Introducing the NEW Painter 2015


With great power comes great creativity and we are confident in saying that Painter 2015 packs a punch! Painter is known for offering the world’s most realistic brushes but what you will experience in Painter 2015 is so real, it’s unreal.

We could not have released such a fantastic version of Painter without the help of our invaluable Advisory Council and Beta Testers. If you are not familiar with the council, they are a panel of artists who dedicate their time to providing us with application feedback and artist workflows. They test run the software and meet with us weekly leading up to launch in order to share thoughts for improvements, tips and techniques. They also helped develop brushes that you will find within the product, reinforcing the fact that Painter is developed by artists for artists. Huge thanks go out to our Advisory Council and the Beta Testers.

So what’s new in 2015? For starters, this is the fastest version of Painter ever. You asked for it, and we answered, Painter 2015 is a native 64-bit application for both Mac and PC. The significant cross-platform CPU performance enhancements will allow you to become immersed in a truly authentic painting experience where the monitor disappears, and it feels like you’re using real paint on a real canvas. The brushes are faster AND, have reduced power consumption. How is this possible? We default to half cores, while having better performance. You will experience over 40% faster performance, with many brushes performing up to six times faster.

What about the new brushes? To sum it up in one word, revolutionary! The new physics-inspired Particle Brushes in Painter 2015 allow for both total chaos and complete brush control. This new category of brushes is really broken into three subcategories. It offers brushes that spring, flow and gravitate onto the canvas. There is something for every type of artist within this brush category and I encourage you to experiment and have fun. Here are my recommendations for how to use the various types of Particle brushes you will find.

Mike Thompson Brimstone


The Flow Particle Brushes are like artistic fireworks that explode onto the canvas. They flow from the center of your brush and take advantage of Flow Maps, which are similar to paper textures. A Flow Map helps guide the flow of the particles, and Real Watercolor, based on the flow pattern. They are perfect for adding sparks that light up the canvas and also make wonderful furry or hairy brushes. You can even create a completely different type of photo artwork by capturing an image as a Flow Map and painting it entirely with Particles.


If you are looking for unique sketching brushes, then the Gravity Particles are for you. The movement of the Gravity Particles resembles planets revolving around the sun but instead they revolve dynamically around your brush. The particles are influenced by velocity, acceleration and other physics-based forces, allowing you to create a look that is out of the world or to take a traditional loose sketching approach.


Want to add fire, smoke and flowing fabrics to your artwork? Check out the Spring Particles that are similar to a Slinky. These particles are connected to each other and as you move across the canvas they bounce back toward the center of the brush. It has never been easier to incorporate these types of effects that were not so easy to create in the past. As a matter of fact the Painter 2015 box artwork, that features the Dark Princess created by Don Seegmiller, takes advantage of Spring Particles amongst many other unique Painter features. Stay tuned for a tutorial deep dive into the Dark Princess artwork. To learn more about Particle Brushes, visit our playlist on YouTube to get an inside look at some of the Particle brushes that Painter artists created and how they recommend you use them in your work.

Do you enjoy painting on-the-go? Now you can take your art to the streets with our new Tablet PC and Real-Time Stylus mobile capabilities while still enjoying the full power of a desktop application. But that’s not it, we have also launched Painter Mobile for Android and we are confident you will enjoy the robust natural media painting experience in our Android app. Grab it on the Google Play store now and get ready for our Painter Mobile painting contest launching in September, more details to come.

There is so much more to explore about Painter 2015 so I’ll just mention some of the other exciting new features:

  • Custom user-interface palette arrangements – developed based on artist feedback
  • Jitter Smoothing
  • Real-time Effects Preview
  • Brand new content in our media libraries
  • Special upgrade policy so that anybody from Painter version 7 and up is now eligible to upgrade.

To see all that is new in Painter 2015 check out our Reviewer’s Guide and all of the new feature videos on

We would love to see your Painter 2015 creations and hear your thoughts on the product so be sure to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest using #Painter2015. You can also see us in person at Photoshop World Las Vegas, September 2 – 5, 2014, where we will have a pre-conference seminar with Painter Master Fay Sirkis – Art in the 21st Century. You can visit us in booth #423. We will have a theater featuring Fay Sirkis where you can drop by and learn more about Painter 2015. We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Particle Painting!

Tanya Lux
Senior Product Marketing Manager – Corel Painter

About Tanya Lux

Tanya Lux is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Corel's Digital Arts products including Painter, ParticleShop and Painter Essentials. Working remotely from Chicago, IL during her more than 10 years at Corel, customer interaction has been the key to keeping a pulse on the needs of the market.
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7 Responses to Introducing the NEW Painter 2015

  1. Maureen Welsh says:

    I heard that Corel was offering current owners of Painter 13 is offering a $99.oo fee to upgrade. Is this true?

    • Tanya Lux says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Yes it is true that you can upgrade from Painter X3 to Painter 2015 for $99, or the equivalent regional price, through September 10, 2014.

      Please call customer service Mon- Thurs 9 am – 10 pm & Fridays 9am – 7 pm and they will take care of you.

      North America 1-877-582-6735
      Australia – 61 2 8518 1269
      Rest of world – 08000 488984

      Enjoy Painter 2015!

  2. Tuncay Erol says:

    I’ve already downloaded the Upgrade and paid the full price although I was a registrated user of X3..beside this, I enjoy working with it more than with the previous versions..

  3. John McMullen says:

    I have been using Corel Painter since 1.0 (and practically every upgrade since then), and paid for the Corel Painter X3 upgrade, online, at the Corel website. I know my current email and information is on file at Corel. What I would like to know is why were registered users not informed of this special offer – I mean, Coral can send me survey’s and other email, but not a NOTIFICATION of a special offer to upgrade at a discounted price – and the limited time of it’s use … Sept 10, 2014? Now that I have found this post through a search, I’m SOL? Great. Were we just supposed to get lucky and find out about the deal on our own? I’m very disappointed.
    Pardon me if I live out in the woods, in Yosemite National Park.

    • Michaela Schreiter says:

      Hi John,

      I’m so sorry you never received anything. Our Support team will follow up with you regarding your pricing options.


      • John McMullen says:

        No follow up necessary, and I appreciate the super fast response. Someone set up a cart for me and I jumped on it … already downloaded and installed. Here’s HUGE kudo’s to Corel support … I’m really quite impressed (and honestly a little embarrassed).
        Now … back to the drawing board. 😉

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