Why Corel PDF Fusion Made TopTenReviews.com

We are very pleased to share the news that Corel PDF Fusion is among the favorites at TopTenReviews.com. Here is what the staff at TopTenReviews had to say about the PDF conversion tool.

At TopTenReviews, grading PDF conversion software comes down to a simple combination of must-have attributes: a simple and user-friendly interface that enhances the overall experience, a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff that’s readily available to assist users at virtually any time, and a comprehensive list of features that’s comparable to the software’s price.


Let’s breakdown these elements to find out why Corel PDF Fusion made it on TopTenReviews.com

A Full-Service Editing Juggernaut

100: That’s the number of possible file types that Corel PDF Fusion has the ability to open at a moment’s notice. This unprecedented ability allows users to combine a wide collection of different files into one document with great ease. You can immediately begin editing files you’ve opened within the program, which makes adding everything from sticky notes and changing security settings to adding hyperlinks a breeze. Combine this functionality with editing tools that are easy to locate and PDF Fusion becomes a technological force to be reckoned with.

Timely and Professional Customer Service

The support staff for PDF Fusion is always one step ahead of the curve by providing users access to resources within the application as well as online. For example, the content help tool provides specific functions and support topics that you can then bookmark and index to query at a later time if needed. Step-by-step tutorials and technical dictionaries are also accessible to help users gain a better understanding of everything that PDF Fusion has to offer.

Additional support and technical resources are available in the form of tool tips and tool labels. These can be found within the editing space and can be toggled on and off at any time based on your level of comfort and proficiency. Think of these as helpful, in-screen tutorials that guide you during the editing and production processes. In addition, as with most programs and applications, the “help” function is always there to provide on-the-spot advice and troubleshooting resources.

Corel’s support connects you to professional and knowledgeable representatives, Monday through Friday between 9 and 5 pm EDT. The support website offers a comprehensive FAQ section and forums that allow you to speak directly with like-minded users across all skill levels. Addition support is also available through Facebook and Twitter.

The prompt and courteous customer support team is great with answering many, if not all, of the questions you may have regarding PDF Fusion and are apt to respond to emails in a timely fashion. This allows you to get your issues solved quickly so that you can get back to work with whatever project you may be in the middle of.

At the end of the day, the most impressive things about PDF Fusion are its clean and modern design, seemingly endless features and the impressive collection of tools at your fingertips. Its overall simplicity and ease of use make the software a delight to use, and its multimedia functions allow you to flex your creative and production muscles without feeling overwhelmed with everything that Corel PDF Fusion can truly do.

TopTenReviews.com highly recommends Corel PDF Fusion for anyone who values logical design and advanced functionality at a price that’s easier on the wallet than some of the most popular PDF conversion applications out there.

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  1. tuphuonghl says:

    I want to be helped to convert my file from cdr to psd

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