How to break through the dreaded creative block

We’ve all been there. You sit down to start a project, and you can’t come up with anything. It can be during brainstorming, writing, drawing, editing or any stage of your work. You can’t find that creative spark that puts your thoughts into practice. It’s ok! There are ways to work around these creative blocks.

Do your research:

Some people believe that a creative block doesn’t happen by chance, but it is in fact a result of not having enough information. If you are a writer, writer’s block might occur because you do not know enough about the subject to write fluidly.

Before you start a project, research everything you possibly can about the subject. Organize your ideas and thoughts into something physical like a mood board or thought tree. Look at online forums, like those found on, to see how others have tackled projects like this. Prepare all the information in advance and teach yourself everything. From there you should be able to start your work with a bang!


Online forums are a great source of information to help you start a project.

Take a break:

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how much you love your job, we all need a break sometimes. If you force yourself to work for too long, eventually your brain will not function properly and you could suffer from burnout. So before you send yourself over the proverbial mental cliff, take a break.

Step away from your workspace and clear your mind; grab a coffee with a friend, go for lunch or take your dog for a walk. Do something other than work! When you come back, your mind will be refreshed, allowing you to be more productive and creative.


This part is simple: Do some sort of physical exercise. I’m not saying you have to go to the gym and bench press 300 lbs., unless that is something you like to do. It can be as simple as going for a walk or a run. If you love to cycle, go for a bike ride. If you love to play hockey, go play road hockey with your friends. I don’t care what anyone says, you are never too old for road hockey!

Exercise does so much good for the body and mind. We, as humans, are built to move. We function optimally when we have moved around in some way. When we don’t exercise, we shut down physically and mentally, resulting in a creative block. Exercise also releases endorphins, elevating your mood. After some movement, you will think clearly, be happy and work efficiently.

There are so many ways to break through creative blocks, these are just a few. What are some tactics you use to unlock your creativity? Share yours in the comments below.

About Michaela Schreiter

Michaela is a Public Relations Specialist at Corel. She works with the CorelDRAW, Painter and WordPerfect teams on generating awareness and engagement for all products.
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