How to stay productive on the go

We live in a fast-paced world. It’s hard to get work done when you have to be in six different locations in one day. Luckily, technology helps us stay productive while we’re out and about. Here is what you need to get work done on the go:

The Right Gear:

Before you can accomplish anything while away from your desk, you need the right hardware. Tablets are your best bet. When was the last time you saw someone bust out their laptop on the bus? If you want to get work done on the run, get your hands on a tablet!

Tablet You don’t want to buy just any tablet. While small and mobile, they can be expensive. There are so many options on the market: iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Windows Surface being the most popular. Find the one that works for you, based on your needs and goals.

Personally, I use an iPad. As a social media professional, I need to access social networking sites easily and on the go. The iPad allows me to do this and has an easy-to-navigate interface. However, I use a PC, so toggling between Windows and iOS isn’t always easy.

The Right Apps:

Now that you own a handy-dandy tablet, it’s time to download the apps that will help you get work done. Most app stores, like the Windows Store, categorize apps based on function, making it easy to find apps that will benefit you the most.

If you are a designer, for example, our Designs app will help you stay productive and find inspiration no matter where you are. You can search and save images from a variety of galleries, including:, iStockphoto, fotolia and Flickr. You can then access these images from other devices whenever you need them. To see other Corel apps, check out our mobile apps page.

The Right Atmosphere:

Finally, you can have all the gadgets, apps and gizmos in the world, but if you are not in the right atmosphere, productivity can falter. Think about where you function at your best: At a coffee shop, on the bus, in a quiet place, in a noisy place, outside, inside… you get the idea.

Wherever it is, get yourself in a space where you can think and work efficiently. It’s not always easy to work at the office or at home, but we can always find a place where we work at our best.

So with the right tools, and the right mindset, you can stay productive no matter where you are!

Where do you function at your best: At the office or on the go? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

About Michaela Schreiter

Michaela is a Public Relations Specialist at Corel. She works with the CorelDRAW, Painter and WordPerfect teams on generating awareness and engagement for all products.
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