Painting on-the-go with Wacom and Painter

If you are anything like me, you probably enjoy the ability to paint on-the-go. When pairing Wacom products with Corel Painter X3, painting freedom is at the tip of your stylus now more so than ever!

I’ve toted my various Intuos Tablets along with me, as long as I can remember, on my various creative adventures. I’ve used them at home, in planes, on trade show floors, in seminars, during classes and even outdoors on location. The medium tablet is the perfect size to pop into a computer bag and work with right on my lap no matter where my painting adventures lead me. Plus it is cross-platform compatible, which was a big advantage for me seeing as I happen to create on both Mac and PC.

Wacom 2

On August 20th, Wacom announced the new line of Cintiq mobile tablets and I’m pretty sure artists around the world like me were more than excited to push the boundaries of their creativity by taking advantage of this new device.  Although I do not yet have my hands on one, it looks like it has everything you need to create packed into a powerful mobile workstation. It is a high-performance Windows 8 computer with a 13.3 inch display that supports full HD 1920 x 1080. Plus, at only 3.9 lbs. I should not have a problem taking it along with me.

It includes a pressure-sensitive pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and exchangeable pen nibs to use with all of my, built to work with Wacom, Painter brushes. There is multi-touch control, just like my Intuos 5 offers, so that I can zoom, pan and rotate my Painter canvas with ease.

Should I need to set up a second screen or connect any of my external devices, like my handy portable hard drive that contains many of my inspiration photos, there is a mini display, and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports. Another wonderful feature is the inclusion of ExpressKeys so that I can easily set up shortcuts for Painter tasks that I perform on a regular basis.

Below, you will find some of my favorite shortcuts that I currently use with the Intuos 5. For commands that do not have their own shortcut assigned by default, you may set your own by going to Preferences > Customize Keys.

  • Quick Clone easily sets up your canvas for painting from a photo – Shift + C
  • Undo, just in case you make a mistake – Ctrl + Z (Win) Cmd + Z (Mac)
  • Brush Tracking so that I may customize Painter to my particular touch – Shift + B
  • Temporal Colors Palette for selecting colors conveniently with a palette that hovers over the canvas – Ctrl + Alt + 1 (Win) Cmd + Opt + 1 (Mac)

Finally, the Wacom Rocker Ring makes it simple to resize my brush on the fly eliminating the need to use a shortcut.

Stay tuned to this blog to find out more about searching for and using brushes that take full advantage of pressure, tilt, rotation and bearing. Painter X3 makes it simple to find these fabulous brushes. Until then, happy painting on-the-go!

Where is your favorite place to paint on-the-go? Tell us in the comments!


About Tanya Lux

Tanya Lux is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Corel's Digital Arts products including Painter, ParticleShop and Painter Essentials. Working remotely from Chicago, IL during her more than 10 years at Corel, customer interaction has been the key to keeping a pulse on the needs of the market.
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5 Responses to Painting on-the-go with Wacom and Painter

  1. I have actually just upgraded to an Intuos 5 Medium from a 4 Small. This is my third Wacom tablet and each has been more feature-rich than the last. I like the idea of the Cintiq Companion but I personally like the workflow of a separate tablet and screen as I feel that my hand would get in the way of my work with a Cintiq. I spend most of my working day at my desk, but have found that the best use of my time when out in cafes is to sketch in my trusty sketchbook with a regular pencil 🙂

  2. Kira U says:

    Painter X3 is nice. I haven’t bought Painter in the past before but I want to buy it. So this is first time purchase for me (if I can manage to get past the checkout system). I definitely want to try the natural painting as claimed by Painter.

    The only problem is Corel’s checkout system is broken. I’m using the Australia site and was trying to purchase a box version. I don’t want to buy over the phone.

    I click buy on the Painter X3, it gets added to cart. I went to secure checkout in the cart, it prompted me to enter my login details which I did, then clicked continue with checkout. After that, Corel’s system just says “Site temporarily unavailable”. This isn’t something temporarily. This problem has been affecting Corel’s checkout system for years and it’s still not fixed.

    Live chat customer support also just doesn’t want to know you. They just say “call Corel Australia on … ” and then ends the chat session immediately.

    Does Corel still want to do business ? In a time when a lot of angry Adobe customers are looking to alternatives, Corel’s cutting their own throat by not fixing the checkout system. I can’t imagine how many customers have been put off by it.

    I like Corel’s licencing method. The activation key is bound to the person not their computer. So letting customers install it on Windows or Mac is a really good decision by Corel. Also, Corel doesn’t charge a price gouging 250% tax on non-US residents, so I applaud them for that.

    I just wish they acknowledge and fix the buggy checkout system fast.

    • Tanya Lux says:

      Hello Kira,

      Sorry for the frustration! Our web team is looking into why the checkout page is giving you that message. As an aside, in testing this from our end we are able to access the checkout page using Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer as browsers – which browser were you using? Two solutions we have seen in the past are clearing the browser’s cookies and cache, as well as accessing with a different browser.

      As for the chat session you mentioned, thank you for the feedback – we are always looking to improve our customer experience, and comments are always appreciated! Our chat agents are not currently capable of offering an alternate method to purchase our software, and so at present they would have to suggest contacting the regional sales team as the alternative to ordering through the online store. That being said, we have arranged to discuss how best to make this suggestion; from your description this was done rather too abruptly, and could use improvement.

      Circling back to your checkout problem, I believe our Customer Support team was also in touch via Twitter – if that is the case, they have arranged to have a sales agent contact you with regards to alternate online purchasing methods; on the other hand, if this is news to you, please send them an email at, to be put in touch with our sales team!


      • Kira U says:

        I have tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome on Mac OS X on iMac and Macbook Pro, Mobile Safari on iPhone, iPad, Firefox on Windows PC and also Sony Playstation Vita’s browser. I have also tried the checkout system using 3G connection on my iPhone’s internet plan vs using home Wifi connection. None of them worked unfortunately.

        I’ve also tried to view web console errors and monitoring the network traffic using Chrome’s developer tools to see if I can spot/debug any errors, no luck 😦

        One thing that crossed my mind was whether Corel has a region/country block in place that prevents all IP address from outside of USA (or at least an IP block on Australia?) from getting to the Billing and Info step of the checkout process. Not sure if that gives Corel any ideas or pointers in solving the problem.

        I do sincerely hope Corel can fix the problem. I downloaded the trial today and Painter X3 is indeed great. Like others have said, I could almost smell the acrylics 🙂

        Yes, I have manage to find the Twitter CorelSupport group and got in touch with them to see if we can find a solution. Will continue the resolution with them.

        If possible, it would be good if Corel could put a message on the Support page of the website stating there is alternatively Corel Support on Twitter. I was going around in circle the whole weekend trying to report the problem with no way to email Corel without first having purchased a software with Corel (which of course I couldn’t).

        Fingers crossed 🙂

      • Kira U says:

        I have managed to get the checkout working and completed my purchase of Painter X3. 😀

        I decided to try the checkout process again but this time, I chose to create a new account instead of logging into my previous one during the checkout process and strangely enough, this time it had no problems. The new account has the same exact personal details as my previous account with the only difference being the email address and phone number (previously, I used the home phone number instead of my mobile). I did update my previous account phone number to use my mobile number too, to see if it that was the problem and retried the checkout using old account, but no luck.

        So perhaps somehow my previous account or that email of that previous account has been denied somehow ?

        Anyhow, thanks for the patience and support Corel. Looking forward to when my package arrives 🙂

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