Claudia Salguero Makes a Splash in the Big City

Photo 2013-03-09 5 57 39 PMLast week, Painter Master Claudia Salguero held two Vernisages, one in New York City and one in Chelsea, QC. for her exhibit Downtown Aluminum. The exhibit is open at Broadway Gallery from March 8-31, 2013. I managed to catch her up in Chelsea for the exhibit.

Busy Downtown Sao Paulo I

Downtown Aluminum captures the aspects of a city’s downtown core. In her words, she feels “that a downtown is a whole organism in itself and we are all part of it. We circulate in it like particles charged with energy (positive or negative as we choose) and in order to function we interact with objects like concrete, cars, buildings, light poles, hydrants and signs.”

Encuentro en Manhattan

The images are printed on aluminum, a medium that Claudia says “completes this materialistic idea of becoming part of the city, its energy, its urban rush.” I have to admit, I was smitten with her Time Square image. I hope I get a deal on it!

Kengsington Market, Toronto

To learn more about Claudia Salguero and her work, check out her website.

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