Get more performance on your Mac with Painter 12.2, Service Pack 1 Update

Today, the Corel Painter team released a free service pack that is available through its notification system, and on This patch includes several documented bug fixes and performance optimizations for both Mac and Windows.

The patch includes a specific performance optimization option for 64-bit Mac systems that have traditional SATA hard drives. Because Painter 12 for Mac is a 32-bit application, and the 64-bit version is still in progress, our team wanted to deliver this service pack as a sign of good faith and to let you know the Mac platform is equally important to us.

So what does the Mac performance optimization option deliver? The option, which is called the Mac Memory Manager, lets you take advantage of more your system’s available RAM. It also lets you control how much of your system’s RAM you want to designate to Painter. When you install the service pack, the Memory Manager is ENABLED. For information about configuring the Memory Manager, please refer to the Read Me.

You should notice dramatic performance improvements when:

  1. working with large documents with several layers;
  2. working with large clone sources;
  3. copying and pasting objects between (or across) many open files;
  4. working with large documents and documents that contain many clone sources.

Since standard 32-bit software applications can access only 2 GB of available memory, the software moves information out of RAM and onto the hard disk to complete tasks (such as switching or moving layers). As you may have witnessed, this process, referred to as caching, slows down the software.

The Memory Manager bypasses the caching process and, ultimately, speeds up your work.

If you do not allocate enough memory in the Painter performance preferences, you should not expect considerable performance gains. In addition, if you have other applications running at the same time, the Memory Manager will only use the RAM that is available.

Check out these two comments from users that participated in pre-release testing.

“Hi Corel.  I finally was able to play with the last Painter Beta. I made a 300 pip file 15×25″ in size. I had 42 layer with 1/3 raster, 1/3 watercolor, and 1/3 liquid ink. I tried to keep going until it crashed but it never did. I think it was a good workout. Everything rendered very quickly and with no glitches at all. The final file was 120 MB.”

Marcia Fasy

“Hi Painter Team.  Just wanted to give you some quick thumbs up feedback. I am having good results using the newest build SP1 on MacPro for a complex collage project. Thus far I have experienced fast responsivity working with a 220 MB file, 6000 px x 2000 px, with 17 layers, while another 17 images are also open in Painter . I’ll keep you posted if I experience any slow downs as the file grows. So far very impressed at the handling of large files with this build.”

Jeremy Sutton

To download the Painter 12.2 service pack update, please check for updates within Painter, or click over to our support page to learn more.

Please let us know your experience with this patch on The Painter Factory.

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3 Responses to Get more performance on your Mac with Painter 12.2, Service Pack 1 Update

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  2. richokun says:

    I installed this update last night and today, I have noticed a huge performance improvement – especially in using oils which used to be slow. Very well done Corel!!!! Thank you

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