You can run CorelDRAW on a Mac!

UPDATE — Hello everyone! On March 12, 2019, we introduced CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac, an all-new professional powered suite built natively for macOS. Visit our website for more info on the new release at and read our introductory blog post here.

Following my recent blog post regarding users choice and the Adobe Creative Cloud announcement, we’ve received a number of enquiries relating to Mac OS of our products to offer alternatives to those using Apple hardware.

Corel offers a broad range of software solutions for a variety of users. Primarily available on the Microsoft Windows platform, some of these solutions are also available natively on the Mac: Painter, the world’s leading digital art software, AfterShot Pro, a fast, flexible photo management & RAW workflow tool, and CorelCAD, our high-performance CAD design solution with native .DWG support.

Based on the feedback we’ve received the last few days from Adobe CS users looking for alternatives, the number one request has been around CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, which today is designed and optimized for Windows-based computers. Our goal has always been to provide powerful and complete applications to our users, and difficult development investment decisions are taken by understanding the market opportunity and determining the resource requirement to provide a great user experience.  The time and effort to bring our products to a new platform would have considerable impact on the features and enhancements that we would be able to make to the Windows application.

CorelDRAW X6 on MacConsequently, while I understand this is not the answer that is sufficiently palatable for Mac OS users, we have sought other ways to try and provide solutions for Mac OS users. With programs such as Apple’s own Boot Camp, or virtualization solutions such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and our other Windows-centric products work great on Macintosh computers. We actually have a number of our users who regularly use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite on laptop and desktop computers from the Cupertino hardware manufacturer, including some Corel employees. We also make sure to test new releases on our design software on Apple computers.

Historically, the justification for creating a suitable Mac OS version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and other products, did not warrant the investment required.  Adobe’s recent announcement will put the discussion back on the table. Getting a Mac OS native product to the market will take time and significant effort. We will continue to review our options and are committed to provide the best possible products we can to our users, as well as to provide you with the choice between perpetual licenses and subscription going forward.

If you are today using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite on a Mac, we would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and comments here, in the community and on our Facebook page.

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About Gérard Métrailler

I am Corel’s Executive Vice President of Global Products, responsible for developing and maintaining worldwide product strategy across all of Corel's software brands including CorelDRAW, MindManager, ClearSlide and WinZip. Originally from Switzerland, I speak English, French and German. In my free time, you can find me enjoying his private pilot license, flying out of Ottawa's local Rockcliffe airport. All posts I do online (blogs, social networks, ...) are my own and don’t necessarily represent Corel’s positions, products, strategies or opinions.
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324 Responses to You can run CorelDRAW on a Mac!

  1. Andy says:

    I’m currently using CorelDRAW on my MacBook Pro which is made possible by Parallels Desktop.
    The software runs great and I’m having a blast with it. However, I do hope there will be a native version of CorelDRAW specifically for the Mac in the near future. Fingers crossed.

    • Peter Whitridge says:

      I just had CorelDRAW X6 installed on a Macbook Pro using Parallels, but it is not functioning properly. For example, many of the basic keystroke combinations don’t work. I’ll try to reinstall, but was wondering if there was anything in particular I should watch out for.

      • Andy says:

        Hi Peter,
        I suggest looking into the Keyboard Section in Parallels preferences.
        Hope this helps.

    • Gabe says:

      I’ve been using CorelDRAW since Version 1 and love the product. So much so, that once I switched to Mac a few years ago, I installed Bootcamp specifically to run CorelDRAW. I now use Parallels and again, the ONLY reason I have it is to run CorelDRAW. I’m only a casual user these days, so the monthly subscription model works best for me right now. I would love to see Corel return to a native Mac version. I’m not familiar with Illustrator and generally try and stay away from Adobe products if I can. I don’t find them very intuitive to use – so Paint Shop Pro native for Mac for my “photoshopping” needs would be the other Corel program I’d buy in a heartbeat.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Andy,
      Through Parallels which version of Windows are you using? I’ve tried to install CorelDraw on Parallels 9 with a Windown 8.1 platform but doesn’t seem to function?

      • Andy says:

        Hi Brad,
        I’m using Windows 7 on Parallels 8. I’m not sure what is causing yours to not function.
        I guess you’ll have to check with Corel, Parallels and Windows to get to the root cause.

    • alex says:

      please, tell me how do you do that. when i try to run the instalator it show me next mesage You can’t open the application “Instalador de CGS 11” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported…

      I have a mac book pro ox 10.9.2 maverick..
      thnaks for tell me how can i do to this works.
      my email :

  2. Taryn says:

    I’ve been running Corel on a Mac for almost 2 years. I love Corel but I hate running windows on a Mac to do it. So much, that I avoid it at all costs. My business is picking up and I’m considering making the switch to adobe 😦

    • Willie says:

      My company is moving away from Adobe software.
      Don’t switch to Adobe. There are plenty of good alternatives out there. You will become a slave to Adobe apps and their silly forceful subscription model if you do.

      • Ralph Emerson says:

        Corel really needs to get on it, for just that reason. I have a Mac, and I desperately want to move away from Adobe in light of their new subscription policy. But I don’t want to move to Windows. I would dive into the Corel world if I could, but it’s not possible now. How on earth is Corel ignoring the opportunity to snatch disgruntled Adobe users. This is going to be seen as an opportunity missed unless Corel jumps on this opening quickly. I for one, hate what Adobe has done. I went to many hours of schooling to learn how to use their product effectively. Now they look like the dope pusher to me. Pull you in with their product and then you’re addicted due to their greedy model.

  3. I want them to bring back Draw for linux. Corel is the ONLY thing that keeps me on windows.

  4. robby nunn says:

    I have been using Corel Draw on a mac os since corel draw version 8. I have been stuck with corel version 11 for the past several years and only use illustrator when I absolutely have to. I have never used the boot camp or parallels version. I hope you get the response you need to create a new version of native software for the mac…. I will be patiently waiting!!!!!!!!

  5. I have been using Corel Draw 11 on an old Powerbook G4 for several years. CorelDraw on Windows runs ok, but the thing is that you loose valuable disk space, RAM and processing power just to run Windows alone. This is absurd.. I’d buy a native Mac OS CorelDraw instantly if one was made available.

    I would even be really happy with CorelDraw alone and none of the other apps (PhotoPaint, etc.), if this helps Corel to bring back CorelDraw on Mac.

  6. Willie says:

    A native version of CorelDRAW and PaintShop Pro will be very welcome by Mac users.
    We are tired of Adobe and their way of doing business. Bring CorelDRAW back to the Mac and you will see the support that you will get.

  7. Vulpine says:

    I don’t want CorelDRAW, I want Paint Shop Pro Photo on OS X. When I used Windows I considered PSPP X far better and easier to use than any part of Adobe’s CS series–Photoshop specifically.

  8. skilliard says:

    I have a MacPro 1st generation and running Windows plus CorelDraw is simply not possible. Also other programs run not that well compared to native OSX software. I too hope for a genuine Mac CorelDraw in a future hopefulls not too far.

  9. Bill Fehr says:

    I run Windows 7 on my mac through VMWare Fusion. I do this for only one reason, to access CorelDRAW files. I have thousands of CorelDRAW files that I still need/want access to. I was just too tired of dealing with Windows and all of the “stuff” that goes along with it (poor product updates, virus and security issues, security software slowing the system down, etc.) I LOVE my mac and I’d rather not go back to a PC. I have also learned to love Adobe products, that is until they pulled a fast one. But it’s not a done deal yet, there is still time to backtrack. At the same time I see you (Corel) adding subscriptions to “allow” customers to gain access added features and updates. Spin it any way you want in my mind that put you (Corel) in the same place as Adobe, backing us into a corel. I don’t care for the practice and it puts a bad taste in my mouth.

    Just so you know, I have become very dependant on Adobe from Illustrator (with Bridge), Framemaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere and LIghtroom. But to be honest I don’t feel Corel can hold it’s own next to these products. Until they do I will not make the switch back. Though I would love to see a mac version, I just don’t feel Corel is up to the challenge. I would rather use Inkscape and Gimp (or even Xara) before I make the switch “back” to Corel products. We have all been asking for years for updates to the product line to make them better and much of that has been ignored. Now you see way to take back old Corel users based on mistake Adobe made, which again tells me you’re in it for the money, not to make a better product. Hey, I get it. It’s business. But you should do that legitimately. We would have much more respect for you if you did. If you had listened to your loyal customer all along you would would already have a mac product and those Adobe customers would have been falling all over themselves to get to you.

    I just don’t have the confidence they can pull it off. But Corel, please try and make me wrong in that assumption.

    • Willie says:

      Adobe does make good software, but there is not need to be a slave to them.
      I feel that Corel can hold it’s own next to Adobe products. Corel is a strong company with lots of good products. I have been in the business for many years now and know of a lot of successful designers producing high quality jobs using Corel software. Corel can easily compete with Adobe any day. I too was dependent on Adobe products until I woke up, took a stand, and decided to incorporate other products into my companies workflow. Adobe can go out of business today, and I will still be able to run my business with no problems. I would never let one software company determine the future of my business.

      Having CorelDraw for Mac OSX would be a very welcomed addition to our workflow.

  10. photoman72 says:

    I tested the waters with CorelDraw in version 7 but dismissed it and went on to learning Adobe products. However because of a friend requesting that I re-learn the Draw,

    I obtained a copy of Draw and I was surprised on the improvements! However like others have stated, I was dismayed that Corel decided not to continue to develop Draw for the Mac and other OS’s.

    As soon as funds are available, I will be switching over to the Mac for various reasons and I would love to have all native apps instead of having to use 3rd party software to get my CorelDraw to work. Corel here is a opportunity here to get people to switch to your software! Adobe is starting to close the door in a lot of ways and while one door is closing, another is opening! If I was Corel, I would be taking this opportunity and running with it!

  11. Do a Kickstarter campaign and hire more people! 🙂 I would never be able to convince my boss to buy a Windows version, especially considering the significant investment he spent switching everything from Windows to Mac.

    • Rob says:

      I think this says it all. A large proportion of the imaging/graphics world is Mac based. I wonder what part of that does Corel not get. Adobe has just opened the door to them. Will they not walk through it?

      • Willie says:

        We need to give Corel a little time to decide on this. The Adobe issue is new.
        But, I agree, this is a great opportunity for Corel to capitalize on their main competitor. This is also a change to gain market share in the Mac user community.
        If Corel decides to produce more Mac OS native apps, we need to support them all the way. Spread the word, and get other Mac users to buy. This will make our Mac Corel community strong for many years to come. Lets see what Corel decides. Hopefully soon while the iron is very hot and people want to move away from Adobe.

      • I think Corel’s problem has been that they have had a small market share overall for a long time, so maintaining two OS versions didn’t make sense for them. But with this happening, they are probably kicking themselves for not having a Mac version ready.

      • saukrhiann says:

        (I’m repeating myself here because my previous comment has been “awaiting moderation” for three days now.)

        I have emailed Corel on a nearly yearly basis for almost a decade requesting PSPP be ported to OS X. Every response has been, “We do not feel the OS X market is big enough to make such a port economical. However, we continue to study the possibility.”
        I think after ten years of steady Mac growth in the market and the Mac now holding between 10% and 20% of the desktop/laptop installed base, the market should be greatly improved. Add to this the fact that Adobe is changing over to a ‘rental’ policy, and Corel could see a significant surge in Mac application sales if they would only try.

  12. - Ron - says:

    Ehhh running a Windows emulator to run Corel on my Macs?
    Ok cool, but only if Corel pays for Parales or VMWare Fusion license.

    Sorry but this is ridiculous, nuff said.

  13. muster says:

    If Adobe forces us towards Corel they force us out of OS X.
    Maybe someone should tell Apple.

    • Willie says:

      Hi muster,
      I don’t think Adobe will force us out of OSX. At least for me.
      There are plenty of OSX software out there to replace Adobe software. I personally don’t like working in Windows, its just not the same.
      I would love to see CorelDraw and Paint Shop Pro on the Mac however, because Corel has been around for a long time and its a fair and stable company.
      I do currently use Corel Painter 12 on my Mac and I love it. I just need the other two to be OSX native to have the complete Corel workflow on my Mac. In the meantime, I will be switching to other OSX non-Adobe software and hopefully Corel will decide to provide us with the rest of the software OSX native in the near future. We’ll see what happens.

      By the way, nice job on your tests! 🙂

  14. J says:

    Just bring back CorelDRAW to mac os format very soon so I can jump ship from Adobe.

  15. muster says:


    STEP 1: COLOR MANAGEMENT in Parallels Win7 on Mac

    So maybe Corel-Suite is an option.
    Therefore I have to know if my Mac color management will work in Parallels Desktop with Windows 7.
    Dual screen in fullscreen mode is also a requirement.

    And guess what?

    after 15 minutes of trying.

    My hardware calibrated NEC LCD2690 shows exactly the same perfect print colors in Win7 and OS X simultaneously in fullscreen and coherence mode.

    Ready for

    Step 2: Testing if Corel can establish a professional print publishing workflow.
    Maybe in two to three weeks I will test that 🙂

  16. Rob says:

    I am a photographer, not a graphic artist or designer. What I need is a photo editing program that can replace Photoshop and hopefully be able to run the Nik and OnOne plug-ins. Paint Shop Pro might be that program. I have no interest in using any sort of virtual Windows set-up, which would require not only a Windows emulator but also a working version of Windows. I am not a Mac snob, but that is more of a hassle and an expense than I care to undertake.

    Corel now has a golden opportunity to pick up many new Mac customers who no longer trust or want to do business with Adobe. I will be stunned and disappointed if Corel takes a pass on it. Most Photoshop users are able to keep working with CS6 for several more years, which should allow ample time for PSP to be adapted to the Mac OS. It’s too bad that Corel did not have it already available when Adobe made their fateful decision.

    • Rob says:

      It just occurred to me that if Corel announces plans to create a Mac version of PSP, Adobe may reverse course and decide to offer some version of Photoshop on a perpetual license basis, just to discourage defections to a competitor. Still, many people have lost faith in Adobe and are eagerly looking for alternative programs.

      • Willie says:

        Yes, as far as I am concerned, Adobe is history. Even if they change things now to compete, they will try to impose nonsense policies again in the future. It’s not worth becoming so dependent on Adobe software. You never know what the future holds. Adobe is history to a lot of people by now, including myself.

      • skilliard says:

        I have lost so much faith in Adobe that I will look for alternatives to their programs even if they turn around. Adobe has not been reliable in the past, it will not suddenly become reliable in the future. So I need to look for new programs, but I will not run them on an emulated Windows system.

    • Mike D 1963 says:

      I agree. Having to not only run an emulator but to buy a version of windows is a hassle.
      But I also have to agree with Rob too that Adobe may do something to discourage users from switching to Corel or Open Source programs. Theyre not stupid, (Although they seem to be for trying to do this Creative Cloud thing) I think they may be “Testing the waters” for peoples reactions. Ive seen quite a bit of negative response to the whole CC thing and refuse to believe theyre not going to try to keep customers by offering some other licensing alternative. But I could be wrong they may just be THAT arrogant. lol.

      Ive used Corel for Years as well as CS up to version 5 and am comfortable on both.
      But switched to Adobe because Corel stopped making a version for MAC. I would gladly switch back as well if they put out a native version. And if Corel’s abilities are equal to that of Adobes, not just in making pretty pictures on a screen, but in printing, color management, etc than there’s no issue. Actually another thing is for Corel not to be blinded by dollar signs as Adobe was. They (Corel) should learn from Adobes mistake and keep their user base by continually offering us different licensing alternatives.
      Perhaps Im naive and see this as too black and white but simply put, Why should we have to pay monthly for software for the rest of our lives if we want to keep using it?

      • Willie says:

        As far as I am concerned, even if Adobe does something to try and get my business back, it’s too late. The only reason Adobe would do that is for selfish reasons to benefit Adobe and not because they really care. Adobe should have done something the moment a lot of customers started complaining about the forced cloud subscriptions, and not just because they are now losing business. This is not a sign of a loyal customer oriented company.

      • Mike D 1963 says:

        Willie, No doubt. Because if they did simply cared about loyalty to their customers than I dont think they wouldve even considered such a plan as CC.

      • Rob says:

        @Willie: I have news for you. Adobe is not a charity, but neither is Corel. Both will act in their own (financial) self interest. If Adobe blundered by adopting a subscription model for their Creative Cloud programs, hopefully Corel will not follow them over the cliff, but will seize the opportunity to capture the hordes of disaffected Adobe users by offering perpetual licenses for their programs on both Windows and Mac platforms. We shall see what Corel considers to be in their own self interest.

      • Willie says:

        I never said that Adobe or Corel are a charity.

      • Rob says:


        No you did not say it explicitly, but in your comment, you stated that Adobe is selfish and does not care, implying that Corel might be different in that regard. Both are self serving corporations and will do whatever they deem necessary to maximize profits. We must hope that Corel will take a negative view of the software subscription model and that they will recognize the value in the ever-growing Mac market. I don’t think we have any basic disagreement on any if these points.

      • Willie says:

        Profits are maximized by listening to your customers very carefully and proving a product or service that will make them want to buy and not by making your customers unwilling to purchase.

  17. markus says:

    This is YOUR chance COREL. You can get ALL dissapointed Adobe users. Offer a Creative Suite like software for Mac’s (and a professional alternative to Photoshop)and you will earn moeny you could never dream of. Think about it. Time is right, take your chance!

  18. Stefan says:

    Since you are not able to offer a native suite I will not use Corel products. I am absolutely not willing to buy a Windows licence in order to run your software ontop of it in a virtual machine. I have decided a long time ago to move away from Windows because I don’t like their behavior of making business. Unfortunately nobody is offering a broad photo software stack and therefor I stick with Apple. Sorry Corel guys.. but recommending to run your software in a virtual machine doesn’t fit my needs at all. If you want my money, you’ve got to come up with a native software stack.

  19. J says:

    It’s difficult to even run the trial on a mac with those 3rd party softwares! corel shouldn’t force mac users to buy 3rd party software and a windows os just to make their product work on a mac. so cs mac users are still forced to walk away from corel’s “welcome cs user bright light gates of heaven door” ad that is on the front of corel’s website.

  20. Friederich says:

    Adobe has streched matters too far. First they killed FreeHand, now thy try to enslave their users completely. As soon as you offer a serious Mac Version I will buy it and try it. Please consider, that you got entrusted with something like a public responsibility to break Adobes monopoly.

  21. me says:

    Used Corel software on win95, win98 and winXP. Then switched to mac and opted for Adobe. Now? I don’t know. BUT I won’t go back to windows. So, either corel for mac (please, please) OR an alternative after xmas when I will be buying a new camera.

  22. Aongus Collins says:

    I’ve been using Illustrator since version 6, and FreeHand from version 8 until they killed it (yes, that dates me). When a native OS X version of CorelDraw is released, I will buy it.

    • James says:

      Hey, I’ve been using Illustrator since 5.5, and Photoshop since version 3. I’m in a similar situation to many I suppose: I grew up on Macs and Adobe products, and love them, but then began working for a company that’s all Windows and Corel. After several years of using Mac for my business and Windows at work I have not been convinced Windows or Corel can hold a candle to Mac and Adobe. For a visual artist Windows interface is unattractive and a hassel to use. I find Corel a weak substitute for Illustrator. But, I do hope Corel can improve, create a version for Mac, and force Adobe to give up this crazy CC business.

      • Keefieboy says:

        Slightly amazed by that comment: after many years of using CorelDRAW, I got me a Mac and ended up having to use Illustrator. What a dreadful piece of software – I still can’t understand how to manipulate Bexier curves, whereas in CD it’s a doddle!

  23. Th. Othis says:

    Everytime (2times) Corel made a Mac-Suite with CoreDraw, it stayed allone without any updates and the following new version wasn’t for mac again. And yo realy think, that i should install windows to use your software? I can still wait with CS6 installed till you have a native mac-version.

    • Willie says:

      I am sure Corel is considering a OSX native version of their main software, we just need to give them some time to see if they will. It’s a great opportunity for them to gain more market share.
      They are not forcing us to use windows, it’s just the only option for now if we want to get on the Corel wagon now. If we don’t want to use Windows now, we just need to wait and see what happens.
      The good news is that a lot of of software companies, like Corel, want to help us. We are going to see a lot of changes in the industry in the next few months with more outward selections, other companies software improvements, more native MAC OS options, and even new software in the market.
      In the meantime, keep educating others about non-Adobe options for them (let’s help each other) spread the word, keep an eye on non-Adobe software options in the market, and most of all… Keep creating!
      Life is good my friends.

  24. really waiting for mac version of corel… we don’t like third party softwares… do some thing ASAP…

  25. Alvaro says:

    I would love to go back to mac corel

  26. Greg B. says:

    Gérard Métrailler
    Please port this to Mac OS X. You already have a couple of products running natively on Mac computers so porting PointShop Pro or CoreDraw won’t be that big of a problem. You’ll make a huge profit…. There are thousands of people wanting Corel products to run on Mac. Hell, I’ll buy a couple of each product to show my support…

    • Rob says:

      I can only imagine that Corel is now regretting the decision to blow off the Macintosh community, as they would otherwise now have a live program with which to lure thousands of disgruntled Photoshop users, and I do believe that they would come by the thousands. By the time that there is a Mac version of PSP on the market, many people will already have found other solutions, including accepting Adobe’s extortionist CC. Well, better late than never.

      • skilliard says:

        I like many others will use my old software as long as possible. I would buy Corel when there is a genuine Mac version. So for several years to come I do not need to subscribe to CC and will not do it. But if Adobe is not correcting their mistake I will actively look to replace their software. And even if they sell perpetual licenses again Adobe has proven themselves to be untrustworthy. So still in case I could use their software some time longer I would not trust them anymore and would buy Corel software for Mac.

      • Willie says:

        I agree.
        It would be a no brainier to make an immediate switch to Corel Software if it was available for Mac OS. I would even put all our clients on Corel Software. A lot of them have been looking for alternatives.

  27. I would pick up CorelDraw Suite today if I could get it for my Mac. I continue to have performance issues with emulators and so I’m forced to swap over to my aging PC anytime I need to work in CorelDraw.

    I’ve been holding off on buying any new suites until I had a good Mac solution.

  28. pgeorge777 says:

    I have been using Corel Draw since version 3! It is the main CAD program of our business. We have switched to Mac and keep PC’s soley to run Corel as we are having performance issues running Corel on Parallels and other emulators. Corel really needs to put this issue back on the table and quickly.

  29. Old Tech says:

    I would love to see a Mac version of Paintshop Pro. PSP was my favorite program when I was a Windows user. However, several years ago I switched to the Mac and have no plans of returning to Wnidows. Parallels and Bootcamp are to much of a hassle to bother with, so I have avoided Paintshop Pro for the last several years.

    Corel, do you want be back as a customer? Make a superb edition of Paintdhop Pro for the Mac! Coreldraw would be nice also.

  30. Homer Simpson says:


  31. Jed Hunsaker says:

    I’m a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite user since version 3. I still have zero interest in switching to Mac, but the apparent excitement of Mac users to port a Mac version of CorelDRAW sounds like a fresh demand that Corel has been waiting for. Corel used to support Mac back in the day, but the demand just hasn’t been economical. Have times changed? True, Macs still have way less market than PC, but consider where the designers sit. Myself? I’m a developer on a PC, but I’m surrounded by designers and even some devs on Macs and it might be worth investing in those users in the near future.

    That said, there was a time when Corel PHOTO-PAINT was a better product than Photoshop, IMO, but that was a long time ago. PP will need a lot of support before it has a leg to stand on against PS. CorelDRAW, however, has no problems winning a fight against Illustrator. I still prefer PHOTO-PAINT over PS though, but I’m in the minority for sure.

  32. Michael says:

    I’m actually surprised Corel isn’t already taking advantage of this opportunity. I’d love to have Corel Draw on my Mac w/o messing with Windows. I ran Windows on my Mac & although it wasn’t bad it’s not something I would do again. Mac has gained to much market share in recent years for this scenario to still be required. Hopefully Corel realizes that they do indeed have the talent to do this correctly quicker than they currently believe.

  33. David says:

    Corel is so much more versatile to my rippers and outsources. My work comp is windows are runs Corel great. My home comp is a Mac and running parallels is slow and crashes a lot. I would love for Corel to have a solid Mac version so I would not have to go to the office on the weekends to get extra work done fast.

  34. Willfx says:

    You listened the crowd COREL! wake to the life! MAC products to yesterday!

  35. John Kidwell says:

    I am a graphic designer and use Draw extensively in sign making, and logo design. I love the graphic suite, especially Draw, as it is much more user friendly that Illustrator. I have Graphic Suite 11, and run it on my macbook pro using OS 10.4.11. I have not been able to upgrade my OS to 10.6x because the Corel Suite will go no higher. When I found out they were not going to continue the MAC line, I felt like I was betrayed. I have a new Mac Mini operating on OS 10.8.3, and until now, I had no hope of Corel ever getting it’s head straight and going back to MAC. I don’t like Windows! It is too unstable and is prone to viruses! Plus, the Corel line was much more affordable than The Adobe line. Adobe’s choice to go to the cloud is going to make it even more expensive, and if I am reading it right, you have to have the internet to make use of it. I often work where there is no internet. PLEASE make your software MAC compatible again. I really don’t think that you will lose money in the long run. I know I would buy it.

  36. Diana Q says:

    I have an older version of Draw, when it did have a Mac-compatible version (Corel Draw 8.) I’ve kinda put off buying a newer Mac and going the upgrade route, just because this is one of the pieces of software I’d “lose” by doing so. Please make a new version of Draw for the Mac. It’s so much nicer than Adobe and what used to be Macromedia. My aging Mac would love to retire, I’m sure. 🙂

  37. Willie says:

    I decided to give the CorelDraw demo a try on my Mac Pro, 10gigs of ram, and 1.5TB HD while using Parallels Desktop and Windows. Unfortunately, it runs too slow and clunky. I was hoping for better results. I really want to make a switch to Corel software.
    Now I am really crossing my fingers that Corel would consider a native MacOSX version. We need it.

  38. Serge SF says:

    CorelDRAW for Mac is in huge requirement since 2010, when Apple platform got a great appeal due to enormous iPhone and iPad success. Not silly previous “hack” versions (6, 8 and 11), but TRUE, native Cocoa application. The present Adobe madness, as well as Microsoft’s WinH8 madness are huge opportunity for Corel. Please, do your best for making native Mac version!

  39. i’ve been trying to decide what to do since learning of this new situation with adobe. i’m not jumping on their cloud. just bought an iMac a few weeks before all this hit the fan and have no photo editing software on it at all. i have been a pc user and still am since i can’t edit photos on my Mac. i’m this close to getting PSCS6 before that becomes unavailable, if it hasn’t already, because I need something and I’m familiar with PS. Doesn’t seem to be many other choices for someone like me, unfortunately. I would’ve seriously considered Corel Paintshop Pro, but since I now have a Mac, I’m outta luck!

  40. CorelDraw for the Mac —– PLEASE!!!!!! We use Draw through Parallels but it’s just not the same experience as using it natively…not to mention the fact that we’re trying to get away from Windows, only to be tied to it by having to purchase Windows licences just so that we can run our Corel Suite…buying 2 extra programs to run one…doesn’t make sense at all.
    Come on Corel – stop worrying and bloody build the native apps already (at least Corel Draw). It might take some time to gain traction, but it will !

  41. Sergey says:

    Before start of using MacOS X, I used Corel Draw package for working with both vector and pixel images. The advantages of MacOS X are prevalent for me, however Corel Draw is the program which I really need. I tried other solutions of vector graphics native for MacOS X, such as Acorn, iDraw, etc., but all of them can’t provide the same experience and convenience as Corel Draw. Using Windows on the same laptop put me back in the horror of dealing with all viruses and dozen of other issues. Additionally, the memory capacity of MacBook Air doesn’t allow me to instal the second operation system (Windows). So I still waiting when Corel provide its solution for MacOS X users. I personally confirm my willingness to pay for the native MacOS X version of Corel Draw, if the price will not be higher than for the same product for Windows version.

  42. Ben says:

    I would buy an updated mac-native version of CorelDraw in a heartbeat. I’ve used CorelDraw for my work (academic scientist) first using windows versions, and then mac (CorelDraw 11). I had to upgrade my Mac operating system for compatibility with other programs that I use, and thus lost my ability to run CorelDraw 11. While it’s true that one can effectively run the current versions of Coreldraw for Windows in emulation mode (I’ve done this with X4 and X5 on my iMacs), the interface with keystroke commands is buggy and needs a lot of tweaking. The biggest problem for me comes in trying to run CorelDraw for windows in emulation mode using one of the new Macbook Pros with retina display. There are all sorts of problems with the screen resolution and I have yet to figure out how to get the settings right. If anyone has any success in doing this, I would love to know. But more than anything, I would love to see a Mac native version of CorelDraw.

  43. Halrey Johnson says:

    It’s a real shame the guys at Corel didn’t take this seriously and see a need for an OSX competitor to Illustrator way back when Adobe announced their intention to discontinue development of FreeHand.

    There are thousands of users out there who still use FreeHand (probably still the best vector graphics app that ever existed, in terms of a combination of power, flexibility and being ridiculously intuitive to use) but realise that its future is limited since it no longer runs on the most recent operating systems. Folk like this are more desperate now than ever before for a viable alternative to Illustrator (and, sadly, FreeHand).

    Adobe have attracted massive criticism over the years by buying up and then discarding a number of key competitive applications and ultimately creating their own monopoly. And now that Adobe have gone down the Cloud rental path, it’s clear that they are alienating even more users, so the opportunities for competing products are now rife.

    Yes, new products take time to develop properly, and for that reason, developers in general have already missed a massive opportunity by not being ready today.

    So now is the time for companies like Corel to think very hard about taking a leap of faith for the future. I am sure I speak for a significant portion of the Mac graphics community when I say that I hope that some, maybe Corel, will act very quickly to make sure they don’t miss out again on the opportunity to provide Mac users with a viable alternative to both FreeHand and Illustrator.

    You can bet that somebody, somewhere, is working on doing precisely this right now.
    So don’t get left behind again, Corel …

  44. Leslie says:

    I’ve been a user over 15 years. I hope you strike while the iron’s hot — quickly and efficiently. Corel has always been a step behind. And really you have to invest money to make money. If you’ve had a Mac version ready think about how many people are now ready to move onto Corel. Though it is futile to look backwards, it is wise to learn from previous missteps. Also now is the time to post more professional tutorials on your website. These tutorials are not for seasoned professionals – whom you want to attract. And the company should definitely create more powerful plugins etc. I know this was very candid feedback, but it comes from “family”

  45. Rolf Gloor says:

    Well, while you’re at it, just make it native for Linux as well.
    OS X and Linux are quire similar (openBSD / Linux).
    So there is not much extra work to make it run on both.
    And there is NO good Vector Graphics application, supporting all required (partially proprietary) standards for professional use.
    So there is a window of opportunity to catch two flies with one hit. (OS X and Linux)

    There are many applications, running successfully on multiple platforms, and therefore proofing, that it can be done.
    Even apps like professional CAD systems, Image Manipulation programs, Office Suites, and many more.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

  46. Pingback: Adobe stellt die Creative Suite ein - Seite 41

  47. j says:

    FYI since I know Corel is behind and to give you guys a heads up, Apple announced a new mac os called Maverick, it’s coming out in fall, so make Corel Draw compatible with that lol

  48. real shame Coral haven’t got their act together for Macs

    I would have bought it years ago if they had then, I would if they did now

    Using windows emulation? Yeah right

    (added to which most Macs users actually pay for their software 😉 )

    • Willie says:

      I tried one of the best windows emulation apps called Parallels Desktop, but the Corel 30 day trial software ran too slow. I really wanted this to be an option. I have a fast MacPro with 10 gigs of memory and a 1.5TB hard drive.
      We found out that a good software substitute for Adobe CS right now is “Xara Designer Pro”. It works great with windows emulation on the Mac. You can use it for photoshop type of work, vector work like adobe illustrator, and even for web design. It’s very fast too.
      I wish Corel software would run that well with emulation. We could only consider switching to Corel software if it runs natively on Mac OS.

  49. Kelly says:

    Corel…If, you get yourselves together and sort us out with a native mac version, we’ll switch our entire studio straight to your software immediately.We’re sick to death of Adobes monopoly on the design/creative industries, and have been for quite some time, and it’s about time we had real alternatives so we can stick two fingers up at them!

  50. Visualine says:

    CorelDraw 11 was never great on the Mac.It was probably the reason why Mac users never bothered to switch from Freehand and formed such a poor opinion of the best vector drawing platform ever developed. I am amongst those who cannot abide the vector drawing tools and frustrating workflow of Illustrator, and have, since 2006, until recently used CorelDraw very successfully on my iMac using Bootcamp. In fact Windows in Bootcamp runs far happier than on any PC I had ever owned – no hangs, no blue screens of death, no three finger salutes, no lost files, no loss of precious time!!! – but regrettably the boot in and out between the OS’s became so annoying – and VM and Parallels lumpy performance was never good enough for my intensive level of vector output – that I had to return to running both a PC(CorelDraw 15) and Mac(Adobe CS 6) to operate smoothly. Everything on one Mac OSx platform would be awesome – I would definitely support it!!

  51. Edward says:


  52. Mike says:

    I have been using CorelDraw since version 1 in late 80’s/early 90’s which was Windows based. Eventually Corel bought out a company specialising in Mac- hey presto… Mac Corel. I still LOVE Corel but after losing Mac support Version 11, I had to buy a PC just or Corel… It’s a hassle but its my only choice… I too have been asking for native MacOS support for over a decade but alas it’s all about numbers & money! Not about users… Adobe have screwed everyone for years with overly complicated & supremely ridiculous pricing. They will do do a backflip and continue to rip designers off until there s a legitimate alternative… That should have been Corel. Lets wait & see.

  53. Darth Vader says:

    There is no choice to Adobe thanks to Corel which gave up.
    No competition means no evolution and monopoly.
    Thats bad for all of us.

  54. Just like Visualine above. I believe that there is no comparison between Corel and Illustrator, Coreldraw is so good, but booting in and out of windows has become such time consuming that I need to use two computers. Please Corel develop a native OS version.

  55. One Question: Is it not possible that you create a runtime envoiment for linux (ubuntu?) based on “wine” which works good and stable?

  56. Like many others above, I shout PLEASE!, PLEASE!, PLEASE!, PLEASE!, PLEASE!,
    Corel, BRING DRAW SUITE TO MAC, asap please.
    I can’t wait.

  57. Jorge says:

    I don’t want to use photoshop anymore and the only company that could make it is Corel, but I will not run any version not made for Mac OS. As I have don with Adobe products, I have decided not to use Windows, and I will not, so if I can use Corel on my Mac(s) I won’t switch to Adobe never again.

  58. Stanley II says:

    I am using windows PC coz I cant run a full version of Corel on Mac. But hey Pliz corel guys bring us Mac version pliz,

  59. I do support the idea of having CorelDraw on Mac. I love CorelDraw more than other vector programs and I have since installed it on my Macbook pro using Boot Camp. However, I am forced to use other vector program on my Macbook because every time I want to use it I have to close everything I am working on and restart my mac to go to windows part of my it. If CorelDraw is available on Mac I would be doing much of my vector projects using it and I will definitely buy it.

    I 100% support the idea.

  60. Ssl says:

    I love Corel Draw and, since I have a Mac, I don’t have two important tools on my computer: Corel Draw and PaintShop Pro (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop isn’t the same). Please made it for Mac and I’ll buy it! I don’t want to use Bootcamp or Parallels!

  61. Zam says:

    Would definitely love CorelDraw on Mac. I am against using parallels or bootcamp so I’m forced to use Adobe software. Please make a version for Mac as well

  62. Faisal Narvel says:

    Have been using Corel Draw Since the beginning
    Bought an quadcore 27″ iMac in 2010 which is lying practically useless
    sine cant run corel draw on this
    That is the only reason I cant use my iMac for anything worthwhile
    So waiting desperately for the Mac version of my favorite software

  63. Keith says:

    The problem for Corel is that Adobe could back track at any time and release stand alone versions of their apps if the Creative Cloud backlash is strong enough. Personally, I don’t think that will happen but it is a possibility. Such a turn of events would probably weaken demand for Corel’s products on the Mac again. I would say the smart money would wait a bit to make sure Adobe is not going to back track.

    In the short term, maybe a better way to go is offer some promotion with discounts (preferred) or rebates on virtualization products with a Corel Software purchase. Maybe even just do a bundle, of course users would still need to provide an OS.

    Better yet, get with the Crossover folks and get your products fully compatible with Crossover. That would have to be much easier than a full port. Then sell a “Crossover Edition” of your products so that a full virtualization product wouldn’t be needed.

    • Willie says:

      If Adobe back tracks, the worst mistake we can make is to go back to Adobe products. We are responsible for giving Adobe too much power. This is why they are behaving the way they are, we have allowed them to be that way. The best thing to do is to stay away from Adobe products, even is they back track. Adobe needs to learn a lesson. They can’t be pushing customers around at will without considering their needs and wants.
      I am sure many people feel the way I do, Adobe is history to us. It’s time to move to other software, and even the power, so that Adobe is not controlling our careers and businesses in the future. Lets teach Adobe a good lesson. Don’t support their products, even if they back track. This is the only chance we have to make a difference.

    • Rob says:

      Corel should have had Mac versions available long ago. Had they done so, they would now be enjoyable a veritable windfall of Photoshop converts. They need to get into the Mac game, just as so many other software developers have done. There are millions of Mac computers in use, many of them in the hands of imaging professionals and enthusiasts. Supporting both platforms is now commonplace.

  64. JoAnne Kidnay says:

    Have been using Corel products since the 1990’s. Started with Corel Draw, Painter, Paintshop Pro and WordPerfect (which I’ve been using since CPM days).. In 2005, I bought my first iMac and love the Mac more than windows. I keep only one (1) windows computer now only for the above coral products. With Adobe going rental our company’s production will be greatly slowed down as the cost over a year almost becomes cost prohibitive. I do encourage Corel to come up with OSX operating programs. This would definitely be a great service and am sure it would be a financial gain for Corel.

  65. Rui - Portugal says:

    more words ? No
    numbers ? no
    Corel, make your duty to this and other clients, and don’t loose at the same time a great oportunity.

  66. Don’t miss this opportunity Corel. I left Corel for Illustrator because of lack of native Mac support. More recently I have left photoshop for Pixelmator and now I’m looking for an alternative for Illustrator to have ongoing access to upgrades at a reasonable price. I boycott programs which require parallels because it’s not the way I want to work. I’ll continue using illustrator if Corel never makes a native version of Coreldraw for MAC.

  67. Jim says:

    I would love to see Draw on the Mac. I don’t like to use Windows emulators on my mac. I find it gets confusiing, particularly around copy and paste functions

  68. Ryan Johnson says:

    I used to be a master of CorelDRAW on Windows a long time ago, when the MAC support stopped. I had parallels running for a few painful years. Eventually I had to move on and go all MAC os programs. I had to completely abandon CorelDRAW and years worth of work and files that went with it. I search the internet about every 6 months to see if there’s any rumblings of a CorelDRAW for Mac release. I sincerely hope that Corel moves forward with the development of a modern CorelDRAW that runs natively on the OS platform. That would be a huge win for myself and many of my team that need a program to quickly generate graphics and images for our video production and special effects company. I’ve tried other Mac programs that use .cdr files and all have fallen flat in my opinion.


    I love coeldraw but i cant use it to editing films or photos please can any one help me out, the steps to follow when working on coreldraw.

  70. Kaajal Badlani Choppra says:

    I have been using Corel Draw since it was version 1 an 2 and am absolutely devastated that I can’t use it on my Mac. I use it occasionally through the bootcamp option, but that defies the point of having a Mac. Corel would work beautifully with Mac interface.. Please please please come out with a Mac version soon.. I will waiting oh so patiently.

  71. espdesign10 says:

    Is Corel listening to this discussion unfolding? #CorelForMac

    • Gérard Métrailler says:

      Yes, we are listening.

    • Vulpine says:

      I would say they’re not, as if they were they would have openly said something by now.

      I’ve been fighting for Paint Shop Pro on the Mac for almost ten years–ever since I fully abandoned Windows. I felt it was the best software for image manipulation available, but I was sick of Windows’ limitations. My business has suffered because of it, but fortunately my customers can’t see the difference in any way except the time it takes me to perform the tasks.

      • Willie says:

        Yes, Paint Shop Pro for the Mac would make the transition from Adobe a slam dunk for many people.

      • Rob says:

        I would not make such an assumption. Many companies keep their plans secret until they are well along in development or almost ready for release. For all we know, Corel is already working on Mac prototypes but do not wish to discuss it publicly, lest the project fails.

      • saukrhiann says:

        Rob, the only answer I have to that is: Why put people off for more than 10 years? The demand has been there all this time and if they’d been working on it at all during that time, they’d probably already have it out there.

        I KNOW what PSP Photo was capable of and was quite willing to pay their price for it then. It was even then far superior to Photoshop’s Elements while nowhere near as complicated (or expensive) as Photoshop itself. In my business of digitizing peoples collections of old photos, negatives and slides, I often needed the full capabilities of PSPP and they were both easy to find and easy to use; far better than their Adobe competitor who still seems to think that they have to bury all their tools under layers of menus. And quite honestly, at over $700 just for CS3, I never bothered to update from that version because even the upgrade costs were more than I was willing to spend for a program I didn’t like but was forced to use after leaving Windows.

        Now? I wouldn’t use Photoshop itself on a dare unless I got a conversion job with over 15,000 slides. Maybe that job would pay just for the use of Photoshop, but it sure wouldn’t pay for my time as well.

  72. Rawshooter says:

    I think Corel should re-consider their support rules first. I’ve changed most of my graphics to Adobe. Adobe’s support is by far better. Corel is just blocking, setting rules and try to tell the customer what he “must” do.

    • Rob says:

      I have no explanation for Corel’s past corporate decisions, but I do believe that they are now paying a big price for not having Mac versions of their software already out and proven to be worthy alternatives to Adobe’s products. It would be interesting to know how many Windows PS users have migrated to Corel since the big switch to a subscription model took place. I’m reasonably certain that Corel knows, but they are not telling anyone–at least not yet. Probably there will be a lag in such a migration as long as people can continue using their current versions on PS.

      • Faisal Narvel says:

        As far as I remember
        I had shared the same comments and wish list to Corel a couple of years back may be three years back.
        But the response I got from Corel was that, They did not see many Buyers for the Mac Version Then, Hence it was not a viable option to put in so much resources and Money into it. I think Corel Officials who are following this blog would agree.
        But now things have changed, Mac has shown its presence and the Mac Designers are coming out in numbers asking for a change in policy.
        So I guess it is high time the new version comes out with the two versions.
        I also think that If Corel decides on starting the Cloud Subscription, It would be a disaster.
        (Though I must confess that after waiting for all these years, I recently installed Windows 8 in Dual Boot Mode on My Mac, And am using it, Which is a compromise, Had there been a Mac Version, I would have never installed Windows in Dual Boot)

  73. Always used Corel, keeping a pc only for that. Last update version 12. Now I’m not any longer ready for to spend money for SW on a PC knowing I’m doing all I need on my macbook pro.
    Should you develop a native version for Mac (from where by the way is coming… 😉 well, I’d buy it immediately!
    Looking forward to have soon this opportunity and start doing again business together!

  74. Dave C. says:

    Wake up Corel team!

  75. JD says:

    I would buy it immediately

  76. Jason Marks says:

    I’ve been waiting for CorelDRAW to come back to Macs for years. The Mac platform has a higher percentage of creatives than Windows. Why it was discontinued makes no sense.

  77. It’s a pity PaintShop Pro is not on Mac ether, and it doesn’t work in Wine.

  78. Jeyenth says:

    Looking forward Corel Draw version for mac without any bootcamp assistance.
    When is it going to happen?

  79. Jeff says:

    The way Adobe won so many Quark users was to be able to open Quark files. If CorelDraw returns to the Mac, I will seriously consider purchasing if you can open InDesign files. Also Corel should purchase Typestyler and make it part of CorelDraw. (unless it already has similar) Plus Corel would need to be as capable as Adobe at working with the big printing companies. A big job.

    • Willie says:

      The big printing companies are also looking for Adobe alternatives and a lot of them already support Corel software.

  80. Keefieboy says:

    Many years ago, I used CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint (and was a finalist in the 3rd Corel World Design Contest). I loved the products and their ease of use. 6 years ago I switched to Mac – I had Parallels but could never get it to work properly. So I became an Adobe slave. Believe me when I say that Illustrator and Photoshop are some of the least intuitive, most over-rated and over-priced bits of software around. Corel Corp: wake up! The Mac market is HUGE now, and not just pros. There are many people who hate Adobe products and who would LOVE to have native Corel stuff on their Macs. Go for it! Quick!

  81. Franklin says:

    After a 20 year love affair with Adobe I’m ready to throw in the towel. After the tricks Quark played on us, it seems Adobe hasn’t learned anything. If Corel can get a Mac version to work I’ll be happy to switch partners. (provided Corel doesn’t ask any ransom money each month for the content I’ve created)

  82. Dan says:

    I have worked with CoreDRAW since version 4.0 back in 1998. I just LOVE this software, it’s so simple and intuitive, yet powerful and versatile. I also work with AutoCAD, and Adobe products, but when it comes to 2D presentations and vector files for CNC or plotter cutting I just do them on CorelDRAW. Recently I bought an iMac and have to run Windows in order to be able to work with CD. This is too bad, I can’t believe AutoCAD is available for MacOS and not CorelDRAW! Guys, make it happen, you’re so much better than Adobe Illustrator, it’s a shame to send all your users and fans their way. Not releasing a MacOS version is not a good marketing move AT ALL. People like myself and the fans above are starting to get bored and will eventually switch to AI rather than doing all kinds of tricks to get to use this amazing software on a Mac. Amazing softwares shall be available for amazing computers, don’t you think?

  83. Jose says:

    Corel just unfortunate that this thinking of creating a version of Corel Draw for OSX, this task should this already finished.

    • saukrhiann says:

      Corel needs to get it through their heads that Mac users don’t want “selected graphics solutions”, they want ALL the Corel apps! I specifically need Paint Shop Pro Photo for my work in photo conversion and repair because it’s simply the more efficient app–on a mediocre OS. I spend more time fixing Windows problems than I do repairing photos.

  84. I remember when I started using Corel Draw to design signs on the East Coast and the software came in multiple 5.25 floppy disc and then diskette. I just loved that you could do anything your creativity was the limit. I moved to BC in 1992 and shortly after I started doing skydiving photography, I tried with a PC but it was a mess. I switch to Apple and haven’t looked back, its true when they say “Once you go Mac, You’ll never go back” I had to learn the in-depth of Adobe Photoshop which is a great software but I would love to get a Apple/Mac version of Corel Draw without having to run Parallel or any other virtual machine on a MAC. Please Corel, you’ll regain another loyal customer

  85. I concur with everything everyone says. I am one of a huge number of of part time freelancers who just cannot justify the CC sunscription method. I am due to upgrade, and I don’t want to upgrade to Adobe. But no windows emulators please. Help!!

  86. ‘subscription’, obviously!

  87. Rod Neucom says:

    I am a designer/photographer… I have been happily (very happily using Coreldraw since version 3 (I think it was that long ago) . 3 years ago I changed to Mac… ecstatic… but I ended up having a separate laptop just for my beloved Corel… I am running Parallels on my iMac just for Corel… I tried Adobe CS6 just to get everything on the macs… I tried but every time there was a serious job to do I was back to Corel… after persevering I cancelled my Adobe subscription and re-embraced my X5… OK I am an Apple convert but I seriously believe that people hate Apple products because they have never tried it… (yes I was one) and people use Adobe because they haven’t tried Corel… Running a virtual machine is basically inelegant

    So the final request… plea… begging request???

    Can we have Corel for Mac???

    Please please please

  88. Happysnapper says:

    As a Mac user for 5 years I would never go back to Windows .
    When I used windows I had most of the coral software .
    I miss Paint shop pro most . Please ,please get all of the coral software converted
    to Mac and I for one would use a lot of it.
    When I have asked before for PSP I was told to use a converter for Windows
    and buy Windows software and PSP .. NO cost would be over £200 .
    Coral get a grip and put ALL of your software onto Mac .. More people use
    a Mac for photos.

  89. Steven Valley says:

    I would definitely use Corel Draw for the Mac, Adobe has lost it’s desire to serve the Graphics Industry and have been too greedy and too insecure when it comes to producing software that can be used easily. The software that phones home and needs constant updating in order to run is a software package that is more interested in keeping tabs on itself than it is in being used to develop creative solutions. Remember Quark? Remember those 3.5″ diskettes that you had to mail in to get your software registered? Wasn’t InDesign supposed to be an answer to Quarks lack of flexibility? Where is Quark now? I rest my case.

    Corel, step up to the plate and seize this moment, it is yours for the taking!

  90. The Alleged Artist says:

    So. While you are still debating at Corel headquarters, if a Mac version would be a good investment, it’s been more than a decade since Macromedia stopped developing Freehand and a couple of years since Adobe bought it and started killing it. FH users are still looking for a suitable alternative to the best Vector software ever made.
    With Freehand out of business and an extremely aggressive Adobe cloud solution, more than 80% of the vector user market are still waiting and waiting for someone in the industry to do the next step.
    Sure there are small apps doing their first steps but none of them is still at Freehand or Illustrator level. The only company capable of matching either one is Corel with its Draw! app. Take Freehand, study it, try to adapt the most of it into Draw! and jump forward! Come on!! What are you waiting for!?!

  91. Rat says:

    Oh, come on, make Coreldraw for the Mac again. Adobe lost me, I would have bought Photo paint instead of photoshop, but now I have pixelmator. If Corel doesn’t hurry up, someone else will fill this niche…

  92. Keefieboy says:

    Are you listening, Corel peeps? There’s a massive market waiting for you if you do this:

    1) Produce a CorelSuite natively for Mac: as a minimum, this would be CorelDraw, PhotoPaint, and maybe a decent Dreamweaver clone. I personally am not bothered about anything else.

    2) Sell it, for between $300 and $500. DO NOT try to rent it. I’m a freelancer, and most of your customers will be too – our income goes up and down: regular monthly payments can not be guaranteed. Being deprived of the use of the software when we can’t afford to pay for it means we’d never be able to get out of the gutter when opportunities come along, ‘cos we ain’t got no software!

    3) You talk about the investment required: how much? If you don’t have the resources, get down and beg: try Kickstarter. I’d pledge you $500, straight off. Hundreds of other people would too.

    4) I can’t over-estimate this: Adobe has cornered the market for graphic design software with hard-to-use, expensive fudgeware. You are sitting on easy-to-use, affordable software at a time when many individuals are disillusioned with Adobe. Mac used to be 3% of the market, now it’s 10-20%. It’s a serious bunch of people.

    The Parallels/Windows ‘solution’ is not a solution at all. It involves the user in giving money to 2 other companies (at least one of whom Mac users have good reason to despise (I personally hate both of them and will not willingly give either of them money)) before you even get started on buying CorelSuite.

    Tell us, what would it take to make you take the plunge? Why are you so blind to this opportunity?

  93. Khalil Malik says:

    Windows is nice just as apple is nice you went a long way around to finally say Corel draw is offered only on a windows based operating system, dual boot what ever less money for you, the windows people could care less wether apple people have access to corel draw, as long as they have access, and same the other way around. You guys need to come out of that smoke filled room and smell the roses, and see the progress that’s going on all around you, in a few ticks this conversation will be mute.

  94. Faisal Narvel says:

    How abt a single version thats compatible with both ….
    The designer has the liberty either to use it on his Mac or his PC
    Just a thought

  95. Jason Graham says:

    Seems like a bad idea to not make a Mac version. Everyone I know that does graphic design professionally uses a Mac and in turn is forced to use adobe.

  96. Pat Lowery says:

    Keefieboy well said! The time was never more right than now to bring out a Mac Version, what with Windows 8 sending people to macs. Unbelievable the problems I am having trying to get CorelDraw to run on Windows 7 on my Mac. What part of “here take my money” does Corel not get?

  97. Ricky Navarro says:

    I have been using Corel since version 3 and have owned each version since. In 2009 I switched to Mac for good and was very pleased to be able to install my CD11 natively on my Mac. I just upgraded to OS 10.8.5 and to my dismay CD11 will not run. I must install Parallels or VMWare to use. My church runs multiple Mac machines and CorelDraw is our preferred vector program. Our future media school would as well. Please Corel give us a native Mac version, that we can purchase multiple licenses for. I want to continue to be a loyal supporter. Don’t force us to iDraw or worse Illustrator.

  98. Karla says:

    Please make a corel version for mac, i’ll buy it for sure. I learned to draw/design with corel 5 and since then i’ve been a fan. I don’t like illustrator. It’s too hard to work with vectors and is not as powerful as Corel. I changed for mac 3 years ago and as other people say I just have a separate laptop for my corel (don’t like paralells). So please don’t let us down

  99. rica says:

    leave it to illustrator :!

  100. Andy says:

    I beg you please make CorelDRAW for Mac. Awesome graphic design software.

  101. cloudneuve says:

    I have disposed Windows entirely last year when they have Windows 8. Using Mac, the most thing I miss a lot is CorelDraw. Using Win on Mac sounds silly: wasting the resources. I’ve tried to find all the closest alternative but I found none so far. I can draw a concept logo in my mind with CorelDraw instantly: 5 minutes blindfolded – that now I spend many hours with Adobe.

  102. Franklin says:

    Since Corel isn’t responding to any of these comments, I think it’s fair to say they’re not interested in making a Mac version of their product. Disappointing, but it probably has something to do with the fact that Apple and Adobe have a common interest in keeping the monopoly. We’re waiting for a programmer who picks up the glove…

    • Willie says:

      Yes, it seems to be going in that direction. At least one comment of no or maybe would help. This way we know if we need to go shopping for others apps now.

    • Rob says:


      I don’t think that we can infer anything about Corel’s intentions from their silence on the matter. They may be hard at work on a possible Mac version but cannot discuss it publicly until its feasibility is certain.

  103. Willie says:

    Hi Jed,
    That comment is too short and doesn’t really say much.
    We are looking for more specifics.

    • Faisal Narvel says:

      Lets not jump to conclusions
      Let’s give them some time to decide and judge market sentiments
      We are only sharing our experience and giving inputs about the hardships the designer community is facing. The final decision rests with corel, We can only wish

      • David Fields says:

        How much time do they need, 1 year? 5 years? 10?

        This article alone is almost 6 months old and people have been messaging Corel for YEARS to bring their applications over to the Mac. I, alone, have messaged them for almost 10 years because I never liked Photoshop and always felt PSP Photo was the best image editing program on the market, though they platform they chose to support wasn’t. Am I prejudiced? Yes. But not by arbitrary bias, rather by real world experience over 30 years of computer use. Meanwhile, I’m forced to use inferior editing apps on what is to me a superior operating system.

  104. Mikke says:

    I have an older version of CorelDraw running on VMWare that runs WinXP. I only run the VM for CorelDraw. This setup is less than ideal because of all the overhead that Windows takes. Everytime I start the VM, there are windows updates, antivirus updates, virus scans on top of the sluggishness of windows (as compared to the mac). Sometimes it’s more pain than it’s worth.

    So to run Corel on a mac = virtual machine ($) + copy of windows ($$) + corel draw software ($$$) + antivirus software with yearly subscription costs($) + my time to manage windows updates + hard drive space equal to minimum windows requirements for the VM.

    I would buy a native mac version in an instant! I could remove the multi-gig VM

  105. Clint E. says:

    I’m in the exact same boat as “Mikke” and some of the other commenters. CorelDraw is the ONLY reason I use windows and the ONLY reason I installed VMWare on my Mac. I am a Creative Director and spend 90% of my day at my computer, most of which is spent in CorelDraw. I STRONGLY prefer CorelDraw to Illustrator and InDesign. I understand there is a significant investment but the Mac world needs CorelDraw.

    I would DEFINITELY purchase native CorelDraw for Mac!

  106. Charles Badland says:

    I had used Corel for years when they supported the Mac platform. I had to stop when Corel stopped writing for Mac. I will NOT use Bootcamp or any Windows emulator, but if Corel reintroduces native programs for Mac X, I will definitely buy it for our lab. Without a doubt. Don’t miss the boat on this guys!

    • Moira says:

      Why won’t you use bootcamp or an emulator – I ask as I’m between a rock and hard place – new MAC needed but still want to use Corel draw, which I do on Windows… on an old PC which is driving me nuts!

  107. Stephen says:

    I have used CorelDRAW on the Mac since version 12. I wish it was available natively on the Mac, because dealing with the complications of two operating systems is a hassle, even for the technically minded.

  108. Moira says:

    To cut a long story short – I use a Corel CS on Windows and Adobe CS on the MAC.
    Adobe CS works best on the MAC.
    Corel CS works best on Windows.
    I want to stay with my MAC – for too many reasons to go into here – so please, please, please get it together and come back!

  109. Windows on Mac? No thanks!

  110. kratungpay says:

    Corel…on mac. It’s a dream worth waiting for…

  111. Actually, using the software is just a matter of habit. So the problem is not going to use Corel or Adobe.

  112. John K says:

    Corel talks about development costs and insufficient users on Mac to create a native Mac version. Well what is the future for PC? Google Chrome operating systems are significantly progressing. iMac sales are rapidly increasing. Is the focus on surviving in today’s market, or the possiblity of being in the market for the long run? I do think Mac would be a solid investment for a native Corel draw version. Mac marketing, general consumer awareness and sales have come a long way since the days of Corel Draw V11 that was Mac compatible.
    Hope Corel can make this change, I think many fans have been eagerly awaiting the news of the native version on Mac. Only time before a comlpetely new design program/platform comes into the market that is cloud based and compatible across Mac, PC and Android operating systems, most probably developed by Google is my guess. By then it truly will be too late. (Technology and web services are growing rapidly).
    Sincerely, a “old school” Corel fan.

  113. Andy says:

    I sincerely hope that CorelDRAW X7 will be available for MAC.
    Please make it happen.

    • David Fields says:

      As far as Paint Shop Pro Photo is concerned, they waited too long. I begged them for 10 years to create an OS X version and they ignored me–claiming there wasn’t enough demand. Well, the demand swelled and they continued to ignore it–until too late.

      I’ve found something that works as easily as PSPP X and offers all the tools I used in PSPP in Windows, but it’s not PSPP and it runs in both Windows AND OS X.

      Bye bye, Corel. You’ve lost my business for life.

  114. I used CorelDRAW for years, even after switching to a Mac. Corel 11 still worked pretty good on my Macbook running Snow Leopard. However, the move to Mavericks (2013 Mac OS) killed that little joy – even if it was only barely hanging on through Rosetta. Illustrator is okay. It’s the “industry standard”, I guess… But, Corel… PLEASE resurrect CorelDRAW!!!! I hate Windows.

  115. Alberto says:

    I don’t know if Corel lost the “momentum” but in case the guilty are only them. After ten year of only windows version asking us if we want some products for Mac is barely stupid. People asked this for ten years, is it not enought? So don’t put anymore words about this, make the MacOs version or shut up.

  116. Lorie H. says:

    I just bought a brand new iMac, got super excited and started loading in all my design software, then I got to Corel Draw. Admitedly I did not fully read the description since I know I love the software, I looked to see if I could choose a platform before purchase and didn’t see it but bought it anyways thinking it was just available for both. Stupid me, it never occurred to me that a major design software would not be available for a major design based operating system like Mac! Now I am waiting for an rma # since I obviously could not install the software after downloading it. Very disappointed and trying to find an alternative now. Come on Corel, give us a Mac version, pleeeeease!

  117. Kyle says:

    I use CorelDraw for my business. I create my labels, online banners and a lot of other marketing tools using this program, however since I switched to mac, I have been having a lot of trouble with the program. I don’t want to switch to a new program, now that I am use to the functionality of the program. If you were to create a mac version, I would upgrade.

  118. John B says:

    I am a MAC user and I would buy your product if you had a native version

  119. Mark says:

    I would love to see a CorelDraw native app for the Mac. I am currently using Parallels 9 since I have to have CorelDraw for work, but the program’s resolution is almost unbearable. I have played with the resolution for Windows, but nothing solves the program itself. Any ideas until Corel decides Mac users are valuable enough to provide a native program for them?

  120. wfehrBill says:

    It’s been seven months since my last post here. Corel, has there been any progress made towards deciding on a mac version? I know, I know, you don’t discuss business decisions in these kinds of forums.

    Well, just so you know, in the seven months since my last post I have completely removed CorelDRAW from my workflow here on my mac (running windows) and have found other alternative softwares that more than get the job done. Since Adobe held a gun to our heads and Corel seems dead set against the mac version my company has moved us to a completely different alternative that eliminate both the need of Adobe and Corel. BTW, this is a Global decision so there goes a good chunk of change for you.

    Problem Solved. Thanks for dragging your feet Corel.

    • Jed Hunsaker says:

      Are you guys using Gimp or something? What solution did you end up with?

      • David Fields says:

        It really depends on what you’re trying to do. Don’t get me wrong; I still personally love Corel’s PSPP and there are others who love Corel Draw and other graphics apps; however, with a little work you can find an app or combination of apps that meets the need without going through the hassles of running a virtual machine on your Mac–whether that be Parallels/Fusion or Bootcamp which still force you to run Windows itself. For most of my simplest fixes I use Apple’s own software, but one plug-in company I won’t name since this is a Corel blog has gone full-bore into image processing which exceeds the capabilities of even Photoshop Elements and comes very close to matching PSPP itself in capability–at less than half the price. Apple’s own video software again meets my needs for all video production, though is slightly limited on transitions and certain other more detail-oriented features which that plug-in company again addresses.

        Another favorite, albeit non-Corel video production application of mine is Windows-exclusive and for as much as I love it, the hassles of running Windows itself drove me away. I’ve been emailing them consistently as well to develop a Mac version.

  121. What? Means I have two choices to run Corel on my job:
    1.- Buy a PC, a license of Windows 7 (at least), and Corel Draw Suite. Cost: $ 1,900 (includes more RAM)
    2.- Buy Parallels Desktop, a license of Windows 7 and Corel Suite Cost: $ 730.
    Add 30% plus if you live in Mexico, like me.
    This is for 1 user. Really this is madness. Adobe Suite subscription is $600. I don’t like Adobe agreements, but is cheaper.

  122. Jed Hunsaker says:

    I’ve been following this thread since May 2013 and I’m seeing much of the same feedback from Mac users, including those who have recently switched to a Mac. The comments that follow only apply to those who have recently switched.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say why are you people blaming Corel for your poor decision making? If the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a business-critical application for you, then switching to a Mac is a poor decision. You can’t blame Corel for that. I’m not saying Mac is a bad OS. I’m just saying if the software you rely upon most isn’t supported on the OS, why switch?

    The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Microsoft Visual Studio are the two biggest reasons I wouldn’t consider switching to a Mac. CorelDRAW hasn’t been supported on a Mac since version 11, what was it back in 2002 or so? It’s been more than 10 years since then! If you want to beg Corel to come out with a Mac native version, that’s totally fine, but don’t blame them for your poor decision making.

    I realize this comes off bold and cold, but I just don’t think this heat on Corel is justified. They are a great company. They have intuitive applications, much more so than Adobe, IMO. Personally, I hope they get more exposure by releasing a Mac-native version, but I still wouldn’t switch to Mac because I rely too heavily on Visual Studio. That’s my thing. You have your thing.

    We all know Corel isn’t going to say anything until an official statement can be made. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I hope you guys find a way to survive in the Mac eco system in the meantime. I surely don’t envy your position.

    • David Fields says:

      “Poor decision making”? Sometimes cost effectiveness weighs more than convenience. Businesses have for years believed that the low up-front cost of generic PCs outweighed the higher cost of Apple’s products. This mindset IS changing however, as the typical Mac tends to carry double or more the usable lifespan as those PCs that are traditionally replaced every 2.5-3 years. Industries that need reliability and have relatively low budgets, such as the many sign and automobile graphics and truck-skinning businesses and smaller photographic businesses like my own, wedding photographers and others simply can’t afford to change hardware every few years. Apple’s computers offer the kind of reliability and stability of platform that not even Linux has been able to match–much less Windows.

      Add to this that Windows itself has changed drastically not once, but twice in the last 7 years. Windows 7 was such a drastic change that even major corporations held onto their XP to reduce culture shock. Then when Windows 8 came out, the shift was again so drastic that those businesses who stick with XP have chosen to accept Windows 7 rather than go through an even more extensive retraining cycle on 8. Meanwhile, OS X has run essentially unchanged for almost a decade; each new upgrade improving on it, but not CHANGING it.

      No, the poor decision making has more to do with Corel ignoring the re-growth of Apple’s OS as a viable platform–especially in the graphics industry.

    • Rob says:


      People switched from Windows to Mac for reasons that had nothing to do with their graphics work. Perhaps they thought that there would be software in the Mac world that would meet their needs but were disappointed with what they found. Furthermore, many of us who have posted on this thread have been long time Mac users who are mainly looking for a viable alternative to Photoshop’s new subscription plan. In both cases, Corel has a golden opportunity to fill a gaping hole. Will they do it, or are they too rigid and small-minded for such a venture?


    • Rod Neucom says:

      I was a died in the wool PC user… Got the first one in 1981… $15K and it had 5 ½ floppy and the worlds worst dot matrix printer… I continued till 2008 when I started a job where they gave me a Macbook Pro and said learn it… “BUT” I said…”I use Corel Draw” My boss just said stop complaining and just use it… Having a Mac was the biggest revelation I’ve had in 27 years of computing… after a week I went back to the boss and apologised. For two years I ran a second laptop (windows) just to use Corel… Then I bought a iMac27 and am running Parallels JUST for Corel

      What you don’t get is that people use Macs BECAUSE they are a better business decision… SO much easier to use, once you come to terms with the fact that the computer likes you and wants to help you work.

      I admit… I was anti apple right up to the day I was forced (?) to use one.

      I still have to use window in some touchscreen display applications and it is like having a pet tiger… all lovely and cuddly then one day it will bite your head off.

      We want Corel Draw native on mac because we know how much easier and smoother it will be.

      The only problems I have had on the iMac has been with Parallels/windows integration…

      And yes I had the Adobe Creative “robbery by stealth” for a year and I cancelled the subscription and went back to CorelDraw… through Parallels… Not because of money but I just don’t like the Adobe interface… Corel since version 3… So Corel version 16/17/18 for mac? Yep count me in…

    • David says:

      Because the technology changes. Microsoft and the hardware platforms that run it are a sinking, though very large ship. I, for one, got off. And I loved it. Come in, the Mac water is fine. I paid $2500 for my Macbook Pro two years ago. I paid the same for a Dell laptop for my wife at the same time in 2011. The Dell’s battery is bad, the keys fell off, the screen wobbles, it’s ugly, and the display looks like you’re looking through milk. The bottom line is Apple sells a good product at a fair price. If you want a $600 laptop, you’ll get a plastic heap. But try to find a decent Windows machine. They are all rattle traps– even the $4000 ones. In the 80’s, I told my friends “buy a Japanese car, they last longer.” They all scoffed. Now, it’s a known fact. I predict PC’s will be a “government bailout” product within 5 years.

      And, in answer to your question, I don’t choose my computer based on Corel. It’s a good product, but I also have to check e-mail, calendar, web, video edit, etc. Macs just can’t be beaten for that.

  123. I would LOVE an update on where Corel think they might be on reinstating a Mac version of CorelDraw…. Please? 🙂

    • Andy says:

      I second that. It would be great to know Corel’s decision on this.

      • David Fields says:

        I third the motion! When will Corel give us solid information instead of constantly hedging around it?

      • Rui - Portugal says:

        This looks like a circus and it seems that we are all clowns. All of Us talk over and over about a single problem and nobody seems to hear. At least one word about this, Corel Team! All of Us, as users deserve, at least, this care! Ps: sorry my english

  124. David says:

    I’ve used Corel since the early 90’s, switched to Mac Pro running VM Ware to run Corel in 2011. The solution was too clunky (keeping VM ware, Windows, and Corel updated, and having enough hardware power to run it, and switch between my Mac apps was just too much). So, I left Corel about a year ago. I own CS5, and HATE Adobe’s UI. I’ve tried to like it. So, I tried Idraw, 53, Pixelmator, Acorn, and I’m frustrated. Today, Microsoft is hopeless and the hardware platforms it runs on are plastic junk. I’ll stick with my Mac. I won’t go back. But I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, a native (assuming it’s stable) version of Corel.

    • Bill says:

      It took me about a year to adjust to Illustrator. I dedicated myself to only using Illustrator and opened Corel in that time period. After about a year I went back, and Corel felt clunky. So really, I think it is just a matter of what you get used to. I am at the point not where I can work faster in Illustrator.

      Wouldn’t you know it though, just when I got proficient Adobe pulls this crap. I have tried many alternative applications but there are just no substitutes for the mac, and I am with you, running VMWare fusion, Windows, and virus protection just to run DRAW is just plan stupid. By doing this you basically increase the cost of DRAW by the cost of those applications and the OS. Might as well pay Adobe and work on the mac.

      My company has all converted to Adobe ( I don’t have to pay so I don’t care) but for personally use, I am in a holding pattern. I am putting off doing any vector work and am learning Blender and submitting those image (along with photos) to stock sites rather than the vector files I used to create.

  125. Mike says:

    I would be happy to pay a premium price for CorelDraw for MAC.

  126. jeffrsnapln says:

    I have move over to OSX, but I use CorelDRAW a lot, so I need a solution. Bootcamp is no good for me because you have to reboot to change between OSX and windows. I’ve tried Parallels and it works fine, I just don’t like having to have a whole big fat Windows installation just to run one application.

    Is there any other way of doing it that doesn’t require a full windows installation? Something like Winebottler or Crossover, that runs windows apps in OSX without windows installed… From what I can see on the forums CorelDRAW doesn’t work on either of the above.

    Does anyone know of another solution, or does Corel have anything more to report regarding a native Mac version. I’m beginning to seriously consider Ai or even one of the other less prominent alternatives…

    • wfehr says:

      Either go back to Windows or find an alternative to Corel.

      By the time Corel figures out what they want to do with the mac (and maybe they already have) the opportunity for them will have already passed.

      Most of my vector work is now done with Illustrator CS6, and some in Inkscape and Idraw,

      • I was using Mac and PC since 1989 when have Illustrator 88 on a Mac, PC was mere administration business tool. Today I have 3 laptops (Win 8.1, Win 7 and Ubuntu) 2 desktop PC (win 8 both) and 3 iMac. Guess where I design? Mac! But in all those years I realize that computers (Linux, mac, Windows) are mere tools for making a good job. The most important factor it is YOU! Sure I love my macs, and want a Corel for Mac version. The company does not like? Microsoft pushes to do not? Whatever! Use hand reach software! And for people that have one Mac… why change to Win? Back to PC? Dont think so! Dont change hardware, change software, change working parameters, dont be slave of corporations. Corel loses customers, people don’t loses jobs.

    • Only certain older versions of CDR work (kinda) on wine. X5, X6 simply does not work through it. For the “best” results on a mac you’ll need a VM of your choice (eg. VM Fusion or Parallels) or….urg, bootcamp startup (which REALLY defeats the point of owning a Mac)

      • jeffrsnapln says:

        Thats pretty much what I’ve found so far… Oh well, Parallels it is then. Anyone know how to remove the unnecessary windows bloat to reduce the size of the installation. I’m currently running Windows 8.1 preview on Parallels 9 with only Corel Graphics suite X6 installed and its taking up 23Gb!

        Alternatively, has anyone had experience running windows of an external drive? Is USB3 fast enough?

  127. samueldrew says:

    I’m on CorelDraw X4 using VMware Fusion. The only time I’m on Windows is to run it, so if there was a native Mac version of the graphic suite, I would buy it at any cost to say goodbye to Windows and free up that disk space for my Mac.

  128. Andy says:

    CorelDRAW X7 for Mac please…..

  129. Alex Tomioka says:

    Lamentável não ter corel para MAC.

  130. VeryVito says:

    The last time CorelDraw was created for OS X, OS X was still considered a niche operating system. The times have changed dramatically now, and I know I would most definitely welcome — and purchase — a native OS X version of Corel Draw.

  131. Please give me a link to download Coreldraw of any version for Mac OS. need urgently..!!

  132. Andy says:

    Mr. Gerard, any updates on Corel’s side about this?

  133. T. Appel says:

    As many others above, the only reason I’m using Windows on my Mac is CorelDraw. I don’t use it every day…that is why I always have to wait for several Windows-Updates to be installed, before I can access CorelDraw. PLEASE develop a native Version for Mac.

  134. Rik says:

    I don’t want this thread to lose its importance and die.

    I started selling software products back in the mid 1980’s and when Corel came out with its first vector based graphics product, I was hooked. Corel 3 with Paint just cemented my loyalty to the Draw series. Throughout that time, I have switched between many PC OS’s and software products, as I am sure so many of you have, repeatedly jumping ship from one to another (ex: MS Word to Wordperfect… Excel to Lotus… and back).

    But there has been only one product has always prevented me from fully ditching the MS OS… and that is the Corel Draw series. I have made a good effort to use many of the Adobe products and have become adept at it. I have come to love using my iMac and Powerbook… but guess what’s always within reach… my Windows based PC so that I can use CorelDraw.

    Yes, I can boot into Windows via bootcamp on my iMac to use Corel, but I am ready to completely say goodbye to the MS OS. I have too many horror stories (read: registry hell and/or BSoD’s) with the MS OS and while the Mac OS isn’t perfect, over the last few years, they were FAR less frequent than what it was on the Windows machine.

    Sorry for the MS diatribe but to some it all up… “Corel, PLEASE release a native Mac OS version of CorelDraw!” I know that it may be more of a request of convenience, but think of all those Mac exclusive users that will never get a chance to use such a wonderful product. With Adobe’s outrageous subscription plan (SP’s can work, but not how they are doing it), now is a golden opportunity.


    • saukrhiann says:

      I effectively said “goodbye” to Windows over 10 years ago, only using BootCamp for very limited applications for another few years. I have not even used Windows to that extent for over 4 years now and as a result have not used Paint Shop Pro Photo or any other Corel photo app since.

  135. MichA says:

    I am using CorelDRAW since version 4. And I am using Macs since over 1 Year now.
    Parallels wasn’t the best solution and booting a Windows PC just for CorelDRAW is very annoying! I would love to see a native version. I tried Illustrator and would switch if I have to. But of course I would prefer using Corel Draw on the Mac.
    So if you are planning to do a Mac Version, tell the world. (Before I waste my time in learning Illustrator ;o)

  136. Andy says:

    Wow, just read on “Upcoming version of CorelDRAW Sneak Peek #1” and “Upcoming version of CorelDRAW Sneak Peek #2” from CorelDRAW community.

    Unfortunately, still no sign of CorelDRAW for Mac.

  137. Roland says:

    I have the same issues with almost everyone here, I use coreldraw a lot in my previous PC.since I’m switching my windows laptop into macbook pro, now I’m thinking what is the best way to run coreldraw on my mac.

    one of the solutions that I’ve found over the internet is that I can use corelcad instead of coreldraw to do my graphic design thing. and it is fully compatible with .cdr files. I just want to ask opinion here , what do u guys think if we just use the corelcad instead of coreldraw? Is corelcad will be able to do all the job that coreldraw do??

    many thanks for ur answers.

  138. I wanted to let you know that I posted a follow-up message at following URL:

  139. Henry Stein says:

    I tried to install CorelDraw X5 on a new iMac, under Windows 7, via Parallels Desktop 9, but got an error message “insufficient disk space” during installation. I know I have about 40GB of free disk space on the Parallels partition..How much disk space is required during installation of CorelDraw X5?

  140. Mark Cavallo says:

    I would definitely like to see Corel for Mac – after 20 years of being a pc fanboy I am finally making the switch to mac – the mac book pro far exceeded any expectations I had and there is simply no pc equivalent when it comes to refinement and polish. I just need to change quite a few of my habits.
    I am a CorelDraw user of at least 20 years and feel I can do anything using this software – I just love it. I find it a little unstable when using multiple pages and effects – but have grown used to backing up and saving often.
    Please consider the move to Mac – many people are converting and if you don’t then you will start to lose many customers. me included as I don’t want to dual boot just for the sake of one program.

    • j4zb4 says:

      Sadly it seems Corel is governed by ancient people who don’t adapt to change.. So for people like us we might have to suffer adobe I the near future…

      • Rob says:

        I agree. Corel ignored the Mac world for years, and now they find themselves locked out of it either for the lack of resources or the lack of will to rewrite all of their code. Obviously, their PC only strategy seemed like a good idea once upon a time, but it now looks like a massive blunder. They will have to live with the consequences, as will their clients who want to switch to Mac or have already done so.

  141. Stephen says:

    I for one am sick of waiting, and now voting with my wallet. I’ve switched over our entire studio to Illustrator and Photoshop, and it only took about 2 weeks to get accustomed to the software differences. So no more VM Fusion/Parallels, Windows, extra licences issues etc. Running an “all Mac” studio is a dream come true. That being said, should Corel Corp eventually wake the hell up we’ll make the switch back….if they haven’t waited to long of course.

  142. Mark Cavallo says:

    I know many think of adobe as being the only alternative – but I am wondering if programs such as sketch3 are viable. the thing that frustrates me about having to give Corel up is that you can use this one program for so many varied tasks – from logo design, illustration to multipage brochures – ive even created over 100 page financial reports in it with no issues. i believe there is no one program on the mac that will allow for this flexibility. it is a real shame to lose this.

    • Rob says:

      I cannot speak to the needs of graphic designers, but for photographers, there is a package that can easily do almost everything that one might need from Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro–OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8. This is a collection of 7 different programs that can be run as a plugin or as a standalone. Since I started using it on my Mac, I barely have to use Photoshop at all. Now I am not a high power user, but very few photographers are. I am, however, obsessive about image quality, and PPS8 can deliver that speedily and almost effortlessly.

  143. Ryan says:

    I had been a die-hard PC user for nearly 20 years. I had no interest in a Mac at all until two years ago. I bought a macbook air. For two weeks, I was ready to throw it out the window. Now I can’t live without it. I run parallels on my system with windows 7. Only reason for this is so I can use coreldraw. I am a screen printer and this program is a must for me, however, there should definitely be a Mac version. Twice now, I have had to purchase windows because of an error. I provide the tech with the VALID product code and he says he will reset it in their system for $99. Not sure how this makes sense considering I have already paid for the product. Since I was in college the first times this happened, I was able to buy windows at a cheaper rate than what their “reset” would cost. What a crock! This just happened again and I don’t believe I will purchase windows again. I guess I will have to brush up on my Photoshop skills and hope that Coreldraw comes out with a Mac compatible version VERY VERY soon!

  144. Roland says:

    Hey guys i just found a new app in mac app store that will allowed us to import and export cdr files and also edit the files. the app’s name is PrintLab studio 2

    u guys might wanna check it out and see if it’s can be useful? I was also planning to download the app but not really sure for now.

  145. Mark Cooper says:

    That was a really honest statement about a difficult situation from a high ranking person responsible for a product I like and use quite a bit. I will continue to use Corel Draw no matter what. It would be cool to have it on OSX. Keep up the good work.
    Coopdog (sign man)

  146. Mark Cavallo says:

    today I ordered my mac book pro. I have done extensive research for alternatives to corel suite – and whilst there are a number of reasonable products out there from smaller developers – I have decided to sign up to adobe complete membership. I reasoned that $50 a month is actually quite reasonable considering the amount of software you have access to. given it includes all the tools that can replace corel, i have decided to cease using it and adapt to the adobe products. i just don’t like the idea of using windows products on a mac – it’s the fundamental reason i am changing!
    i will keep my eyes open for any change – but i imagine that if it ever comes i will be too familiar with the adobe products to change back. end of a long and mostly enjoyable era. shame it has to end.

  147. Roland says:

    anybody has tried printlab studio 2? it’s in the mac app store

  148. Henry Stein says:

    Yes. The application installed, but it would not open a new file. Constant error message about “application quit unexpectedly.” I requested refund.

  149. Raúl says:

    I use Corel Draw on Mac every day through virtualbox. I use Corel to design and cut vinyl on a cutting plotter. I’m moving to Illustrator but love Corel Draw because is more precise than Illustrator and could work on big designs at 1:1 scale. It’s better with boolean operations too. I have a license of corel 11 for mac and probably would buy a license for a new mac version.

    • Henry Stein says:

      Unfortunately, no way to contact developer. Support link on Apple Store page does not work. Reviews of his other product, CDR Viewer, were not promising.

  150. Roland says:

    I already contact the developer and I recommend him to see this page. hopefully we’ll be hearing from the developer soon.

  151. Henry Stein says:

    I’ve been trying to get Corel Draw to work on my Mac, but no success yet.

    I’ve attempted to install Corel Draw X3 & X5 through Crossover, but neither will install properly, even though the Corel display says the installation is finished, Crossover can’t seem to complete the process.

    I also tried installing Corel Draw X3 & X5 through Parallels Desktop 9, into Windows 7. Although I have about 40GB free on the virtual disk, I keep getting a message “insufficient disk space” for installation (the display says there is “0” space available). Although Parallels support suggests increasing the virtual disk size, I am reluctant to do this, as their program is not recognizing the actual available virtual disk space.

  152. Rick Holmes says:

    Its complete BS. When is the Mac version coming?

  153. Steven Valley says:

    So, with the recent meltdown of the Adobe Creative Cloud, 2 full days that it was unavailable to it’s users, you would thing that:

    A: This site and post would have “lit-up” with recriminations against Adobe


    B: There would be more posts about proof that Corel could easily clean up after Adobe’s stumble

    This is big news and more proof that the direction Adobe is going in is just plain wrong. Come Corel, open your eyes! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for… sheeeeze!

  154. senntennce says:

    I would love to see Corel on my MBP. It is the only reason why I still turn on my old PC and why I use parallels. To use CorelDraw. I’d buy a copy for sure!

  155. Roland says:

    yes this is a golden chance for Corel company.

  156. Please give Adobe some competition. I would love an alternative Adobe CC. Perhaps you can approach some of the Printing Organizations like NPOA and see how much interested there is for a group purchase by printers.

  157. Judge Treat says:

    I’ve been using Corel since the version 2. Today I have my own advertising agency and I cannot imagine any other software to work as quickly and explore different ideas for a logo, web layout, brochure for example. I have full Adobe CC subscription too and i like it. But the I miss the intuitive interface Corel has. I’ve used photoshop/illustrator/indesign from the very first day they were released. They are just not the same. Corel always beats them 10-0. Problem is that “industry standard” is forcing me to use more Indesign etc. I don’t want to. Mac version could also have a drastic positive effect on the whole image of the company. Go for it! (just release beta, bugs can be fixed later by community 🙂 )

    • saukrhiann says:

      Ok, here’s the gritty nitty; Apple is abandoning Aperture to focus on a “Photos” app. In place of Aperture, Apple is working with Adobe to migrate users over to Lightroom. This Apple user is NOT pleased. This Apple user WANTS Paint Shop Pro Photo on OS X BEFORE this “Photos” app comes out.

      Can you do it, Corel? And WILL you do it, Corel?

      • Michaela says:

        Hi there,

        Have you tried AfterShot Pro for Mac? It is a great alternative to Aperture. Right now, we have special pricing for Aperture users. You can give it a try here:


      • aongusc says:

        I bought AfterShot at the special price. So far, I’m impressed.

        Aongus Collins

      • saukrhiann says:

        Ok, you’ve got my interest. How does AfterShot Pro Compare to PaintShop Pro Photo, the application I used exclusively before switching to OS X? I still prefer and WANT PaintShop Pro Photo and not a ‘lesser’ option.

      • saukrhiann says:

        I’d like to note that I used PSPP for image repair, as part of my business is scanning and digitizing clients’ collections of old photos–specifically slides. PSPP was very nearly the perfect program for my purposes.

      • I’ll prefer wait to use a free version of Photos on Mac OS 10.10. Open my wallet to Corel is not an option for me

    • Well, Gerard Metrailler state that “Corel is not currently working on a native MacOS version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and therefore the upcoming new version of our graphics offering will remain Windows-based”. OK, good, remain as do-not-care-customer-company, still aside from industry standard. Is good to know that Corel, never, ever, (while Mr. Metrailler job as director) will release a Mac version.
      Guess I continue as Adobe CC user both in Mac and PC, prices are almost same, Adobe offers me many more utilities for my job.
      This is my good bye to a piece of software that don’t care about me.

  158. Mike says:

    What about those of us that do not want to use Windows. I prefer Mac for my workflow. I do not want to pay for a version of Windows 8 plus Parallels or Bootcamp.
    Please develop a version for Mac.

    • j4zb4 says:

      I’m losing all hopes really fast… It seems Corel is now under the command of old and senile people with no business sense… I’m sure they’ll follow blackberry into oblivion… And this is coming from a die hard Corel fan since Corel 9… A perso who is stuck on widows because of Corel… But I might have to swallow the bitter pill I think… Might as well be sooner rather than later… I’ve abstained from upgrading to Corel X7… I think it was a good decision…

  159. Rod Neucom says:

    Dear Corel

    I have a fairy story

    Once upon a time there were a family of products who all played in the fantasy world of production… well not all… you see the prettiest of them all … the sister called DRAW was not allowed to play with the other children.

    Many of them played very happily in the World of Mac … that far away alien world inhabited by a weird race called “creatives”… but the beautiful sister DRAW could only look out the WINDOWS at them… Now this is where the story gets confusing…

    Is there something that you are not telling us… oh keeper of the story? Did the evil witch Adobe promise to destroy your kingdom if you let the princess come and play?

    All you have to do is let DRAW bight the Apple and the evil witch will loose all her powers…

    As a user since 3 (yes way back then) I really am fed up with having a complete second OS on my computer… OK the people at Parallels are nice BUT …

    Give us a break so we can all live happily ever after

  160. i was able to setup CoreDRAW 11 for Windows on my Mac OSX Maverick version using and so far its doing great .. but it didn’t work for the latest version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 !! i hope there is a work around 😀

  161. mczilla says:

    I’ve been running the CD 11 Suite natively in OSX 10.5.8 for years, and also in WinXP through boot camp. A number of the functions don’t work properly in OSX, and the color rendition in XP seems a little off. All on the same machine, but so far I’ve managed to get by. And fear of losing any more functionality in OSX has prevented me from upgrading the OS any further.

    I’m a die-hard Corel fan, and even though I also have versions of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, I just prefer Corel. But the Mac platform is arguably better than Windows, and I would be very pleased to have a newer Corel Suite designed for it. There are probably millions of us who share that view.

    Get busy!

  162. Marie says:

    I have been using CorelDRAW with Parallels for at least 4 years on a Mac both a laptop and iMac. I started with CorelDraw X5 and I currently use CorelDRAW X6 and have downloaded X7 but haven’t upgraded yet because I am waiting on the new Mac Version.

  163. Its one of my dream’s!
    Corel on Mac without Parallels!
    Nothing against Parallels, works very good!
    It’s the silly Windows platform!
    Use Corel daily in my advertise company.
    But I’m in a point that i must stop use Corel =( (use it since 1997!)
    Imagine, 4 computers + 4 Parallels licences + 4 Windows licences, + 4 Corel.
    and the 5th is about to come.
    Very very expensive!
    And the Win 8, i hate it so much that i can’t look at one screen with it!

    Corel Mac version it would be the perfect thing for me!
    And i’m sure that you could get a lot market back from Adobe!
    I know a lot of people that use Corel with Parallels!
    For production Corel is better than Adobe!
    (advertising signs, lettering, …)

    I have to think,
    all the licences that i need for corel (win, parallels,corel)
    my Macs with illustrator!

    Best for Corel and all is Community!!

  164. Ruth Levenstein says:

    I use a Mac and would love to see CorelDraw in an OSX version. I currently use it through parallels and have relatively few problems, EXCEPT that the delete key doesn’t work properly so all deletes need to be done from the menu, which is rather frustratingly annoying.

    I must say, that despite being able to use CorelDraw through parallels, I had an AWEFUL experience getting started. I am a professor and so I bought the educational edition after trying the online demo version for CorelDraw X4. The educational version, which comes on a CD can’t be installed on a Mac for some strange unexplainable reason. I had countless errors and spent time with this and was told by the CorelDraw customer support team that CorelDraw simply can’t be run on a Mac so I was wasting my time. Eventually, when X6 came out, I decided to try to get the latest version, since clearly CorelDraw from the demo version could run just fine on Parallels. Before buying the educational version, I called customer support to make sure that the problems were most likely fixed. I was told that the disk should run no differently than the online downloadable demo, so I bought the newer version, only to find the same issues with the CD version AGAIN! I’m not sure why Corel can’t just make an educational version downloadable and the problems I had are really unacceptable.

    I really hope that Corel will make the effort to make a Mac version – I have used CorelDraw since 1991 and love it – BUT at some point the headache and the extra cost might make me move to the Adobe software (which for the record I do not like, and I have tried it.)

    • Carlos Estrello says:

      Well, aside of my CC desktop version, I brought Affinity Designer. This is a good piece of software who must compele to know as an option of this “new” standard software approaching.

    • Rod Neucom says:

      To get the delete key to work… use fn + delete… I whole heartedly agree with all your sentiments… as a Mac user and Corel (in Parallels)… I have only one comment

      You make it very hard to love you Corel!!!

  165. Karim says:

    I’m currently using CorelDRAW on my MacBook Pro which is made possible by Parallels Desktop.
    The software runs great and I’m having a blast with it. However, I do hope there will be a native version of CorelDRAW specifically for the Mac in the near future.

  166. eljuli says:

    You guys are dumb, no one uses a PC anymore…. nobody likes to do the parallel PC on their mac because there is a chance it will slow your mac down. Why not just invest in the Mac version. Please do it fast because I miss corel.

  167. Rod Neucom says:

    Dear Corel

    It has been wonderful… Our time together since you were V1, has been truly glorious. Through Thick and thin Through Windows 2, NT and 98… you were there and we did so many exciting things together… Then I met Mac… he told me that there was an easier life than the self flagellation of Looking through Windows… I have tried to be faithful to you… I even tried to have a parallel relationship with you to keep our love alive…

    Oh My dear Corel… Mac introduced me to someone new…Miss Affinity… Yes I know I am in the first flush of love (or is it lust) … With Affinity… she does so much… she reminds me of you and I in our youth … She is new and exciting and she is teaching me new tricks… AND SHE LIKES MAC… and MAC likes her.

    So My darling Corel I have to say we a over. After very nearly a quarter of a century we are done… No my dear a face lift will not help … its your friends who you seem to need … windows and parallels… they are annoying… I could say that it is my fault for straying BUT I suspect that a lot of the fault lies with your Father …

    We can be civilised about this and we can work together for the sake of the children and their drawings… But we will drift apart and in the end you will leave a hole in my computer (Corel. Parallels. Windows)… and I am sure I will fill it with some nice images created with Affinity Design…

    I Will truly miss you … and I am buying a sports car… and a mother bike

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Dear Rod,

      This breaks our heart. Thank you for your loyalty and passion over the years. Before you go, we hope you’ll give Painter 2015 or Painter Essentials (both for Mac) a whirl. Here, you will find the perfect marriage of creative freedom and powerful painting & illustration tools that you truly cannot find anywhere else. Our passionate community of Painter Mac users love to share their incredible artwork and experiences. This just may be the way for you to stay connected to our Corel family.

      Try one of our Painter products for free and let us know what you think. We’ll be happy to help introduce you and help get you started!

      Thank you,

      • Dear Schreiter
        Apart of all the complains (that i also have!!) windows, parallels, etc. :
        I challenge Corel Draw Team Direction to explain to the Corel community why they don’t do the Mac version?! It is economic, politic ? Does Apple don’t agree with Corel Draw? Are you afraid of Illustrator?
        Without bull@hit (sorry the word – no disrespect) but we (community) deserve a concret answer from you, Corel!!
        Please, don’t humiliate us!!
        We are a big community and i’m sick of getting speculated ideas!!
        And you, Corel Community, don’t you think we have the right to know the true?!

        Forget the sports car point!
        Focus on Corel Draw for MAC, please!
        We want you without windows !!

        Best Regards
        – corel draw user since 1996 –

      • Michaela Schreiter says:

        Hi Ricardo,

        I understand your frustration. We spoke in more detail on this subject in another blog post, which you can find here: It outlines the reasons for CorelDRAW being a Windows program, and the fact that it would take an entire development cycle to create a Mac version, which would take away from other updates to the program itself. We are listening to all comments and suggestions that come from our community, and continue to monitor the market regarding future development.

        I hope this answers some of your questions.

        Thank you for reaching out,

      • David Fields says:

        All this tells me, Corel, is that you’re willing to sacrifice loyal customers just to save a few bucks–afraid that a little extra work and money would lose more money than it would earn. Well, my friends, you really won’t know until you try, will you? OS X has grown far faster than any other platform and while I admit that Windows still holds the lion’s share of market, OS X has the more loyal and willing users who understand reliability when they have it. I’m tired of using Apple’s own photo software for image editing; I want Paint Shop Pro Photo back, but I will NOT use Windows in any form, VR or native, to get it.

        Stop fearing the future and embrace change. You might just be surprised at the number of RETURNING customers if you do.

      • Ricardo, as I pointed out in my post from earlier this year (, the answer comes down to cost of doing it.


      • j4zb4 says:

        You guys are incorrigible… You really think this is funny…?

        Well I guess I’ll take Rods lead and move my whole team to affinity…

        Will be hard to say goodbye to 12 years of usage…. But, I guess your stubbornness leaves us no choice…

    • Wtin says:

      Have been using Corel Draw since version 1, then 2, then 3.. years forward.. then 15.. and stopped at that, and last week, 17 was on sale, so I bought that and is running fine (Windows 8.1, 64 bit, 20 G of RAM, GTX 780 card, Intel i7).

      Am also a Corel Ventura Publisher 10 user since it was Xerox Ventura Publisher 1.1, then 2, then 3, then 4 then 5, then 7, then 8, and now stuck at 10. Managed to get it to work with Windows 8.1 64 bit like everyone else (if they are alive..) and still note the two big bugs (back space at bottom of page onto another paragraph – program crashes) and Postscript type 1 does not convert to PDF (turn around for that is using Corel PDF writer) are still there. Another bug – can’t blame it on Ventura though – sorting (index) in anything beyond Windows XP, A is not the same as a, if you know what I mean.

      I know there aren’t that many Ventura Publisher users out there (they are probably all dead.)

      I tried Adobe FrameMaker and did not like it. Tried Adobe InDesign, and I couldn’t stand it. Never touched Microsoft Word and didn’t care for WordPerfect.. how I wish Corel would merge Ventura Publisher’s features onto Corel Draw next version. Draw is not suitable for anything longer than a page – the longest stuff I created on Ventura Publisher was over 600 pages.

      I have HP Laserjet 9050dn with a booklet maker attached to it. Ventura Publisher is perfect for this thing. Booklets up to 40 pages can be very easily created with it. Folded and stapled by the machine – in one step. I also have (yep, my own) Designjet 130. I have used Ventura to create a huge poster (24 inch tall, and five feet wide). The file was huge!

      If Draw can do textin’ like Ventura can, I will never skip a version!

    • Kaye Morgan says:

      What wonderful advice! Looked at Affinity Designer and purchased it straight away. I am so very glad that I did as it is every bit as good as I expected – and more.
      Thank you for posting this Rod!!!

  168. Kaye Morgan says:

    I have a question on the subject of running CorelDraw 10 in Windows XP (SP3) using either VMWare or Parallels as my Virtual Machine on a Macintosh computer.

    My iMac is a 27″ 3TB, 8GB RAM and an Intel 3.2GHz Core i5 Processor. Graphics is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 875MX 1024MB
    Parallels is Parallels Desktop 10 (version 10.1.1).

    Issue is – when I do anything at all in CorelDraw it is only apparent to me if I change my View to Wireframe and then back to Normal again before I can “see” the change.
    Parallels Support provided a Virtual Support session but came to the conclusion that a more senior tech was required.
    The senior tech on a Virtual Support session this morning said the issue had not been seen and that the issue would be reported to their Development Team.

    CorelDraw 10 does run successfully on a laptop where the OS is Windows XP.

    The Parallels Support Engineer has asked me to post this to see if anyone else is having a similar issue, that is anyone successfully running CorelDraw 10 in a Virtual Machine running Windows XP??
    By the way I have the exact same issue using CorelDraw 12 with a VM running WinXP. No issues on a stand alone laptop running WinXP though

    Can anyone tell me if they have issues running CorelDraw 10 or 12 on a VM using Parallels 10 please???

  169. Kaye Morgan says:

    Since late 2009 until now I have had massive problems running CorelDRAW 10 or CorelDRAW 12 in a virtual machine (Parallels or VMWare). I have sought help but have yet to find a solution……
    Until by accident I found Affinity Design. Does everything CorelDraw could do and does it so much more easily. The price for my license? $AUD49.99. And soon to follow will be Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. If these are half as good as Designer, it is bye bye Corel, bye bye Adobe

  170. akashicWrecker says:

    Just tried out Affinity after reading the above post. I beg to differ… Affinity feels Illustrator is wearing Corel Painter’s spatial orientation as a bathrobe. It lacks every tool I use in CorelDraw, the tools are near replicas of Illustrator’s. Affinity is brand new, and has a long way to go if it wants to distinguish itself as anything other than an Illustrator knockoff. It’s incredibly graphics-intensive (makes my MBP switch into discrete GPU mode, which is a notorious killer of early 2011 logicboards like mine, and thus is a dealbreaker). CDR seems perfectly happy with half (256MB) of my integrated video and never forces discrete, and it does everything a professional needs it to without being demanding.
    It’s really too bad Draw is shutting down every 3 moves (or 5 minutes) for me though… It’s a wonderful program — So wonderful many of us use a VM specifically to run an obnoxious OS simply for its compatibility with an amazing hidden-gem of a software.

    • Kaye Morgan says:

      I would love to know which version of CorelDRAW you are running and on, which OS & which VM you are using it on as well as the specs of your iMac!!
      If I could have have had CorelDRAW 10 or 12 working well I would never have posted to this blog in the first place! (read earlier posts)

  171. Rob says:

    Since its first update in November 14 Affinity Designer has a preference to only use the integrated GPU (Preferences > Interface).

  172. pgeorge777 says:

    Can you guys stop spamming me with cheap shot offers for new versions of CorelDraw? I have been using your software since version 2 and now as a Mac user, I REFUSE! to buy another Windows version. It’s either full Mac compatiblity or I’m sticking to Illustrator and Photoshop! GoodBye! Corel. Your stubborness is sad. Shaking my head.

  173. Flor says:

    What kind of article is this, that the vice president says, in general words, that the investment for making developments of a mac native corel version, is not worth it??? As a mac user, that have just upgraded to a new and expensive macbook with yosemite, and consequently have just realized that I cannot continue working on my corel archives, this kind of article really upsets me!!! Corel don´t give me any option, I have to switch urgently to adobe. I regret I have lost so many time on working in corel, because now all those files are useless for me. Thanks Corel for the discrimination you make towards mac users, and for writing this shitty article to justify yourself.

    PS: For me, running windows plataform on a mac, is like having a Porsche, but keep it at my garage, while using a regular car.

  174. prasanth says:

    corel deaw have a mac version

  175. Andy says:

    The last I heard, Corel might bring DRAW back to the Mac if a development shop is interested.
    Any luck with that Corel?

  176. wfehr says:

    Meanwhile, companies much smaller than Corel are creating vector and raster software from the ground up, specifically for the mac. They don’t seem to be having any budgetary problems, and they are selling it cheaper with free upgrades.

    I have moved on, on both the mac and PC.

  177. Well… Posted already, but my story is like all others, i guess…
    Started Corel long time ago (Corel 5, i think) and continued till today, with X7.
    In my advertising company we use Mac, (because Windows is not stable, besides all reasons that everyone knows!) combined with iPhones, iPads, Airdrop… and all the good features that help us gain time and money!
    To be “proud” (or stupid) to use Corel i have to buy 5 licences of Parallels, 5 licences of shi*ty Windows, and 5 Corels!
    Tell me if thats interesting or intelligent?! NO!! It’s VERY EXPENSIVE!
    And the slow down that makes in the IOS!
    But all the years with Corel make me do it like this, till now.
    I’m very fast and efficient with Corel, and even the software to cut lettrings have a plugin to cut directly from Corel!
    I’m evaluating all of this and might move to Adobe.
    I’m a beginner level in Illustrator, but if i stop Corel and force me to use it, i’ll be fast very soon.
    And even if a loose 6 months to learn Illustrator, the difference with all the licences that i need to work with Corel will be very fast overpassed!!
    Corel don’t see that people are moving to MAC and Adobe is getting a lot of market.
    I think that Corel prefers to loose clients then make o MAC Corel Draw?!
    And also the possible clients that want to leave Adobe… (they politicly are very discutable)
    Is Bill Gates sponsoring Corel to try to avoid people to leave Windows because of Corel?!
    I’ll not cry more Corel!

    In a commercial way Corel Team, You don’t wait for a market/client, you make it! Or you wi’ll loose it!
    Your excuse is that is very expensive, but is up to you to do it, no one will do it for you!
    If you want the Mac users market You have to call them and do what WE need:
    A Corel Draw Mac!
    You see a lot of money expended to do a program(software) I see a very rentable investment!

    We never needed a car till he got in to the market. And now every family have 1…
    Corel don’t make Mac users “use a bus”

    Don’t make us leave, please!

    Ricardo Fonseca.

    • Stephen says:


      Like you I was long time fan, supporter and promotor of CorelDraw, but move on already. Stop waiting. I moved our studio over to CS 6 and it’s made such a difference. I did it the only way I think it can be done…remove CorelDraw from ALL your systems – simple. It took us a few weeks, but it’s been so worth it. Our production department also made the move, and there was a mac solution for every “problem” we ran into anyways. AI actually has some tremendously powerful features that CorelDraw users ordinarily would never have even used (at least in my experience) We have one older Macbook Pro running VM Fusion running our last copy of CD on it to transfer legacy files to PDFs, but that’s it. (I’ve made using the system purposely painful to force/encourage my studio to make the move quicker). I’ve made peace with all the money thrown away on CorelDraw and VM Fusion licences. Maybe one day they’ll catch a wake-up, but until then, I’m happily creating on without them.

  178. Daniel says:

    thats coool

  179. pgeorge777 says:

    I’ve heard rumors from Corel tech support guys that they are working on a native Mac version. They are dropping hint but nothing solid. Can anybody confirm this?

    • I can confirm that Corel is NOT working on a Mac version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and that, as of right now, we have no plans in doing so.

      • pgeorge777 says:

        Thanks for your reply Gerard. This will determine the direction we as a company will be moving in with all of our Mac stations. Looks like Adobe is the answer for us and maybe for others as well. Farewell Corel!

      • j4zb4 says:

        Of course you aren’t. Corel is the next blackberry. Congratulations!!

    • j4zb4 says:

      You have high hopes my friend. Corel is now run by a bunch of people who idolize the blackberry (RIM) management. And will definitely follow their footsteps.

  180. Please please please make an apple version of CorelDraw!! Pretty please with sugar on top!!!

    I am currently studying graphic design. If I had a video of all the times Adobe’s glitchy software bugs people, not just in the classroom, but the teachers as well, I think you’d see the massive opportunity you are missing out on.

  181. wfehr says:

    Just in case there is any confusion, and apparently there still is, Corel has said over and over again that they will not be making a mac version of DRAW.

    They are telling us to move on to other software…so move on already. I have and couldn’t been happier.

  182. john says:

    Whether you like it or not more than 50 percent of the people already using non microsoft OS, like Android, Linux, Mac OS, iOS… It is time to consider a better solution than running virtually if you want this product to follow technology.

  183. It is very essential that CorelDraw is available natively for Mac. A large segment of designers around the globe use Macs, let alone the ones (like me) who migrate from Windows to Mac for obvious reasons.

    I have tried to run CorelDraw via Parallels Desktop on my iMac and I had some issues with keyboard shortcuts. There might be some workarounds but running an entire operating system on top of another just for one software is not very optimal solution.

    It will be great if Corel can reach out to a potentially large new customer base who use Macs and the existing users would like to shift from Windows. Cheers!

  184. Joe says:

    I have used corel draw since version4 on windows 95, i understand its interface which make my work flow natural. Up until 3 years go i was strictly windows user, now that i have converted and have enjoyed the user friendly interface of MacOS, i find myself still frustrated using 3 mac machines and having to run windows on them just for one program, the biggest let down is that both Parrellel and VMware with the help of windows create the machines to run sluggish and slow down. I feel like i paid for a prestige vehicle and run it on cheap petrol.
    What can we do to convince developers to do something about this.

    • Ricardo says:

      You can find that answer in Jassie J’s song: Price Tag. … “it’s all about the money”…
      I also have that frustration, like you do, Joe!
      Maybe one day…

  185. Hipo says:

    Since I moved all my computers to MAC (1 I-MAc, 1 Mac book pro and 1 Air, I lost the access to all files I had in corel Sraw suite. Lots of work lost. As I’m a techer it’s hard work to redo all things. I wouldn’t like to have to go back to Windows for that.
    Wich Corel programs runing with Mac (Maverick or El Capitaine) could be used to open those files and work after? Thanks

    • wfehr says:

      Try Inkscape to open your Corel files on yourmC. That’s what I use. Not perfect, but the best alternative out there right now, and it’s free.

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi there,

      It would depend on which program you are running and what file formats they are compatible with. You could speak with our Support team about your best options here:

      Hope this helps,

    • João Junior says:

      none of those.. you will have to use a snow leopard version to run coreldraw 11 for mac .. or like above mentioned setup a cross platform mac/windows … that is what i am doing at the moment !!!

  186. Drawn In says:

    “I can confirm that Corel is NOT working on a Mac version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and that, as of right now, we have no plans in doing so.” – Gérard Métrailler

    For as much as I have been an avid Corel supporter (since Corel 3), I (and a lot of my designer friends) have either made, or are in the process of converting to Adobe. Without a glimmer of hope that Corel is even “considering” a release for the MacOS, it would now be ludicrous to continue being inconvenienced by having to switch in to Bootcamp, or to run another resource intensive OS in “parallel” with the native OS for the foreseeable future. Gerard’s mention of “time and significant effort” (I realize that means $$$) may be an issue if Corel plans to leave the software business, but if not, the path should be fairly obvious (unless there are current financial issues that we all are not aware of). I appreciate that focusing efforts on improving their current flagship product is paramount, but It makes me wonder if they have a solid 5 – 10 – 15 year strategic road map. The software business is a risky business, but Corel has a proven perennial product on their hands. I would dare say that it would be a safe bet to make the crossover. If Adobe ever had a threat to their products, it was always Corel. Let’s all hope that Corel has something in the works and that they are just a damn good company at keeping the lid on leaks about their product development. Until then, I will continue on with Adobe and just “hope” that one day we will enjoy Corel Draw on the Mac natively… but I’m not holding my breath.

  187. Jeff Newsom says:

    I would LOVE to see a recent version of CorelDRAW for MAC! – Being in the large and grand format printing industry most of our designs are given to us in Adobe formats, however when we really need to produce something at full size, Adobe is an absolute failure. I simply cannot understand why there are page size limitations other than the reason that Adobe software is not built to deal with large files period. Adobe also does not have any scale features in their software either.
    I certainly miss the old Corel usability, speed and file sizes when dealing with large sized graphics. There really is no comparison out there.

  188. João Junior says:

    would be possible to get the old coreldraw 11 for mac and adapt it to todays version ? because coreldraw 11 still awesome and it would be a great start to have coreldraw back to mac little by little … people would definitively be happy even if necessary to downgrade a bit !! whatever i know the issue is about rosetta but there is no way to clone rosetta for todays mac versions ?

  189. bdkennedy1 says:

    It’s been 3 years now since Adobe switched to subscription. Want CorelDraw Mac.

  190. ROGER IBRIKJI says:

    Only COREL DRAW can be downloaded on IBM WINDOWS XP,VISTA, WINDOW 7-8 …
    Can I download it on MAC ( MACHINTOCH)| ?
    Others like: PHOTOSHOP ILLUSTRATORS downloaded on both MAC & IBM

  191. I have been using CorelDraw w/ Parallels for 5 years, it’s a workable solution but terribly annoying. I would kill for a CorelDraw for MAC Version, please tell me one is coming?

  192. Adrian Smith says:

    I’m a big fan of Corel’s more intuitive and practical approach to Vector graphic software but personally I feel that if Corel seriously wishes to be taken seriously as an industry-standard credible alternative to Adobe Illustrator it has to demonstrate that it has just as much to offer (if not more) and that means finding investment for an OS- native version. The potential is there because Adobe, (marketing propaganda aside) isn’t for everyone and many people frustrated with Adobe’s lack of flexibility and difficulty to learn intuitively would undoubtedly prefer Corel. Corel however need to resolve the OS problem and employ a more agressive marketing strategy.

  193. Dan Mickelson says:

    I’ve worked in Corel draw every day for 14 years now and I love it. But i also love using a Mac. I would be excited to purchase CorelDRAW x8 on the Mac some day.

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