry Birds anymore!

2.) Ultra HD (4K) Video

Just when you thought TV sets couldn’t get any more awesome, the world had to go
ahead and create new Ultra HD (also known as 4K) technology. Initial Ultra High-
Definition 4K TV sets are pretty pricy, but those costs are expected to go down as
more and more consumers learn about 4K technology. In the meantime, you can start
drooling over ViewSonic’s recently unveiled 84″ inch Ultra HD television with interactive
touch display. We’re talking an aspect ratio of at least 16 × 9 and at least one digital
input capable of carrying and presenting native video at a minimum resolution of 3,840
× 2,160 pixels. Translation: pictures on your TV are gonna look real purdy. Corel has
some plans in the works on how to integrate Ultra HD into our software, so keep an eye
out in the next few months!

Look out, ladies! That giant 4K iguana is coming right at you!

Look out, ladies! That giant 4K iguana is coming right at you!

3.) 3D Printing

When most people think of 3D technology, the first thing they probably visualize is
James Cameron’s Avatar. But with new 3D printing technology currently entering the
market, a bunch of dorky, giant blue-skinned aliens are nothing compared to the ability
reproduce three-dimensional objects in your own home.

So how does it work? Simply put a 3D printer means more than just working with paper.
Instead one of these bad boys can create items from a variety of substances, including:
fiberglass, steel, aluminum and even titanium, adding one layer at a time to create a
perfect recreation of a 3D model. That means with a 3D printer and enough resources,
you could conceivably produce a spare part for nearly any man-made object. In fact, the
technology is already in use in the fields of industrial design and the medical industries,
with a recent Dutch architect even announcing plans to build an entire house using a 3D

With new 3D printers finally reaching the consumer market, 2013 looks like just
the tip of the iceberg for this new tech trend. And guess what? Corel programs like
CorelDRAW and CorelCAD actually let you work with 3D models, which means if you
have enough cash to shell out for a 3D printer (and the materials you’ll need) you can
actually bring whatever object you can imagine from your computer screen to reality.
Mind = blown!

Formlabs upcoming Form 1 printer in action

Formlabs upcoming Form 1 printer in action

4.) Cloud Computing

Like mobile markets, this trend might also seem obvious. But 2013 looks to be a
hallmark year for cloud computing. More and more companies and users are switching
to cloud-based computing as a way to ensure they never lose any data and have
whatever resources they need at their fingers tips.

In fact, you might have already experienced this if you’re an iPhone user (with the
automated iCloud backup system), or an Xbox user (with the ability to save your games
directly into Microsoft’s cloud). Additional programs like Dropbox also offer cloud-based
alternatives for sharing and saving.

Corel currently has Corel CONNECT, which offers entirely cloud-based content for
CorelDRAW users and is available now if you sign up for a CorelDRAW Membership!
Boo yaa!

5.) The Internet of Things

The internet of things (or IoT) for short, is essentially a new way of describing how
we can connect physical objects with the internet. At its basic level, it’s something as
simple as using a Starbucks app on your iPhone to pay for your coffee, to things such
as scannable QR codes on objects, and the Nest Thermostat, which lets you control the
temperature of your house from your smartphone, tablet of PC.

This year, a variety of new consumer electronics items are being unveiled, with
everything from touchscreen refrigerators to LED bulbs with built in speakers. Simply
put, it means more and more of the world is going to be interactive, as technology and
the objects around us become connected. Expect to see some of our upcoming Corel
products delve into the Internet of Things as well. Technology: isn’t it awesome?

Are there any tech trends you think will be making it big in 2013? Post a link below and
let us know!

About Adam Volk

My name is Adam and I'm a copywriter with Corel’s Marketing Department. In a past life, I've been employed as a book editor, journalist and video game screenwriter. I enjoy reading, biking and cheesy 80s action movies. I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that I am a massive nerd.
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1 Response to The Top Tech Trends of 2013

  1. Thats quite impressive info and list you put up Adam. I havent done any 3D printing myself yet. Would love the challenge to create something like that. But it is truly great that CorelDRAW and CorelCAD is capable of it. Being a user as you know of CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint and Corel CONNECT, I can only say that Corel have made a wonderful work with its software – again! As a user I bow and say thanks 🙂

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