Corel is all about giving users choice

As you’ve probably noticed, big changes are underway in the high-tech industry at large, and more specifically in the graphics software world. Earlier this week, Adobe announced that it will discontinue the boxed version of Creative Suite and move exclusively to a subscription-based model (AKA Creative Cloud). This means that going forward, the only way to keep up-to-date with the latest offering from Adobe will be by paying monthly fees. When you stop paying, your products will stop working. Looking at it from the outside, one could argue that it feels like forcing users down a specific path they might not be ready to go down.

At Corel, we strongly believe in giving users the choice to purchase your software the way you want. For many of you, we know that the preference is to purchase a box or download version of our products in what is called a “perpetual license”, i.e. in a way that gives you the right to use the product forever without having to pay anything extra. You then have the choice, if the new features and benefits make sense to you, to purchase and upgrade to a new version.

At the same time, we understand that some of you are looking for the flexibility to rent your software as needed, so you can reduce the capital costs for your businesses and have an operating expense that is much lower in the short term.

There isn’t one solution that will work for everyone, and we have different offerings for different products in our portfolio.

You have options!

To make it as easy as possible for you, our professional-level graphics package, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, is available to purchase as a box, an electronic download, through volume license or by subscription. If you choose to subscribe for no up-front cost, you simply choose a monthly or yearly fee to continue using the software as long as you need it.

There are differences between traditional box or download sales and the subscription model. The traditional software offering, where you buy a box and then wait a few years until the next major version is released to decide if you want to upgrade or not, has limitations when it comes to releasing smaller updates more frequently. Subscription does make it easier for us to deliver more regular updates, but there’s still a significant portion of users around the world who aren’t ready to rent their software. That’s why we’ve introduced our Membership program.

Not ready for subscription? We have an answer!

When you purchase your box or download version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, it comes with a Standard Membership at no additional cost. Standard Membership gives you access to the latest performance and stability enhancements, as well as unlimited access to a large content library of over 10,000 clipart images, 1,000 high-resolution stock photos and 1,000 fonts, for example.

For those who want the best of both worlds, we also offer Premium Membership where you get all the benefits of subscription, but you still own a perpetual license of the product.

For a yearly fee, Premium Membership adds to the Standard level by including regular feature updates to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, as well as exclusive high-quality content. In addition, Premium Members automatically get access to the next major version(s) of the suite. Yes, all Premium Members will be amongst the very first to get access to the latest version at no additional cost when Corel officially releases it. In other words, by adding a Premium Membership to your box / download version of CorelDRAW, you have the benefits of what you would get with a subscription (always up-to-date, exclusive content and more) combined with the perpetual usage right of the product you purchased.

What’s next?

For the foreseeable future, we will continue to sell the box version of Corel software in stores, through online partners and on our website – You can also purchase a full download version through our website and through selected channel partners. Both the box and the download version are perpetual licenses, i.e. they will never expire and you can keep using them forever (we do not commit to compatibility with future operating systems or hardware though).

And as stated above, you can add even more benefits to a box / download version by signing up for the CorelDRAW Premium Membership, for which a free trial is available to any Standard Member from within CorelDRAW / Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cost effective or short-term solution, you can subscribe to CorelDRAW on an annual or monthly basis (subscriptions are available from Corel or selected resellers). The choice is yours!

Give us a try!

If subscribing to software from Adobe is not your preferred choice, don’t cloud your judgment… give CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 a try. We do offer a 30-day free trial version, which includes extensive learning materials, and you can even set your workspace to the Illustrator mode to feel more at home.

Happy CorelDRAWing!

This post was originally published in Gérard’s blog on Find out more posts from Gérard in the CorelDRAW community.

About Gérard Métrailler

I am Corel’s Executive Vice President of Global Products, responsible for developing and maintaining worldwide product strategy across all of Corel's software brands including CorelDRAW, MindManager, ClearSlide and WinZip. Originally from Switzerland, I speak English, French and German. In my free time, you can find me enjoying his private pilot license, flying out of Ottawa's local Rockcliffe airport. All posts I do online (blogs, social networks, ...) are my own and don’t necessarily represent Corel’s positions, products, strategies or opinions.
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70 Responses to Corel is all about giving users choice

  1. When will you offer MAC version?

  2. scan300 says:

    Lovely sentiment, but you have no OS X version.

  3. Does this stance on subscriptions extend to VideoStudio?

  4. Dan says:

    Please develop the Mac version. Just bought Painter 12 yesterday and am moving away from Adobe as fast as I can. This is your opportunity, please grab it and save us from the Adobe greed mongers.

  5. I believe your suite is great, I have used it in the past, and the best alternative out there to Adobe products.

    However it is, as some responses already indicated, missing an OsX version for your core products (Corel, PaintShopPro, etc).

    I think it would be very beneficial for your company to start working on that, because Mac is the facto standard for many designers, photographers and artist in general. Switching to Windows is not an option, it will create a host of other issues we cant deal with, so I guess we have about 1 or 2 years to decide what the next software will be.

  6. After ADBE announcement this week and just like thousands of photographers, I will be migrating from PS CS6 to other products. I have downloaded PSP X5 and it seems a clear choice, except that is a but sluggish, something I attribute to the fact that is not a 64 bit app. When would PSP be ported to Win 64?

  7. antonio says:

    1) I am hoping for Mac versions of your software. Would love to ditch Adobe!
    2) Why isn’t Corel making more of an effort to grab market share from Adobe? It’s not often that you’re given a golden opportunity like this. Adobe has really pissed off a lot of its users. Time to be aggressive, Corel. You guys need to make more of a push to connect with disgruntled Adobe customers.

  8. Dennis HH says:

    I just started testing out paint shop Pro 6 and can say I’m quite impressed with its speed and functionality. A little difficult getting used to objects instead of layers and having a few problems with shortcut keys and missing capabilities like a histogram. There seems to be a very large change from paint shop Pro 4, will that stay this way and are you going to release a standalone version?

    • Greg Wood says:

      Hi Dennis,
      We’ll do our best to answer your question, but we need to clarify a little bit. PaintShop Pro “6” dates back to 1999—are you in fact testing our latest version, PaintShop Pro X5? If you can also please elaborate on where you are using objects instead of layers, that would help us too—X5 still supports layers (under the ‘edit’ tab)

  9. Richard Cardonna says:

    Yes i am outraged a adobe and will be seeking altetnatives.

    i understand that corel has purchased avid studio now called pinnacle ultimate.
    Avid studi was based on Liquids new code. Many of you might not be familias but Liquid was a kickass nlw that got purchased by avid and later eoled because it was competition to avid.
    Hope you guys develop pinnacle studio 16 ultimate which isrealy avid studio.

    Right now its very capable for events,weddings and ahort stuff it has many things similar to fcpx. So please develop it it has the code of a top pro nle.


  10. E.J. P. says:

    You need a Mac version and it needs to be compatible with plug-ins like the Nik suite and you will take serious share among photographers!

  11. Willem Mobach says:

    You guys have a golden opportunity here. I for one am going to try your software instead of the adobe workspace I have come to learn (and appreciate) over the years.

    Give people an incentive or discount to switch and be aggressive about this! I hate to switch and learn, but I feel forced by Adobe’s moves. Graphics suites tend you really lock you in, so switching does not happen often, if ever. Seize the moment.

  12. Glen says:

    Mac version please.

  13. Vlad Bieg says:

    Gérard, you are “responsible for the CorelDRAW family of products”, so: why are you unwilling or unable to make comments on formal Corel position regarding development of Mac version???

  14. George FS says:

    Read the post, got curious, then found out there’s no Mac version. I don’t know any creatives that *aren’t* Mac users – I’m sure there are – I just don’t know any.

    • tomtom says:

      i do know many graphics designers that were driven off mac platform while apple turned from powerpc to intel, and adobe was incredibly slow (and instable) to provide a working updated solution.
      it’s a fact that the windows platform combined with adobe products is more reliable at the moment … this means the programs still run more stable, they will run in further future (when apple decides to do the next twisty move that just “changes evvverythingg! hahahaha!”), and there are no limits compared to the mac versions within the suite programmes (same fonts, same file types, same output formats, same color management, better file management).

      i do work on osx and windows about the same amount of time with the same programs … it’s a change for sure to switch from osx to windows, but it gives lots of flexibility (like having software choices that are not available on the osx platform.)

  15. Howard says:

    “For the foreseeable future, we will continue to sell the box version of Corel software in stores, through online partners and on our website” – Does this mean you MIGHT got the way of Adobe and go all cloud?

    • Gérard Métrailler says:

      It is hard to predict the long term future, but what I can say is that we are committed to provide choice to the users of our products. 10 years from now things might change and perpetual licenses might be a thing from the past, but this is definitely not what we are seeing today or expect for the foreseeable future.


        “Subscription does make it easier for us to deliver more regular updates, but there’s still a significant portion of users around the world who aren’t ready to rent their software.”

        “Not ready for subscription? We have an answer!”

        I don’t like the implications here. The customers have already been burned badly by Adobe and here you are saying you have a solution for people that aren’t ready to subscribe. But you never acknowledge that there are many people who will NEVER ACCEPT RENTALS at all. You clearly feel the need to leave the “rental only” option on the table. I think you should take a much stronger stance against this “rental only” business model for ethical reasons as opposed to just business reasons!

        “10 years” is not a lot of time to predict that “perpetual licenses might be a thing from the past”. They would ONLY be a thing of the past if the software companies decide to no longer offer them. No company will ever be forced to use a rental only business model so Corel does have the option to take that business model completely “off the table” in your own hearts. Renting is fine. “Rentals only” is very dangerous. When Adobe launched Creative Cloud, they too said they weren’t planning on going only rental for a number of years. That lasted ONE year even in the midst of them making record profits. They were very deceptive.

        By not accepting that perpetual licenses should ALWAYS be offered, saying people are simply not ready sounds more like this:
        “Not ready for subscription? We (currently) have an answer! (Until we decide you are ready to accept the rental only option)…”

        If Corel can’t take a stronger stance against the idea of RENTAL ONLY then I’ll probably need to look elsewhere. I’m almost at the point where the only thing left to trust is open source which is GUARANTEED TO NEVER be rental only.

      • email2sts says:

        I would feel much more secure regarding purchases of further perpetual licenses to Corel software if Corel’s President would promise that this choice will always be available. His temporizing – “,,, in ten years perpetual licenses may be a thing of the past…” – sounds far to much like Adobe for comfort. This statement is very disquieting.

    • Gérard Métrailler says:

      We fully understand that a large percentage of Corel products users are not at all interested in subscription models, but we also know that for some, the payment flexibility is actually something important. Our commitment is to offer choice to users so that they can purchase the products the way they want. We have no intention to stop providing perpetual licenses for as long as there is enough demand from users around the world to justify the development costs. It is very hard to predict what will happen in 10+ years time…

      • email2sts says:

        Thank you for your forthright statement! So different from Adobe’s cloudybabble CEO.

        .No one expects any firm to continue to offer products for which there is no longer a market. I’ll take you at your word that Corel will continue to offer perpetual licenses so long as there is an economically viable demand for them, and am now at peace because I’m confident in my belief that there will still be a big market for perpetual license software a decade from now. If I’m wrong. I’m not going to blame you for my erroneous assumption.

        I’ll be ordering Corel Painter X3 Mac on your update price deal for owners of perpetual license Photoshop CS6. Thanks for the deal. I’ve noticed your Wacom Intuous 5 tablet bundle special offer – please consider adding this deal to your Adobe customer inducement upgrade pricing package. I have a small Intuous 3 – and would like to upgrade to a large Intuous 5 plus Painter X3 for the Mac at your (ex) Adobe customer price for X3.

        I have your AfterShot Pro Mac and like it.

        Please let me buy a native Mac PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate permanent license ASAP. Pretty please? If you want to eat Adobe’s Photoshop customer base lunch, Mac users are a big piece of that pie. Right now, many Mac photographic pros and advanced amateurs are looking for alternatives. If I buy and learn to use Photoline, I’ll be a lot less likely to want to go to the very considerable effort of leaning yet another new program. Corel’s interests in winning Photoshop customers would be best served by a prompt announcement of your commitment to a native Mac PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate. Porting OS X isn’t rocket science; OS X is Posix compliant UNIX, and the relative numbers of your Windows and OS X customers for software where you offer both are already known to you. This us your once in a decade chance to win a major piece of Adobe’s business – but this unprecedented window won’t last forever.

        Thank you for your commitment to perpetual licenses so long as there are lots of customers for them and for your consideration!


  16. Gérard Métrailler says:

    For those commenting about a MacOS version, the short answer is that we don’t have one today we can quickly release. The only current option to use CorelDRAW on Apple hardware is to use either BootCamp or a virtual machine such as Parallels or VMware Fusion (we do test on Parallels when we release new versions for example). I am looking at posting a more detailed blog entry in the coming days on the subject, stay tuned.

  17. Bill Lott says:

    ‘m looking forward to your blog entry discussing options for Apple hardware. It makes sense that you don’t have a way to quickly port your software to Mac, but hopefully you do see the opportunity there! I for one have tried VMware Fusion and Parallels both, and have given up on both. I suspect that are a good number of Adobe/Mac users looking for an alternative that doesn’t require purchasing even more software. I look forward to your upcoming post and will always root for more choice in the marketplace.

  18. David S says:

    Adobe user since 2.0 Professional Photographer for 30 years and counting. Would love an alternative to PS but it must be native MAC. I use Aperture instead of Lightroom because of my disdain for Adobe’s greedy corporate policies.

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  20. Sean ONeal says:

    I’m happy to hear this from Corel. I’ve been using Adobe products for a long time but as a freelance artist and small business I just can’t rely on a subscription based product that stops working if I can’t afford the cost that month.

    So thank you Corel and Mr Metrailler for making the commitment to continue providing a Product that customers can count on, instead of rental software. I will definitely be taking a look at your software and considering becoming a customer. I will also add my voice to those of others asking for a Mac version, as well as one that supports Linux as I am also looking to cut the Microsoft dependency. Microsoft seems as oblivious to what customers actually want and need as Adobe does. I don’t think I’m alone in that. For all the hype about the “cloud” revolution, you may discover its more marketing hype than actual reality. But by all means, survey your customers to find out what they really need and want, how they really work. That alone would put you 2 steps ahead of both Adobe and Microsoft who appear to have their head in the “clouds” (pun intended).

    As an artist, I work in both 2D and 3D graphics. I would be particularly pleased to see tools aimed at helping me create better textures for 3D obj meshes. This was one of the tools Photoshop offered that I found VERY useful.

    For what its worth, I started out many years ago with Paint Shop Pro, how ironic it would be if I ended up “coming home” to that again. BTW, Switzerland is a beautiful country, I’ve sometimes wished I could move there and if things get better, perhaps one day I will.

  21. William Boswell says:

    I’m planning on moving back to Corel this year. I started with it years ago at Version 3 and stopped at 10 only because I was taking Adobe software classes in college and they were the industry standard that I had to use. Now that I’m off the Corel upgrade path, I will be purchasing the latest version soon. Another reason for purchasing Corel Suite is that years ago I lost the upgrade paths to Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and have wanted to go back to CorelDRAW because I found it easier to work with.

    • Gérard Métrailler says:

      I wanted to give a heads-up that we are working at getting an offer out to Adobe users considering Corel products… I should be able to share more sometime next week.

      • email2sts says:

        Wonderful! I have been a Photoshop perpetual license buyer since Photoshop 5 in 1998 and having upgraded repeatedly, I’m now at Photoshop 13/CS6. Please make a version of your Paintshop Pro 5 Ultimate available for all us Mac users who are being forced to jump ship by Adobe’s new CC lock-in-and-pay-forever policy. Corel gives me a choice, and your Premier subscription with its updates combined with perpetual licenses sounds win/win best-of-all-worlds. Ive already chosen your Aftershot Pro (for Macs) over Adobe’s Lightroom – and have perpetual licenses to both.

        Please take some more OS X money! There are a lot of Mac Photoshop ship jumpers out here!

  22. Mike says:

    I used PSP 7 years ago and loved it, but moved to Macs about 10 years ago. Having also been a happy WordPerfect user, I would encourage Corel to take another look at developing more software for Mac. As at least one person before me wrote, this is a rare opportunity for Corel to fill a (stupid, greedy) gap created by Adobe.

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  24. FullyAknowledge says:

    Corel offers fantastic software products. But Corel has a similar problem like Adobe. In the past, this company has ripped users of Apple computers as well. I bought and installed each Mac versions of Corel suite. The next update or newer version but the Mac is no longer supported. Corel as savior now brings into play here is legitimate, but is it easy to restore confidence and justify! And here I see then Coel to compete in the proof of compulsory!

  25. Durk Pearson says:

    Dear Corel,
    Please take some more of my money! Pretty please with cream and sugar on it!!

    I have a Mac. Your Aftershot Pro is a great deal; thank you. Your Painter series is a great deal; thank you. I’m very happy to have purchased permanent licenses for these from you.

    Please let me purchase a permanent license for a Mac version of your Paint Pro X5 Ultimate. I have been buying Adobe’s Photoshop and its upgrades since Photoshop 5 in 1998; I now have a permanent license to Photoshop 13/CS6. I love it. I don’t love Adobe’s new Creative Cloud lock-yourself-in and pay rent for the rest of your life program; no more permanent license Photoshop upgrades. *sob* Adobe’s CC only is totally unacceptable to me. Please take my money! Sell me a permanent license to Paint Shop Pro! Win/win, not win/lose.

    Here is your opportunity to earn millions of Adobe’s Photoshop customers’ business. Please do it ASAP! Eat their lunch!!

    Thank you.
    Durk Pearson

  26. Eve says:

    Now lets see what Corel is worth… Still no Mac support.
    Although you may have left Apple in 2003 – their community has grown to pretty large proportions nowadays. Meaby your market researchers should take a look in the opportunities that lie ahead…

  27. Mike Antrum says:

    I really hope that you can see the value in developing for Mac. I used Corel 11 for Mac and liked it a lot, though there were some issues (hardly surprising for the first go at it !). However, I do understand why you ceased to develop it it, as the lock that Adobe had on the industry was very tight at that time.

    You now have a golden opportunity to break that lock. As soon as you have a Mac CorelDRAW Suite X6/X7 product, you will have my money, and that of many others. Adobe has broken trust with their customers. I believe Corel is is a unique position amongst software vendors to take advantage of this stupid move by Adobe, as you have a range of products that is in line with the adobe offerings. We all realise that this will take time, but I do hope that you Corel will move in this direction.

  28. Ivan says:

    Is there any chance to add something like to your collection, and go head to head against Adobe Audition. As a old time user of Corel Draw 3 – 7 thinking about going back, and audio editing soft is the only thing what is missing at this time…….thanx

  29. 40daystogo says:

    This is a period where the iron is hot, and the question is whether Corel will strike. Suggestion: let any registered user of Photoshop be able to download a trial version of Paintshop Pro, except having a 12 month trial period, rather than 30 days. This will let Photoshop users gradually grow in their familiarity with PaintShop. Likewise for Lightroom users to get a longer trial copy of AfterShot, rather than just 30 days.

  30. awa says:

    An idea. Why don’t you make a kickstarter about a better Windows version and a new Mac version? I am sure many users would love to support.
    I think Adobe has overstayed their welcome, it’s time to make a better graphics suite.

    • Michael says:

      Yes, things are changing again. If you have a chance listen to the reaction of these photographers
      on this pod cast called TWIP. Not once Corel was mentioned. This is an opportunity to talk to these photographers about your products. It’s a very popular podcast for photographers across America.
      They review software as well as video software and still photography soft ware.
      I would really try to get someone on there. It would be a great promotional piece.
      Just saying…..

  31. vixl says:

    Do you have alternative for InDesign?

  32. Michael says:

    I am not sure who to talk to about this. Its an idea for marketing the product. A competitor is going to make its customers use the cloud to purchase the software monthly. Instead of the one time cost. I am predicting people are not going to like this to much. Photographers especially. I think they will be looking for another reliable company to go with. Especially in the US market. I hope Corel takes this suggestion seriously. I think within the year people and companies may look for alternatives.


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  34. Kumasun says:

    The day to offer a Mac version of Paint Shop Pro, you will have a new customer who will switch from Adope to Corel.

  35. essie says:

    I would love to switch to Corel but you must fully commit to Mac support first, and make me believe it. It makes me just as nervous to invest in your products not knowing your long-term plans for Apple products, as it does to invest in the horrible Adobe CC solution.

  36. Thank you very much Corel!!
    Just one question about Paint shop pro, does it support plug-ins like onone, alienskin and some others? I have a bunch for photoshop and i would love to use them on paint shop pro.

    Thank you very much

    • Greg Wood says:

      Hi frank392,

      The short answer is yes. PaintShop Pro supports many Photoshop Plugins (up to CS5). If there’s one in particular that you love and we do not support it, please let us know. Our users are very important to us and we are always happy to hear your feedback.
      You’ll be happy to hear that we do support Alien Skin plug ins (Blow up 3, Bokeh 2, Exposure 3, Eye Candy 6, Image Doctor 2, Snap Art 2 and Xenofex2). To install plugins, follow these steps:
      • Chose file > Preferences > File Locations (The File Locations dialog box appears)
      • From the File types list, select Plug-ins
      • Click Add (A new blank item appears in the folder list, and the Browse for Folder dialog box appears)
      • Navigate to the folder you want to add, and click OK to return to the File Locations dialog box
      • In the Folder options dialog box, mark the enable check box
      • Click OK
      If you encounter a plugin problem, contact our support team and they will look into it.

      Greg Wood

  37. Until we have a Mac version, I have to respectfully disagree that you are giving us choices. Saying “run an emulator” is not listening to your customers and potential customers. Please reconsider and announce a Mac version for X7 at least. Then we might consider taking the time and trouble to run the Windows X6.

  38. Gordon says:

    Adobe has lost all credibility with me.
    Proper full MAC version of Graphics Suite X6 please; the sooner the better!

  39. Lynne says:

    I’m going to also repeat for the upteenth time that a MAC version for your suite is crucial. This is probably why Corel has not been seen as a viable option over the years. And why Painter, that has a MAC version, has been taken seriously.

  40. Old Tech says:

    Would love to see a Mac version of Paintshop Pro!

    I have really missed Paintshop Pro ever since I switched to a Mac. Switching back and forth between either Parallels or Bootcamp to edit photos will not induce me to purchase Paintshop Pro. Corel must produce a full Mac version or I will look elsewhere, it is that simple.

    • michaeld says:

      I can’t believe they don’t have one for the mac. Whether they like it or not it is the standard in most design studios and photo studios. I think this is been going on with Corel since there begging. I don’t really get it.

    • Durk Pearson says:

      Same here! I’ve used Photoshop on my Macs since 5.0 (not CS5) in 1998, and am now stuck forever at CS6. Please sell me a native Mac Paint Shop Pro and upgrades for decades to come. NATIVE MAC, PLEASE.

      Also, make sure that it runs under OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard); the later Lion (10.7,x) and Mountain Lion (10.8.x) have some nasty defects, especially with respect to running legacy software, These later versions were developed to optimize connectivity with Apple’s big money makers: i{hones, i{ads, iPods, etc.

      Because of these problems, there are still more Macs running 10.6.8 Snow Leopard than either Lion or Mountain Lion. Of course, Adobe isn’t going to fix CS6 to run under the next OS X, 10.9, which may or may not fix the problems of 10.8 and 10.7. Because of this, I urge you to create a native Mac Paint Shop Pro that has been designed to run under OS X 10.6.8.

  41. João Gomes says:

    I’ll try to be short:

    I know I’m beating a dead horse (and, after all, that’s the whole point), but what most designers need wish for right now are Mac versions of your Graphics Suite and standalone programs.

    As for myself, before enrolling at my faculty I always used Windows versions of CorelDraw and did well with it and afterwards I did use CorelDraw 11 for Mac, which was nice, albeit a bit buggy (not bad for a first try, though, as someone already mentioned before).

    I did switch shortly thereafter to Adobe products, because every single teacher and colleague mocked Corel’s; it seems that bias (well, it was more like outright prejudice, really) stemmed from the lack of a DTP (InDesign/QuarkXpress-like) offering and the perceived absence of Corel from the Mac market, which was, at that time (in 2003), a gross misunderstandment on their part. Well, it seems they weren’t so wrong after all, seeing you threw in the towel right after your first try… Seeing that you may have fell victim to that misconception, you should have ported CorelDraw to OS X later on instead, after the iPod (and later iPhone and iPad) halo effect started kicking in. Whoops…

    Fast-forward to 2013: Adobe shot themselves on the foot, big time, and now’s your opportunity to shine and steal their thunder… And I mean it! All you need is a Mac version of your Graphics Suite package and other software, and a DTP module that can do both traditional print media *and* e-books/digital magazines for tablets, with full support for OpenType (and maybe even a TypeKit-like service).

    By the way, seeing that you’d be starting virtually from scratch, you could come up with a seriously interesting product that could stand a chance to outright kill both InDesign *and* QuarkXpress in one fell swoop. Take a hard look at what the design market is currently demanding and just think about the possibilities. If you don’t, bear in mind that someone else may very well seize that opportunity instead (maybe even Adobe itself, if they change course quickly enough). 😉

    Sincerely yours,
    João Gomes (a royally disgruntled soon-to-be-former Adobe customer)

    • William Boswell says:

      “By the way, seeing that you’d be starting virtually from scratch, you could come up with a seriously interesting product that could stand a chance to outright kill both InDesign *and* QuarkXpress in one fell swoop.”

      Corel used to have Ventura which I found to be a cumbersome program to learn and use. If they still own the rights to it, they could come up with an improved version. I really would like to find a replacement for InDesign which is much easier to use than Ventura ever was. I’m still using InDesign CS1 which I never upgraded and now never can and I don’t want to pay $700 for InDesign CS6 since I rarely do any DTP work.

  42. Jeff says:

    Adobe is not a company that can be trusted. So why would I voluntarily chain myself to them forever? Adobe can keep its subscription only scheme. I’ll stick with my current perpetual license.

    So thank you Corel for offering crossgrades for CS users. I’ve bought the upgrade version for CorelDRAW X6 and so far so good.

  43. zee says:

    Mac folk might try GIMP? It runs on Mac and Linux.
    Also, VirtualBox is a free alternative to Paralells for Linux or Windows emulation.

    • Phil Hawkins Photography says:

      Gimp is a great product, especially for the price but only works on 8-bit images. and doesn’t accept PS plug-ins.

  44. David says:

    When it comes to mac version of corel draw?

    • tar4heel2 says:

      We’re still waiting!!

    • Durk Pearson says:

      When it comes to a Mac version of PaintShop Pro 5 Ultimate? Sell a Mac version of that, then I’ll have a viable choice – and I promise to buy it. More Mac photo software and less vague sales BS, please, My bank account awaits…

      I purchased the Mac version of your AfterShot Pro, and I like it.

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  46. From a Engineering side, we as a company supports (and purchased) Corel WordPerfect X7 for our application. We make use of QuattroPro for processing our reports, and this is exactly where the problem comes in. Our reports consist mainly of Spreadsheet data AND Charts.

    When processing the figures, there are no problems. BUT the problem comes in with the Charts. We need to print multiple charts on one sheet of paper at once. Corel WordPerfect X7 doesn’t want to do that (It only prints ONE chart at a time on a sheet of paper). We haven’t experienced this with earlier versions of QuattroPro in the past. What changed? How do we go about reaching our goal with Corel WordPerfect X7’s version of QuattroPro X7?

    Please, can you assist. (We need a solution a.s.a.p.)

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi Stephan,

      Can you please send a file that shows this problem to Also, try checking your OS and WordPerfect for updates, and ensuring that all necessary updates have been made.

      You can also visit our Office Community to see if other users have run into a similar issue before.

      Hope this helps,

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