Take Your Photography Skills to the Next Level This Summer

Summer is an awesome season for hobbyists, mainly because the warm weather is all the inspiration one needs to venture out and try something new (especially for those of us up in Canada!).  Summertime is particularly well-suited for a hobby that resonates with pretty much anyone – photography. So for all of you photography enthusiasts, with summer in the air, it’s time to start taking better photos!

Beach pier

Corel recently introduced a brand new app for learning photography on your tablet – PicturePerfect! With a stunning gallery of inspirational photos, personalized one-on-one instruction, built-in video and written tutorials, you have all the tools you need to learn the basics of photography or enhance your existing skill set.

Here are the top 5 reasons for expanding your photography skills this summer:

  1. Summer yields the best lighting of the year! Longer days make for more natural light, and good weather means brighter days. Plus, mornings and evenings are best for landscapes, and summer extends these hours.
  2. Summer means bright colours which make for more striking images to be captured.
  3. The range of summer month activities provides diverse shooting opportunities – one of the most important components of photography.
  4. Summer is the time of vacations and other important events, allowing for important memories to capture.
  5. We’ll be releasing more photography and photo editing tutorials over the summer, so you can keep checking in to PicturePerfect for new learning material!

So check out PicturePerfect on your tablet – it’s the easiest way to learn photography!

About Annie Slaby

My name is Annie and I am the Discovery Center team leader at Corel. I am a McGill University graduate with a background in political sciences. In my spare time I love to travel, swim, ski and read a lot!
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3 Responses to Take Your Photography Skills to the Next Level This Summer

  1. Brian T.Fleming says:

    Hi Annie: Since I can find no other way to e-mail a question (Without additional money be paid on top of buying the product)), I am e-mailing you.-Your tutorial is very simple and straightforward-and WAY too basic. Every where I have searched on the Internet has turned up the same-nothing but Mickey Mouse answers. For example, if I buy a car, does GM hand me the keys, walk away, and provide no UNPAID support on basic functions/usage?. Of course not-that’s ridiculous. But that’s what Corel does. They give no in-depth answers on how to actually use their product, and then charge you to get any answer!!!. This is why I will NEVER upgrade any Corel product. For what? to continue to pay year after year for a service that should be free(A simple Blog, without having to drill down, down, down and then find out it only applied to other Corel products, versions etc, or did not address my specific situation or in-depth guide etc). I am trying to find out how to use the functions in the Pan and Zoom edit screen.(Options-Anchor;grid lines;all the little buttons below the preview screen). I can find this nowhere. (Just spent another 3 hours on this) Since I don’t know how to use them, I don’t. That means that I am not getting full value for this purchase.And plenty of frustration because I love what I CAN do with this program (Only what I have figured out on my own, thru many hours of trial and error). Upgrade?..ya right. Now I know you are not the right person to be talking to here, but as I said, there IS NO where else to contact (Which is quite a trick in itself-keep people going in circles, looking for help that should be included with the purchase price-not sprung on them AFTER they had bought the program). If you know of a site that could give me answers to these types of questions, I would very much appreciate it. Whether you can or can”t, you should forward this e-mail to Marketing. It may help them understand why people are so reticent to upgrade. Based on what I have just said, your renewals/upgrades will continue to fall. I certainly will not be, even tho I would in a heartbeat without this Mickey Mouse B.S…I LIKE this program-I like eveything about it. But I will NOT be played for a sucker. Plz feel free to e-mail me back. I would be quite interested in your opinion. I noticed in your “BIO” you are a “Political Science” grad. In a previous reincarnation, I worked for the FED’s. This will be a good opportunity for use your “Book learning” training in a real life situation. Hopefully, tho, without the bafflegab I received as a Gov’t EE. Yours Truly..Brian T. Fleming…

    • Annie Slaby says:

      Hello Brian,
      Here is a run-down of the tools available in the Pan & Zoom filter manager in VideoStudio X6 – with the Video Pan and Zoom effects pane open, there are a host of options available for editing your clip.

      Key Frame Management:
      Above the effect timeline are options to add, remove, and invert key frames, which are used to specify regions of the clip which will have the effect you want – the area between the key frame will see a gradual change from the settings of one (zoom, position, transparency) to the settings of the other. These settings themselves follow below:

      Grid Lines:
      With grid lines enabled, you will see a grid appear in the Original video field (not to worry – it won’t show up in the final product!). With grid lines and ‘snap to grid’ enabled, moving the key frame cursors will result in them snapping to grid coordinates. This is great for when you are looking to synch up a couple different shots on a given object, or are looking to match two slightly different film clips for a smoother transition. Without ‘snap to grid’ enabled, the grid serves as a reference to help measure and line up your shot.

      The anchor function snaps the selected key frame to the edge of the video, either at one of the corners, the center of a side, or to the center. This avoids having to drag and place the key frame by hand, which would sometimes result in stray pixels missed, or space beyond the video border unintentionally included.

      No Panning:
      This disables the use of key frames to move the focus of your zoomed portion around – the effect will simply zoom in or out on your anchored point.

      Zoom Ratio:
      This sets the level of zoom at that key frame. For a zoom in effect, have one key frame at a lower zoom, and a second one at a higher zoom. The overall effect between the two key frames will be increasing to a tighter zoom. Conversely, setting the initial frame to a higher zoom ratio and a second to a lower zoom ratio would give a zoom out effect.

      This effect functions in conjunction with the “Background Colour” section, and applies a transparent overlay of the background colour at your keyframe, which can be used to alter the apparent shot colour, act as a fade out mechanic, or any other use you may desire.

      Again, this is controlled by key frames, so for example a fade out can be accomplished with one key frame at either a relatively low transparency value (say, 0), and a second one at a high transparency value (say, 90 or 100); when played back, the video in between these two points will gradually fill with the colour you selected by clicking the dropper next to “Background Colour”.

      Those are the functions in the Pan & Zoom filter manager in VideoStudio X6; hope this helps solve the confusion! We do have video and written tutorials available at no cost in the Discovery Center if you are looking for further resources: corel.com/discovery.

      Thank you for the feedback!

      • Brian T.Fleming says:

        Thank you very much for your help. This is exactly the kind of info I’m looking for. Keep up the good work.

        Yours Truly,

        Brian Fleming

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