Introducing Painter X3: Changing what’s possible in digital art

That’s right Painter fans, Painter X3 is finally here! We continue to push the boundaries of digital art by providing artists with a realistic painting experience on their computer. Painter X3 is no exception to that.


What’s so special about this version? Well, quite a bit actually. We’ve been working closely with artists around the globe over the past year and a half to really get to the bottom of what artists want and need in their digital art software. Let me show you what the artists are so excited about…

New Features:

Universal Jitter

With Universal Jitter, you can add random elements to your brush strokes. Not only do these happy accidents make things more interesting, Jitter also enhances the realistic painting experience you have come to know and love about Painter.

You can integrate Jitter into a range of brush controls including: opacity, grain, size, angle, airbrush particle size, airbrush flow, liquid ink volume and color expression.

Painter X3 also features 25 new Jitter brush variants. These brushes are fully customizable and easy to modify. You can use these brushes to create unique and irregular brushstrokes that will further personalize artwork.

Brush Search Engine

Have you ever struggled to find that perfect brush? Now you can simply type a keyword into the new Brush Search Engine and let Painter do the work for you. Try one or multiple keywords to narrow down your search. I recommend typing X3 to see all of the new X3 specific brushes, and real for brushes that will take full advantage of your Wacom pen tablet.

Not only does this speed up workflow, it also makes Painter X3 much easier to navigate for both veteran and new Painter users.

Advanced Brush Controls

Painter X3 now lets you see only the most commonly used panels and settings relevant to the currently selected brush with smart brush controls. This takes away the clutter and guesswork from your brush customization, and allows you to focus more on what matters, your artwork.

New users can now experiment with brushes easily, making the learning process less daunting. Advanced Brush Controls also include a Media panel, so you can experiment with different paper textures and flow maps, which direct the flow of paint from your Real Watercolor and Real Wet Oil brushes.

Inspirational Mixers

We have been asked so many times by new artists, “How do I choose an appropriate color scheme?” In Painter X3, you can sample colors from four Inspirational Mixers. These mixers were created by professional artists Jeremy Sutton, Karen Bonaker, Skip Allen and John Malcolm. You can also import files to use as a custom Color Set Library, which can now hold from 1-256 colors so you can create the perfect color set for your composition.

Cloning workflow

In response to photo fine artist feedback, Painter X3 includes support for its traditional Cloning Workflow. You can now position the source image beside the clone, and view the crosshair cursor which indicates the area being cloned. Viewing the crosshair cursor allows you to see the fine paint details on your canvas and increases painting accuracy. Plus, you can make adjustments to the source image, such as applying effects, and then save both the original and adjusted image on the fly.

Transform Across Layers

There is no longer a need to leave Painter in order to select and transform multiple layers! Simply select your layers, including layer groups, make the adjustment and commit your transformation. Your workflow just became much simpler.

Perspective Guides

Based on artist request, we developed a tool to allow you to draw 1-, 2- and 3-point perspectives more accurately: Perspective Guides. This comes in handy for paintings that feature objects and scenery that show depth.

Vanishing points allow you to set up alignment to a reference image. You can then toggle perspective-guided strokes, which snap the direction of the brushstroke so that it aligns with the vanishing point. It’s never been easier to add dimension to your objects!

Reference Image Panel

After watching so many of our artists refer to an inspirational image, we decided that it would be a great improvement to allow you to keep your visual source right in front of you as you paint. This is how the new Reference Image Panel was born. This panel allows you to capture those subtle elements that turn a good painting into a great one, without disrupting your workflow.

Think of it like keeping your picture in front of you while you paint. By keeping your inspiration in sight, you enhance the quality of your artwork.

So, that’s a quick, summarized version of what to expect from Painter X3. But of course, this is only the beginning. If you find inspiration in watching other artists’ creative journeys, we encourage you to join our new live Paint Jams!

Download a trial now and experience these new features for yourself. You will see a truly realistic painting experience, as close to real canvas as a computer will get.

About Tanya Lux

Tanya Lux is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Corel's Digital Arts products including Painter, ParticleShop and Painter Essentials. Working remotely from Chicago, IL during her more than 10 years at Corel, customer interaction has been the key to keeping a pulse on the needs of the market.
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12 Responses to Introducing Painter X3: Changing what’s possible in digital art

  1. Reid Goulder says:

    Any chance of getting a status update on a 64 bit version of Painter X3 for Mac? I think many Mac users are disappointed that this new version of painter is still 32 bit only.

    • Tanya Lux says:

      We appreciate your comment Reid, and understand the wait has been a bit longer than anticipated. The 64-bit native version of Painter is top of mind for us and planned to be released in an update to Painter X3. Update releases are scheduled approximately every 6 months so that we can continue to offer enhancements to your painting experience.

      In the meantime we are happy to offer the Mac Memory Manager which will allow Macs with 64-bit systems to automatically use all available memory when running Painter. You will find the settings under Painter Preferences – Performance. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

      All the best,

  2. Durk Pearson says:

    Corel offers an upgrade price purchase offer for new purchasers of Painter 12 for owners of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Does this offer apply to Painter X3, too? Can I purchase the upgrade version of Painter X3, fill out the Corel form with my Photoshop CS6 serial number, and receive activation instructions for X3 via email?
    Thank you!

    • Tanya Lux says:

      Yes Durk, you are eligible for the offer. We are in the process of updating the upgrade offer form, which will be available shortly. Enjoy Painter X3!

      • email2sts says:

        Thank you very much! Good deal. That new clone feature sold me. I’ll order as soon as that change is made in the web form.

        If Corel would like some more of my money, all you have to do is persuade them to offer a native Mac version of PaintShop Pro Ultimate!


  3. yuhong says:

    Off-topic, but how to report security vulnerabilities in Corel products such as WordPerfect and CorelDRAW?

  4. Vasya says:

    How can i install this on XP x64?

    • tanya lux says:

      Hi Vasya,

      Although we do not officially support Corel Painter X3 under Windows XP 64-bit we do have customers who have installed and are successfully using X3 in this scenario. You may want to give it a try with the 30-day trial. Please let us know about your experience if you do.


      • Vasya says:

        Tanya, i tried install x32 and x64 versions. So, x32 wrote that “installation package is not supported by this processor type”. I have core2duo. x64 just have a little whit window, which i can close only with task manager (install got a 3 process). Hope you will back official support of XP (x32 and x64) for all your products.

  5. Russ says:

    Hi, Tanya.
    I’m a Photoshop CS6 user. Is it still possible to purchase Corel Painter X3 at the upgrade price if you use your Photoshop serial number? How do i do this? The Corel sales person I just talked to didn’t know how. Thanks!

    – Russ

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