Take a leap into painting in air

Jeremy Leap Painting

“Wow!” That’s the first word that came to mind when I first experienced Leap painting. This is something you absolutely have to experience first-hand! Leap painting — the act of painting on a digital canvas by moving your hands and fingers in the air above the Leap Motion device with Corel Painter Freestyle on your computer — is amazing to experience, and wonderful as a way to expand your creative possibilities. This is not just an incremental improvement in a paint medium or art tool. This is truly a dramatic paradigm shift that will revolutionize the way we create and interact with the computer.

The jump from using a tablet to paint to using Leap Motion with Painter Freestyle is on par with the difference between going from typing instructions on a computer to control pixels, to using a mouse to paint, and subsequently the difference between using a mouse versus using a pressure-sensitive tablet. In the annals of computer and digital art history, 2013 will be looked at as the year of Leap Motion!

Jeremy Leap Painting

As I paint with Painter Freestyle and the Leap Motion device, I feel at times as if I am dancing, and at other times as if I am conducting an orchestra. It starts to make the process of painting a very musical, whole body experience — perfect for performance. The seamless Leap painting experience makes the process of digital painting all the more attractive and accessible to people — it’s simply so fun to Leap paint!

On a practical level, as a professional artist, I can make marks in Leap painting that simply wouldn’t exist otherwise with any other tools or media. For instance, the use of multi-strokes, essentially paint coming out of our fingertips — something that could only have been dreamt of previously. I am finding my live portraits naturally flow differently when I paint them with Leap painting versus using a tablet. I also feel a sense of freedom as I Leap paint — the movement of my hands in three dimensions to paint feels more like sculpting my subjects than merely painting them.

Jeremy Leap Painting-02-1200-_MG_4554

To summarize: Leap Motion and Painter Freestyle are AMAZING!

See it in action:

About Jeremy Sutton

I am an artist, author, educator, Corel Painter Master and Photographic Craftsman who has used Painter since soon after its launch 20 years ago. I work across multiple media, blending the beauty, quality and texture of analog media with the spontaneity, power and versatility of digital art tools in creating expressive contemporary portraiture. To learn more about Jeremy visit http://jeremysutton.com
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6 Responses to Take a leap into painting in air

  1. But will it be difficult, impossible or painful for those of us like me with physical diability issues who are disabled, partially disabled and/or motion-impaired?

    The video game industry with motion controllers and built in motion requirements for their games have left me unable to play *many* video games because of that and now I am concerned that digital painting access will be removed from my life as well if all the software becomes motion dependent.

    Dancing is wonderful if you have the ability. Everyone does not have the ability or full motion range and needs stylus to screen and clicking menus. Also, will it be confusing for people such as myself with cognitive disorders that are competent with the current usage of computers and software?

    I think it would be wonderful to use but I fear that I and many others will not be able to do so and that many disabled people will be technologied out of the possibility to participate in digital painting.

    • Tanya Lux says:

      Hello Barbara,

      We understand your concern and can assure you that Painter products, as you know and love them today, will continue to be available as desktop applications that can be used with a keyboard, mouse or tablet in addition to future versions of the full products being Leap Motion enabled. This will offer our customers a broad range of options with which to continue their painting endeavors in the way that is most comfortable to them. Painter Freestyle beta is the exception in that you will only be able to use motion gestures for painting. We are looking forward to receiving feedback regarding the experience so that when we do add Leap Motion functionality to the full products it is an enjoyable add-on experience for all.


  2. Andy Church says:

    Jeremy. Thank you for taking an early look at this technology alongside us. We are learning together and very much look forward to seeing more of your art enabled through our software, the Wacom tablet and now, your new Leap Motion device.

  3. Maria Bryant says:

    WOW! This looks amazing.

  4. Tony says:

    Perhaps another addition to the stable would be to utilise or intergrate the MYO arm band from the guys at http://www.getmyo.com
    Just had a look at it and the possibilities are endless here is a link to the video.

    • Tanya Lux says:

      We decided to partner with the perceived computer Gesture Control leader and will continue to keep our eye on evolving standards. We appreciate your feedback Tony!


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