Did you know that there is a CorelDRAW product specifically for the decorated apparel business?

This post was originally published on Wilcom’s blog

Corel and Wilcom have joined forces to bring you Wilcom DecoStudio e3 which combines the strengths of CorelDRAW Graphic Suite and Wilcom embroidery software, in an easy and intuitive way. If you offer custom t-shirt printing or ad specialties, you quite possibly also offer embroidery. With Wilcom DecoStudio e3 you can do all this in-house without the costs and time delays involved in outsourcing to a third party. 

DecoStudio e3 is designed for screen printers or apparel decorators who aren’t embroidery experts, and simply want to stream line their processes and save time and money. The best part is, DecoStudio is fully integrated with CorelDRAW so you don’t need to have two different applications open, and because you’re working in familiar territory it’s super easy to learn.

It’s not just for embroidery though! With the Rhinestone design tool, Product Visualizer and the new Virtual Decoration option, you will find DecoStudio – with CorelDRAW – to be a valuable tool for all your garment decoration processes.

Have you ever had this situation?

Blog-decorated-apparel-business-01Your customer comes in with a vector file of their logo. They want to order some screen printed t-shirts, but they also want some embroidered caps. Hmmm. You can do the printing job, but you will need to get a digitizer to create the embroidery for you. You contact the embroiderer and they want a bitmap file, you go back to the customer and request the new file, then send across to the embroiderer, then there is an issue with the design, there’s a typo in the embroidery, you then go back and forth … you get the idea.

But with DecoStudio e3, you can take the customer’s vector file and use it for the screenprinting and the embroidery quickly and simply. Open the logo design in the CorelDRAW window, select it and click Convert. It then opens your converted embroidery design in the Wilcom side of the application. Easy!

Image 2

Image 3

So you’re thinking, that’s great but, surely it can’t be the same quality as a manually digitized design? Of course, having a human digitize the design would be ideal, but the truth is, for the majority of logos you will be dealing with, the Auto Digitize results will be fantastic and here’s why:

Wilcom’s patented stitch engine is very clever. 

Image shows that the conversion has not created stitches underneath. It also maintains borders.

Image shows that the conversion has not created stitches underneath. It also maintains borders.

It figures out what parts should be outlined, and if there are two vector objects on top of each other it knows not to stitch both to avoid bulky “bullet proof” embroidery. Not only that but in the latest version of DecoStudio, it also automatically creates turning stitches over curves.

It also figures out what stitch types are best for each object and all those details like underlay, stitch density and stitch pull compensation.
If there’s something you don’t like, you can change it.

Being able to edit embroidery files can come in very handy with repeat orders.

If a customer wants the same design they had last year but with just a text change – you don’t need to pay your digitizer to do it!

Image 5

The New Leaf company have opened a new division and want some uniforms with the same logo, but amended to say ‘garden design’ instead of ‘landscaping’. If you can type, you can make this text change to the embroidery design.

Now you can take on those embroidery jobs yourself, and outsource because you choose to, not because you have to.

But wait! There are even more tools that you can use in your business, even when you’re not doing embroidery.

Product Visualizer

DecoStudio’s Product Visualizer tool contains tons of photo realistic product images to visualize the finished design on the garment. The garments can be displayed in any color you choose.

Image 6

Embroidery visualized on two-color polo shirt

What’s more, you can also use this great tool for your screen print jobs too! Below is a PDF Approval sheet, customized with your company logo. A great way to mock up the end result for your customers.

Screen printed t-shirt Customer Approval PDF

Screen printed t-shirt Customer Approval PDF


If you offer your customers Crystals or Rhinestone design options, you’ll want to add the optional Bling Element to DecoStudio. Here you can simply embellish a print or embroidery with a few elegantly placed crystals.

Image 9

Or you can convert the logo completely into a bling design. This example shows a combination, but with the Bling fonts included, you could decide to make a complete Bling design.

Image 10

Virtual Decoration

Now this is really cool and is sure to give you the competitive edge. You’ve seen how easy it is to create embroidery in DecoStudio. If you don’t have an embroidery machine to stitch it on, or there’s price restraints or the garment isn’t suited to embroidery, there’s a new option!

The optional Virtual Decoration Element in DecoStudio can convert Wilcom’s famously realistic TrueView embroidery simulation into a high resolution print.

That way you can print (DTG, screen print or heat transfer) a design that looks like real embroidery! You have to touch it to believe it!

Image 11

Image 12

Amazingly realistic. This is a snap shot of the 600dpi PNG exported from DecoStudio. It has a completely transparent background, ready to be printed on to any surface you can imagine.

To learn more about Wilcom DecoStudio e3, check out Wilcom.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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I'm someone with a million different ideas going around my head at any one time. I think in pictures and love new ideas and new adventures. I've been using CorelDRAW since I was 10, digitizing embroidery since I was 14 and seem to have a knack for communicating information in words and pictures. I've been the marketing manager at Wilcom International since 2007, combining all of my loves in one. When I'm not creating, I'm usually outdoors or drinking coffee.
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2 Responses to Did you know that there is a CorelDRAW product specifically for the decorated apparel business?

  1. baadiyah says:

    Hi is the new Corel Painter 2015 is great for designing shirts, hats, bags etc?

  2. Troy Cameron says:

    Hello, Very interesting software. I suggest it to every person who is having decorated apparel business.

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