CorelDRAW and MacOS – an update

UPDATE — Hello everyone! On March 12, 2019, we introduced CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac, an all-new professional powered suite built natively for macOS. Visit our website for more info on the new release at and read our introductory blog post here.

Since my previous post regarding running CorelDRAW on Apple Macintosh computers, it’s been interesting that this topic continues to stir up conversation – it continues to be part of our ongoing internal discussions and longer term strategic reviews. So let me go straight to the point: Corel is not currently working on a native MacOS version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and therefore the upcoming new version of our graphics offering will remain Windows-based.

As many of you know, our goal is to provide the best possible solution to our customers around the world and to offer a choice, allowing users to determine whether to purchase a perpetual license or look into our subscription option. We also know that many Adobe CS users are frustrated with the whole Creative Cloud approach, and some are looking for alternatives. To answer their requirements, we are for example providing options in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT to customize the workspaces with a look and behavior similar to Adobe products (and are making this even easier in the upcoming version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite). At the same time, we need to put a priority towards answering the needs of the existing CorelDRAW users and audiences.

But when it comes to develop all new software for MacOS (we understand it shouldn’t just be a port of the Windows software), the reality is, it would require at least a full cycle of development where we wouldn’t be able to do anything for our Windows users. Although it is not the ideal solution, we do have some users running CorelDRAW Graphics on a Mac using Parallels or Bootcamp, and we are making sure to include Macintosh hardware in our internal testing.

We do take the discussion about this very seriously and continuously monitor the market share of the different operating systems in order to focus our teams for future development of CorelDRAW. We’re committed to delivering the best possible experience for our users, and therefore need to focus our investments & resources on serving the Windows platform for software like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite at this stage. While we’re not currently working on a Mac version of the suite, we continue to monitor the market trends and listen to the conversation for any factor that would change our current direction.

We are constantly expanding into new areas like mobile integration, better content management and new cloud-based services. We are also continuing to make sure CorelDRAW works as well as possible on Apple hardware through Apple’s own BootCamp and Parallels. There’s definitely a lot of exciting stuff on the way!

PS: If anyone can recommend a development shop that would be willing to create a Mac version and share on the success of a CorelDRAW-based product on the Apple platform, please get them to contact me directly.

This post was originally published in Gérard’s blog on Find out more posts from Gérard in the CorelDRAW community.

About Gérard Métrailler

I am Corel’s Executive Vice President of Global Products, responsible for developing and maintaining worldwide product strategy across all of Corel's software brands including CorelDRAW, MindManager, ClearSlide and WinZip. Originally from Switzerland, I speak English, French and German. In my free time, you can find me enjoying his private pilot license, flying out of Ottawa's local Rockcliffe airport. All posts I do online (blogs, social networks, ...) are my own and don’t necessarily represent Corel’s positions, products, strategies or opinions.
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42 Responses to CorelDRAW and MacOS – an update

  1. Wtin Jalanugraha says:

    I wish you’d pick up the pieces of Corel Ventura Publisher. As it is now, it works better than MS Word or Corel WordPerfect when it comes to a complex document.

  2. yesusalgusti says:

    ok, it’s doesn’t matter for me?
    but my question is when corel release CorelDraw x7?, will it support cloud based service(like adobe cc do)?

    • We already provide choice to purchase CorelDRAW Graphics Suite with X6 – either perpetual (as most of the software is sold today) or as a subscription (same way as Adobe Creative Cloud). With the next version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, we will continue to provide that choice, e.g. we are not moving to a subscription only option.

  3. Rob says:

    Thanks for publishing this statement. Mac users can now direct their attention in other directions when looking for an alternative to Photoshop CC. Personally, I have found OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8 to be a very viable option, although it does lack a printing module. For that I use ImagePrint, although most people would probably use Lightroom. I have very little need for PS these days.

  4. Andy says:

    Mr Gerrard,

    Are you guys going to make a Mac native version of CorelDraw if there are development shops interested to do so?

    • We are always open to serious proposals and partnerships in order to answer a user need, and if we find the right partner and the right business model, then we will review our current plans.

      • Andy says:

        I hope Corel will find a serious business partner to bring CorelDRAW for Mac. Until then, I’ll just have to get used to alternatives for now.

      • Andy says:

        I sincerely hope you guys will find a serious business partner to to bring CorelDRAW back to Mac.

  5. Aseniy says:

    Вот облом. Даже не знаю что сказать. Я рассчитывал что в этом году выйдет Мас-версия Корел. А вмесо этого дурацкое заявление ….

  6. corelfan says:

    what a disappointment. coreldraw is the only reason I still use a windows machine. I am not a graphical designer but a scientist and I use coreldraw for editing scientific figures. i am sure many of my colleagues would use corel if there was a mac option, but as things stand they use adobe. my laptop is getting old and next time I will probably go for a mac because a mac is more useful for scientific purposes, i guess I will just have to switch to adobe illustrator 😦

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  8. midnightrambler956 says:

    “therefore need to focus our investments & resources on serving the Windows platform for software like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite at this stage”

    To cut to the point – why? Is there really anything going on in the current version? Because I tried out X6 a few years ago and found almost nothing improved in either CorelDraw or PhotoPaint that made it worth upgrading from Graphics9, purchased back in 1999 IIRC. Of course that’s in part because they were good to begin with. But it seems to me that with the combination of strong antipathy towards Adobe and the catastrophic launch of Windows 8 and resulting switch of many more people to OSX, it would be worth losing a development cycle from the Windows program where little change seems to be taking place, in order to develop a Mac version where there is currently an open and willing market.

  9. Stephen says:

    I am bummed to read this decision, but I am glad that you are open about your plans so you aren’t keeping up false hopes of a surprise release.

    CorelDraw is fantastic software, and Mac users are at a disadvantage not having native access to it. However, I understand that it must make clear business sense, and I can only imagine that it’s very complex given the very different underlying APIs and technologies on the two platforms.

    Have you considered working with the team from Codeweavers (makers of CrossOver) to make Corel’s current Windows version more Mac-friendly? I don’t know if it would be better than Parallels or vmWare, but it wouldn’t require Windows and all the things that come along with it.

    Alternatively, it would be great if Corel could recommend some settings or solutions that work well. For instance, I notice that you mention Parallels but not vmWare Fustion. For whatever reason, I run Corel inside vmWare Fusion. Does Paralells work better?

    If Corel has any such Mac-centered knowledge, I’d love to hear about it!

  10. Codeweavers / CrossOver / Wine is something we looked at, but because CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is using some of the native Win7/8 OS features and the .Net 4.5 framework, that is sadly not an option that would work (Corel actually used Wine many moons ago to get CorelDRAW on Mac and Linux, but the biggest problem then was that it still was a Windows application running on another OS and it wasn’t a native product).

    Regarding the difference between Parallels and vmWare Fusion (or Oracle’s VirtualBox for example), it comes down to many factors / personal preferences. We have not done benchmarking of one solution vs the other. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite remains compatible with Windows, not with a specific machine (physical or virtual). For the best performance, you should consider using Apple BootCamp on Macs to run at native speed. Virtual machines will slow things down by their very nature.


    • Thomas Layer says:

      The point is, Gérard, that people switch to Macs in order to never run, touch or see Windows again. So, recommending this is just total nonsense. Remember that CorelDRAW! ran on the Mac natively! It was an executive decision to abandon the platform. What did you do? You threw away a huge market share, and disappointed a loyal group of follower. If game developers can produce native versions of their games, why should you be unable to do so. Go ahead, take some money, hire some good people, and get the software back to the Mac where it belongs.

    • Yousuf says:

      Code weavers / CrossOver /Wine > While they all look great, but Microsoft’s lastest decision to go opensource with .Net 6, and to provide Visual Studio for mac operating system, I am sure the development team at Corel must be really excited.

      At the same time, the management team at Corel must learn something from it i.e. Microsoft has realised that for them to be relative, they need to start addressing the development on OSX. Same goes for Corel, its about staying relative. With most of the development teams shifting towards Mac, and since adobe tools are available, the new kids on the block shift towards them. I hope you people doesn’t test the waters for too long.

  11. Andy says:

    Mr. Gerard,

    Have you guys inquired around on finding a business partner to bring CorelDRAW back to Mac?

  12. capemaster says:

    Knowing that you are not developing is somehow disappointing.
    I used to be a CorelDraw user, then switching to Mac, I was forced to learn Illustrator (painful step and not so satisfactory).
    Adobe policy on software usage is dictated by a de facto monopoly (at least in the Mac enviroment).
    I wish you will change your mind soon.

  13. David Strout says:

    Would love to see coreldraw on Mac. Nowadays so many designers use Mac. It is frustrating I cannot use my design platform (coreldraw) on a strong design computer (MacBook Pro). Yes I have tried parallels but now I have to buy a copy of windows and worry about viruses, drivers, etc. all that I own a Mac to avoid for. and it runs slow
    I have also tried boot camp. But why am I turning my Mac off everytime I need to look at coreldraw.
    One thought is explore what apple would think with merging with you as a design software flagship for Apple. Apple has some of the best design machines but is not making a dime on the design programs because adobe is not owned by Mac. Mac does not really have a design platform. If Mac did buy adobe it would cost more than millions. Coreldraw would have a lower price than adobe I’m sure, and then a nice revamp and support from apple could be a heavy hitter against adobe And then, you would tap into the huge market of designers. (Mac Users)

  14. Dace McDonald says:

    For many years I hsve used the corel draw suite for all my graphic and photo work on a windows based platform. I recently move to a new apple platform due mainly to security issues with windows

    Please consider providing a mac based coreldraw suite asap. You will be surprised how many people are moving to macs

    I have no desire to run windows on my mac via boot camp


  15. Andy says:

    Mr Gerrard,

    Its been nearly 3 months since this topic is discussed. Have Corel identified a partner to create a Mac version of CorelDRAW?

  16. corelfan says:

    Ok I finally did it – I bought a mac and installed adobe illustrator. No more corel for me until they start listening to their customers 😦 It’s sad but I can’t sacrifice having a superior OS for just one piece of software

  17. Andy says:

    Hi everyone. Since there is no news or progress on bringing CorelDRAW to Mac, I suggest taking a look at this promising Adobe Illustrator alternative.

    Affinity Designer –

    There’s a lot of positive feedback about it but test it out and judge it for yourself.

  18. CJ says:

    It’s really disappointing that despite being all but given an opportunity to seriously compete and take market share from Adobe, your company is adamant on remaining a distant competitor. Hopefully we’ll see some products from companies who are willing to compete. I, for one, am ready to adopt something not created by Adobe but am not getting rid of my computer to do so.

  19. Thomas Layer says:

    I would say that leaving the Mac was one of the dumbest decision in executive history in the software world ever. Now creative artists are stuck with Adobe illustrator, and there is no way they can work on a Mac with their favorite graphics package. A shame.

  20. MacUser says:

    I’d never used CorelDraw, because I’ve always been Mac user, but I’ve encountered it on Windows machines and liked it. It’d be great to have CorelDraw for Mac, but until then I will be looking elsewhere. Hope it’s not going to be too late for Corel when it realizes Mac users are valuable market.

  21. Franklin says:

    Bom dia Sr. Gérard Métrailler, fazem 13 anos que trabalho com a plataforma Corel Draw, já tentei trabalhar com a plataforma Illustrator mas sempre gostei e me identifiquei com o Corel. Faz exatamente 1 ano que estou trabalhando com um IMAC, mas infelizmente estou tendo que usar duas maquinas (Windows 7 e IMac) para conseguir fazer meu trabalho, sendo que se tivesse Corel para MacOS tudo seria mais fácil e produtivo. O senhor pode ter certeza que não são poucas as pessoas que estão esperando pela versão COREL para MacOS faz 1 ano que estou com IMac e faz um ano que estou pesquisando sobre esse assunto, já testei todas as maneiras possíveis para usar COREL em IMac mas sem sucesso pois o sistema de PARALLELS deixa o MAC lento, e isso quando não trava o windows . Sinceramente vendo esse seu post me deixa muito chateado pois estava esperançoso que até o final do ano poderia enfim trabalhar com um IMac usando o Corel, mas infelizmente serei obrigado a usar o Illustrator como muitos já o fizeram e muitos outros serão obrigados a fazer. Me desculpe a sinceridade, mas isso é por total desinteresse que vocês da empresa COREL tem por nós usuários. Obrigado.

  22. Mike077 says:

    I too am a long-time Corel user that has moved to the Mac. Love Draw and Ventura. Used both to run a successful publishing business. However, like many, I moved to Apple lock, stock, and barrel a couple of years ago. I run Parallels for one reason only — Corel. Now Parallels is an amazing piece of software, don’t get me wrong. However, it is still a Kludge. Windows is a huge pain and Microsoft treats customers like they are nearly criminals. Apple treats its customers like adults. OSX is like butter compared to Windows. Am now playing with Illustrator and will look into the new Affinity Designer. Am sadly moving away from Ventura (the death of this ahead-of-its-time-still-relevant program is a crying shame) to InDesign. In short, Corel is slowly but surely losing me, and, I suspect, many others.

  23. TechGuru says:

    Dear Mr. Gérard Métrailler , you are completely wrong, and the market will prove that. Say hello to the lazy companies hall, including, BlackBerry, Adobe Flash, ICQ, AOL, and other potential hit software. We are waiting for Corel Draw for mac since 2009, and all my suppliers in China already moved to Adobe CS, all my customers in Latin america, also moved to Adobe CS. Now I will kill 50 Windows positions to move forward to Mac platform. And guess What? Bye Bye Corel Dinosaur And most impressive is that you guys still have excuses for that. Say welcome to the future of Multi Platforms or Corel will disappear in 5 years.

  24. jose julian says:

    Tenaz saber que necesitan un socio para poder seguir vendiendo un producto que lo he usado durante mucho tiempo hace poco me pase a mac y tenaz tener que emular para usar corel x7 pierden clientes por monton …. pienso como publicista que si el cliente necesita algo debemos tratar de darselo… sino seguir en windows el cual es un sistema operativo inestable nada como apple

  25. pkoning says:

    We still use CorelDraw on our Mac, the version that was sold by another company after Corel abandoned the Mac. Unfortunately, it’s a PowerPC version so it does not run on Mac OS later than 10.6. Illustrator would be an option except for the built-in basic imposition that CorelDraw has that we use a lot.
    It sure would be nice to get a new CorelDraw for Mac. Especially if it is reliable — something Corel, regrettably, has never in my experience learned how to deliver.
    You might look into porting the code to sit on top of wxWidgets. That’s a great portable platform.

  26. Seme says:

    I CANT BELIEVE THIS…… I too have been waiting YEARS for Corel to come up with a solution. I too was loyal since Corel WAS MAC BASED and i haven’t been able to successfully use it ever since. I check these blogs often to see if there’s any updates and I keep getting more and more discouraged. i tried the whole Bootcamp thing and hated it, and I hated having to have windows any where near my Mac…

    Corel PLEASE – Please give us a Mac version!!!!!!!!

    We need to start a petition and collect enough signatures to prompt a real solution!

    Who’s with me and how are we going to do this??

    Make some noise people

    • Paul Koning says:

      Maybe Corel would open-source the Mac version?
      Then again, I’m a bit puzzled. The Mac version was sold by another company (“Illume”?) for a while. Does that mean Corel no longer own the Mac version of CorelDraw? It would seem that they do still own it, based on the discussion here.
      Open source would be a good option; it would allow people who actually have the interest in doing the work to port the program — and perhaps to make it reliable, too. I would assume a port of the most recent version that does exist would be easy enough; recompiling a PPC Mac application for the Intel target is a simple matter. Yes, it should be updated, but just to have one at all would be a good start.
      I still like the idea of a cross-platform version. Open source could do that — if significant work is needed it might as well be done on a cross-platform portable platform, and wxWidgets is a very good one for that purpose.

  27. Andy says:

    The last I heard, Corel might bring DRAW back to the Mac if a development shop is interested.
    Any luck with that Corel?

  28. Joe says:

    Firstly I love CorelDRAW (since version 5) and I love my macs, I have used VMware fusion, Parallels and virtual box (Parallels ran best), but now I run Corel on a virtual server (both full desktop and virtual app) and an I5 windows desktop, I use the microsoft RDP app on my Mac to connect to the windows machines and Corel runs beautifully (still has some of the classic glitches tho).

    I would welcome a native Mac app and iPad app too, but it’s not the end world not too have one.

    An alternative could be for to Corel to create a similar virtual infrastructure and users could subscribe and run Corel over RDP (or similar) from any internet enabled device with a reasonable Internet connection.

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